WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 6 2



WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 6


Another second round show!


Jack Gallagher Vs Akira Tozawa

Gallagher impressed me in the first round… Tozawa did not. But the second round looks to be giving way more time to matches which can only be a good thing for these guys as they can spend less time trying to get all their shit in and more time having an actual match. Last week showed that longer matches is EXACTLY what we needed, so I’m hoping the trend continues.

Oh man, that escape from the waist lock was stunning. So simple, but I don’t think I have ever seen it before. I like seeing new things in wrestling.

:lmao Gallagher with the “British Figure Four” and taunting Tozawa while he’s applying it. JACKY BOY chants!

I think Jack Gallagher might be my second favourite wrestler ever now. That… that… I don’t even know what to call it :lmao. All I will say is that Jack took a run up and football kicked Tozawa right in the arse :lmao.

The scream from Gallagher when he’s about to be kicked in the face :lmao.

Tozawa finally joins the match by faking a chop, then throwing a straight jab to Jack’s face. About time he did something good. God I just fucking know Tozawa is going through but he really doesn’t deserve to. Gallagher is just so much better.

Gallagher is just merciless with his attacks on the leg :mark:.

FFS, Tozawa doing way too much running around on his “bad leg”.

FFS… just when i think Tozawa is finally selling the leg properly… he fakes it being hurt more than it is and start throwing kicks and being speedy.

GERMAN SUPLEX. Oh god he’s winning. Urgh.

Gallagher grabs the bad leg, but Tozawa just no sells it and still lands the German.

FUCK YOU. Urgh. This is as big a travesty as Hoho Lun not losing in the first round.

Great match for the most part through, but fuck me Tozawa just isn’t any good. Jack Gallagher is the greatest.

Rating: ***1/2


Hoho Lun Vs Norm Dar

Oh you cunts. Just mentioned Lun and here he is. And against Norm Dar. How exciting.

Even Bryan is struggling to come up with anything interesting to say during this match :lmao. He sounds so bored too.

Are the fans chanting the Imperial March theme from Star Wars?

Well at least Hoho Lun lost. I was browsing the interwebs while this was going on.

Rating: ?


Brian Kendrick Vs Tony Nese

First Jack Gallagher, now Brian Kendrick? This should make up for Hoho Lun existing :mark:.

Nese was in a total nothing match in the first round, so I’m hoping for Kendrick to give him a match worth watching.

Kendrick, as we know, is the CRAFTY VETERAN, and also a bit of a prick in the ring if it helps him win, as we saw last win. Nese obviously saw it because the moment Kendrick comes at him, he knees the fuck out of Brian’s face and is looking to maul the former WWE star!

Nese said in those video package things before the match, that if he feels his opponent’s speed is getting too much, he’ll put them down with his power. And holy fuck that is exactly what Nese is doing.

Kendrick being a prick again :mark:. He gets ONE chance, and he uses it to trap Nese’s hand in the turnbuckle and beat down the bigger man.

Sweet Jebus Nese looks fantastic here.

Kendrick keeps getting a few moments where he can take advantage of Nese and use the ropes or something to get some shots in, but Nese always finds a way to use his strength to get back on top.

Great use of the arm bar from Kendrick all the way through this match. He varies the way he applies it every time, so that Nese can’t escape the same way. It’s awesome. Nese seems good at also not just sitting in a hold too, as he’s always trying to find a new way to escape.

KENDRICK WINS :mark:. Man, if only Gallagher was still in too. I’d love to see a match between those two. Shame Nese is gone while Norm Dar is still a thing.

Excellent match, though I did think it started to get a little spotty towards the end with false finishes. Small complaint for such a good match though.


Rating: ***3/4

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2 thoughts on “WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 6

  • oliver

    They were chanting the Imperial March theme from Star Wars, they did the same when I saw Norm Dar in Grimsby , thinks it’s just because of the Dar bit in his name . Great review become a big fan of Jack Gallagher too.