ECW Hardcore TV – April 1993

ECW Hardcore TV April 6th 1993

The first episode of Hardcore TV on SPORTS CHANNEL. And we spend the first 5 minutes on the commentary team. But its ok, because its all building to the 3rd man being announced for … Continue Reading

Royal Rumble 2021 Ramble

The first ever rumble with zero fans in attendance. But they do have the AWARD WINNING and CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED Thunderdome. Uhhh… what award did it win? Which critics acclaimed it? SOURCES PLEASE.

Skipping the pre-show cos… shite. Just like I’ve … Continue Reading

Wrestling View’s Hall of Fame 2020

WWE cancelled their Hall of Fame this year because of obvious reasons, and I was going to do the same too. However, it appears that a new opportunity has arisen from the grave and allowed me to switch up the … Continue Reading

WrestleMania 35 PPV Ramble

WrestleMania. Its here. Again. And my excitement is the least is has ever been. I have low expectations for this show. VERY LOW. Which gives it a very good chance of surpassing my expectations. Hopefully.

Buddy Murphy Vs Tony Nese Continue Reading

WCW March 9th 1998

THUNDER FOOTAGE~! Savage claims half the people in WCW wanna stab Hogan in the back any chance they get! MACHO MAN is the only real man too according to LIZ. Then Savage tells Hogan to ASK HIS WIFE WHO THE … Continue Reading