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World’s Strongest Man 2021 – Finals


And here we are. The grand finals. One man will become the NEW World’s Strongest Man, and 9 will have to bow down before him!!!

  • Brian Shaw – 4x World’s Strongest Man
  • Maxime Boudreault – Competed in WSM 2020
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World’s Strongest Man 2021 – Heat 5

Heat 5

The final 2 places will be filled tonight, and oh boy do we have yet another stacked heat!

  • Oleskii Novikov – WSM 2020
  • Luke Stoltman – Europe’s Strongest Man 2021
  • Bobby Thompson – 2nd WSM Appearance
  • Kevin Faires
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WrestleMania 36 PPV Ramble


Multiple locations, zero fans, and a card that makes local indie shows with guys nobody has ever heard of seem good. Thank fuck this is split over 2 days so I can have a break.


Drew Gulak

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Royal Rumble 2020 PPV Ramble


Royal Rumble 2020

LETS GET READY TO ROYAL RUMBLE~! Not that I’m particularly excited, mind you. Pretty much watching this because its a yearly tradition for me to do a RAMBLE on it. Most I see of modern wrestling is

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WCW February 9th 1998

Hollywood Hogan is here to start things off along with Bischoff! I wonder if they already gave up on Thunder being a BIG DEAL as they never show anything that happens there in the show opener when showing us what … Continue Reading