WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 3



WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 3


Looks like the CWC is the only current wrestling I intend on watching right now. I’ve officially QUIT Raw and SD.


Zack Sabre Jr Vs Tyson Dux

ZSJ is one of those people that I’ve heard a lot about, and seems to be one of the people everyone is expecting to at least be in the final of this CWC. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if he’s worthy of the HYPE. Might not get to see enough of him here though.

Dux was apparently in WWE in the early/mid-00’s before getting injured. Not surprising I’ve never heard of him cos like, who the fuck watched any Heat or Velocity matches that didn’t involve guys like Noble etc? :p

Can someone please feed Zack? Give him a sarnie or something. Jesus, I have more fat on my little finger than him lol. He isn’t even muscular. Just looks like he hasn’t eaten for a LONG time :p.

Jr is VERY good at counters, I’ll give him that for sure. Both men working around a Kravat (spelling?) is cool too. Not sure how many others will get a kick out of something like that, but I know I do lol.

The one thing that is really hurting this match though is the fact its just a first round CWC match. Most of the fans don’t really know either man it seems, and there is no heat or anything for the match. Technically there is a LOT of really good stuff here but a lot of it just falls flat due to this being such a nothing match and a dead crowd for the most part, and that really is a shame. If this had taken place on a Raw in like, 2011 between Bryan and Regal, the fans would be eating everything up.

Submission finish was super sweet in how it was done. ZSJ definitely impressed me and I’d like to see him in a more meaningful match with a better crowd.

Rating: ***


Drew Gulak Vs Harv Sihra

Sadly, ZSJ will likely have to wait even longer to have a more meaningful match as he faces the winner of this match… and well, on paper I don’t see it being anything too different to his first match lol in terms of meaning and heat.

:lmao at Bryan saying how there is nothing more satisfying than being on top of an opponent and hearing them groan :lmao. He quickly adds “when applying a submission” onto the end to save himself :p.

WORLD OF SPORT name dropped. Which would make me :mark: a whole lot more if I actually got of my arse (metaphorically) and watched some :side:.

Huh, didn’t even really have much to say and then… match is over. Yawn.

Rating: 1/2*


Anthony Bennett Vs Tony Nese

I already wanna punch Bennett in the face. Tru fax, I HAVE punched a Bennett in the face and bust his nose. Was totally an accident though. Honest :).

Well this is kinda boring. And holy fuck Bennett is bringing out some KOFI KINGSTON looking offence. And that is NOT a good thing. At all.

Nothing here for me, sadly.

Rating: 1/4*


Raul Mendoza Vs Brian Kendrick

THE Brian Kendrick :mark:.

Kendrick is REALLY aggressive here and he looks good doing it. Hell, he busts Mendoza open at the mouth with a vicious attack involving an open mouth, the ropes, and a KICK.

Mendoza looks good with his hope spots and comeback at the end. He definitely could be a good addition to WWE’s upcoming CW division.


I gotta say, this feels more like some cool SD CW match we would have gotten in the mid 00’s. Certainly feels bigger than just your average round 1 CWC match. Helps that Kendrick is well known and all, but Mendoza also looked fantastic and could easily be added to the main roster and not look out of place.

Really enjoyed this one!

Rating: ***1/4

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