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Top 10 Episodes of Angel


10 – Sleep Tight – S3E16


Wesley has a tough decision to make regarding Connor, Angel’s son, and whether or not to take him away to keep him safe. We discover that Angel’s blood had been spiked with … Continue Reading

Top 10 Buffyverse Villains

Lets start off the written content part of my Buffyverse month with the top 10 villains list!

10 – Drusilla & Darla

 Honestly I was really struggling to find a 10th villain for this list. While both Buffy and Angel … Continue Reading

World’s Strongest Man 2016 – Final




Here we go! The 10 strongest men on earth have come together to compete for the title of World’s Strongest Man! Here are the athletes:


Martins Licis – USA

Matjaz Belsak – Slovenia

Eddie Hall – … Continue Reading

World’s Strongest Man 2016 – Heat 3


Heat 3


4 men have already qualified for the WSM Final, and now 6 more athletes will be fighting for another 2 places! They are:


Terry Hollands – Great Britain

Hafthor Bjornsson – Iceland

Colm Woulfe – … Continue Reading