WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 4



WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 4


Final bunch of first round matches. After this hopefully things will pick up and matches will get a little more time to do some good shizzle.


Rich Swann Vs Jason Lee

Jason Lee, beautiful Chinese name :).

Nice to see the crowd into the match, or at least into Rich Swann.

:lmao those “strikes” by Lee in the corner looked fucking shit.

Standing 450 splash was impressive as all hell. Sadly that was the only thing worth mentioning.

What an absolute nothing match lol.

:lmao at Bryan trying to talk up how impressive the standing 450 splash was. IT WAS LIKE HE WAS ON ONE OF THOSE GYMNASTICS BOUNCING THINGIES. I believe the term is “trampoline”.

Rating: 1/4*


Noam Dar Vs Gurv Sihra

Dear Independent Wrestlers,

Please stop dancing.


Big Cal.

Huh, did I turn the sound down? Nope, the fans just don’t give a flying fuck.

Dar looked decent here, had some cool offence and looked natural in the ring. But holy fuck Sihra was awful and really brought the match down. Thank fuck he didn’t win lol.

Rating: *


Jack Gallagher Vs Fabian Aichner

Gallagher looks like he should be part of the vaudevillains.

Fabian does not look like a CW lol. He was trained by ALEX WRIGHT though :mark:.

Bryan falls in love with Gallagher from his awesome wrist lock counter :lmao.

Gallagher kinda reminds me of a mini-Regal with his reactions and technique inside the ring. He just needs some of that NASTY streak that Regal has.

Aichner looks good here too. He has the look of a heavyweight, but he can fly around too when he wants to, and can keep up to a good extent with Gallagher’s technical skills.

Holy fuck at the guillotine counter into a sit out powerbomb. Like, HOLY FUCK.

The match ends from a DROPKICK. But it was one hell of a fucking RUNNING DROPKICK IN THE CORNER.

This was super fun and damn, both guys need a full time job with WWE right now.

Rating: ***


Johnny Gargano Vs Tommaso Ciampa

These two are a tag team in NXT. Heard… a lot of terrible things about them. Mostly from one guy :p. Hai Cody :).

Jesus christ these two are out to kill each other! Tag partners? Balls to that! They wanna win the CWC!

Some really good, brutal shots from both men at points. If at least one of them doesn’t leave with a concussion I’ll be shocked, tbh. That SUPERKICK was intense. That knee to the head was intense.

Dear Cody, why do you hate these guys? Are they totally different as a tag team? Cos in this singles match they seem to be rather good.

CELTIC CROSS on the apron. As brutally awesome as moves on the apron look, I’d be happy if they never did em cos they look like they could seriously hurt someone with one wrong step.

Gargano is half dead. He’s taken so many shots to the head now. He keeps kicking out, but he’s still so out of it he just cannot stop the assault from his tag partner.

OUTTA NOWHERE~! Gargano manages to get a crucifix pin basically out of nowhere and wins the match! Bit of a shame cos Ciampa looked the better dude on offence and being a brutal fucker.

Really good match here.

Rating: ***1/2

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