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WCW February 9th 1998

Hollywood Hogan is here to start things off along with Bischoff! I wonder if they already gave up on Thunder being a BIG DEAL as they never show anything that happens there in the show opener when showing us what … Continue Reading

WCW Nitro January 19th 1998

Holy crap, no LIMO~! to start off the show!

Eddie Guerrero Vs Rick Martel

First appearance of Eddie on Nitro 1998 :mark:. And his opponent is MARTEL? I can absolutely get behind this! Eddie jumps him before the bell and … Continue Reading

World’s Strongest Man 2018 – Heat 4

Things are beginning to HEAT up now! Only 4 places in the final remain, with 2 more up for grabs today! Who else will join the all-star final?

  • Rongo Keene (Australia) – Australia’s Strongest Man 2016
  • Mark Felix (England) –
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