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Big Cal’s Video Game Diary #2

Since I just recently moved back home, I haven’t had the chance to really get into any new video content. But I’m starting to get settled again, so hopefully Big Cal’s World can get officially on track in the next … Continue Reading

Big Cal’s Video Game Diary #1

Since the 2 blog posts I had planned for this week and next week can’t be done yet (one is based on my second video game review which I’ve yet to finish editing lol… sorry about that! and the second … Continue Reading

Game Series I Want To See Return!



Wow, has it really been 15 years since we last saw a Gex game? Time sure does fly when you’re… not that busy. Anyway… this game has been on my mind a lot recently. Not just this one, but … Continue Reading

Big Cal’s Top 10 Favourite Games

Here is a list of my top 10 FAVOURITE games ever! Note the word FAVOURITE. This is not a list of BEST games, but simply my FAVOURITE. FAVOURITE. FAVOURITE. Ok? Good! Also, please note that well, this isn’t really in … Continue Reading