WCW Nitro January 26th 1998

They’ve done the odd 3 hour show prior to this one I believe, but this is the beginning of it ALWAYS being 3 hours until 2000.

Souled Out has been and gone, and they’ve announced that Sting Vs Hogan will take place at the next PPV to decide who is champion. Lots of crazy shizzle happened at Souled Out too it seems.

El Dandy Vs Ultimo Dragon

EL MOTHER FUCKING DANDY. Raven’s Flock show up coming through the crowd and sitting in the front row which gets more attention from the fans than anything Dandy or Dragon do for most of the match. Dragon Sleeper and Dandy taps out. It was a match.

Footage of MEAN GENE and the Nitro Girls at the first GRAND PRIZE WINNING NITRO PARTY.

Brad Armstrong Vs Goldberg

Wonder who wins this match. When did GOLDBERG get his big entrance? ATM he just has some pyro go off while he stands at the top of the ramp way. No punches and kicks, no steam, no security going to his dressing room etc. Brad jumps Goldberg straight away, but Goldberg no sells and murders Armstrong with his military press slam. I love that move. Always looks great and nasty. Goldberg runs at Armstrong in the corner, Armstrong moves and Goldberg puts the breaks on, but Brad thinks Goldberg smashed into it and seems pleased with himself… until he turns around into a SPEAR. Then a Jackhammer and Goldberg continues his streak! Good squash match!

With Mean Gene at a party, Mike Tenay is doing interviews and whatnot. He shows us footage of Nash dropping The Giant on his head from a Powerbomb attempt at Souled Out. JJ Dillon is here to tell us what is going on with The Giant. He spends a few minutes to tell us he has no update on The Giant, and then bans the POWERBOMB to prevent any further neck injuries.

Konnan Vs Jerry Flynn

Fuck me this looks awful on paper lol. Konnan has been GOOD in the tag matches he’s been in on these Nitros so far… but a singles match against Flynn? *shudders*

Highlight is when Flynn dives over the ropes onto Konnan, and Konnan falls back and smacks his head on the steel steps. Hilarious botch near the end too. Konnan wins.

Oh joy, more Nitro Party shite.

Back to Tenay. He’s bringing out MONGO. Mongo’s old team lost the Superbowl finals the night before. Mongo don’t give no shits cos he’s in the dub see dubya. DAVEY BOY SMITH shows up randomly during the interview to make his debut. He wants to chew on Mongo’s bone. They set up a match tonight!

Buff Bagwell Vs Rick Steiner

Big Buffy Bagpipes jumps Steiner before the bell, but a suplex is all it takes to send Buff running for cover outside the ring. Buff eventually gains control, and Vincent tries to get involved on the outside with some of the weakest back clubs I have ever seen… so Steiner summons Jerry Lawler and blasts him in the mouth :lmao. SUPER OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY~! Vincent gets involved AGAIN so Scotty finally shows up to take him out, as Rick hits the bulldog off the ropes. Rick goes for a cover, but Scotty throws Vincent through the ropes on top of everyone and the referee rings the bell which causes Scotty to go nuts and attack the referee! Rick has been DQ’d! Solid match and more good build to Rick Vs Scott.

We kick off HOUR TWO with none other than Bischoff and Nash. They feel BILL CLINTON’S PAIN because they’ve been singled out. Great heel promo from Nash about the match with The Giant. From now on he wants to be know as THE GIANT KILLER.

Wayne Bloom Vs Jim Neidhart

2 guys best known for tag matches going one on one. And they were best known for tag teams 10 years prior lol. Bloom drops down for Jim to run the ropes and jump over him… before Jim even realises he’s supposed to run the ropes :lmao. Bloom goes for some type of suplex but Jim barely leaves the mat and yeah, its botched to shit :lmao. Jim catches Bloom coming off the ropes with a powerslam and this one is over. Short and full of botches.

Mike Tenay is back with Ray Traylor. He’s ripping on Nash and he cuts on hell of a promo and it seems he’s gonna face Nash later tonight!

Chavo Guerrero Jr Vs Psychosis

Oh great. Chabo is here. What is it with everyone jumping opponents before the bell tonight? I mean, I get wanting to beat the shit out of Chabo but come on WCW, stop starting every match the same. A few really awkward looking sports from these two. My brain switched off because Chabo. Psychosis wins with a massive legdrop off the top rope.

Louie Spicolli Vs Juventud Guerrera

Louie is trying to get in the NWO, so this is a test set up by Scott Hall. He would pass away a few weeks after this due to his drug addiction. Match is so important they show us Randy Savage arriving at the arena on his own and he can’t open his car boot up :lmao. Savage shows up in the ring and jumps Juvi and lands a Piledriver on him. The powerbomb is banned but the Piledriver is still safe :lmao.

Savage grabs a mic and he wants LUGER right now. And he doesn’t want the NWO to help him out either. Instead of Luger, the entire NWO show up. Bischoff tries to calm Savage down but Savage is UNCALMDOWNABLE. Hogan LAYS DOWN THE LAW, and Savage’s facial expressions during it are incredible :lmao. Hogan tells Randy he’s on his own, and Randy is fine with that, but it seems he’s still in the NWO.

More Nitro Party shite. Must be great when like 200 people are there and only 10 of em can see a TV.

Raven Vs Mortis – Raven’s Rules

Raven sits in the corner as usual, and that costs him early on as Mortis dropkicks him right in the penis! From there Raven takes a beating on the outside, being sent into the steel steps and guardrail, including a unique leg drop spot on the steps from Mortis too lol. These two are having a pretty fun brawl! Mortis takes some good bumps from 2 big high knees from Raven which he does after running and jumping over the steel steps. A massive right hand takes Raven down, so Mortis decides to bring a chair into the match, only to swing, miss, and get hit with the DDT! This was a billion times more enjoyable than I was expecting lol. Mainly because I’ve never cared much for Raven. But I just remembered Chris Kanyon is Mortis, and he’s a hell of a worker so that probably helped.

Wrath Vs DDP – WCW United States Championship Match

ADAM BOMB :mark:. Wrath is a big, tough, MEAN bastard but Page doesn’t give a fuck and takes the fight right to him. Kinda crazy to think that DDP only started training to be a wrestler in the early 90’s while still managing, because he LOOKS like a veteran inside the ring even here in 98. And he just LOOKS like a fucking star too. He’s got the obvious charisma, but he has a bit of a SWAG about him as well in the way he moves as well, and he ends up LOOKING cool as fuck. Mortis shows up to try and help, but fails and BANG! Diamond Cutter for the win! Solid stuff here, and makes me more excited to see DDP throughout 1998.

Wrath attacks Mortis after the match for fucking up and causing him to lose. I guess their team is done!

THIRD HOUR TIME. This has been a LONG show.

Mike Tenay in the ring to talk to Bret Hart, who beat Flair at Souled Out to “prove” he’s the best. Bret sucking up to Flair AGAIN to try his best to stay a babyface because the WCW crowd LOVE Flair lol. But he’s finished with Flair now, and wants to become WCW Champion now, regardless of who wins between Sting and Hogan.

More Nitro Party shitey.

Perry Saturn Vs Booker T – WCW TV Championship Match

How good is Saturn at selling a “knockout” type of shot? Reminded me of Arn Anderson the way he took the kick to the head and stumbled back out of the ring and then fell on his arse on the floor while still trying to throw punches lol. :lmao Tony says that Saturn’s forearm shots are even harder cos his FITS are taped :lmao. Crowd basically die when Saturn controls the match, but I wouldn’t call this match boring or anything. Its solid stuff. Booker makes a comeback, sets up the Harlem Hangover and THE FLOCK show up to cause a DQ and beatdown the champ until MARTEL shows up to fuck everyone up! Apparently Saturn threw Martel through a window on Thunder, so Martel isn’t here to JUST save Booker T AGAIN.

Last week they cut down in the Mean Gene interviews. This week they are going all out with Mike Tenay interviews lol. Out comes the NEW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho! Tenay keeps asking questions about all the bad shit Jericho did including injuring Mysterio after the match, but Jericho plays dumb and acts like he doesn’t hear the questions and just replies with what he wants :lmao. He’s a heel by pretending to be a babyface. I can dig it.

Steve McMichael Vs Davey Boy Smith

MONGO jumps Smith as he gets in the ring and man, Mongo fucking DOMINATES. Bit weird seeing Smith taking this kind of a beating from a guy like MONGO lol. Some very awkward spots where it looks like Mongo doesn’t get up for a couple of moves properly, but Bulldog is strong enough to continue the move anyway and land it safely. Smith wins. Thankfully this was short.

Kevin Nash Vs Ray Traylor

Nash wants a handshake. Traylor is having none of it so Nash throws hot coffee in his face, gives him a low blow and HITS A POWERBOMB. DQ win for Traylor, and Nash is gonna get FINED. Referees run out to check on Traylor cos now the powerbomb kills people even when they don’t land on their neck :lmao. NASH IS BEING ARRESTED TOO! Traylor is hurting but doesn’t need a stretcher or anything, just help to the back, so that’s something. If they did a stretcher job it would have been stupid imo.

Scott Hall Vs Lex Luger

Hall cuts a promo on LARRY Z, who tries to go down to the ring but is stopped by security as we go to a break. Larry has been kicked out of the arena to make sure he doesn’t get involved. Not much time left on the show so I don’t expect this to last long. OH LOOK SCOTT HALL JUMPS LUGER BEFORE THE BELL THIS IS A NEW THING ON NITRO TONIGHT. Not much happens here. Couple of minutes of kicks and punches, then Savage comes down to beat Luger while Hall is in the Torture Rack. Savage clears Hall out of the ring and continues to beat down Luger. ELBOW DROP~! Savage goes for a second one and stand on the ropes for faaaar too long, so Sting descends from the rafters right behind Savage and kicks him off the turnbuckle :lmao. SCORPION DEATH LOCK~! Hogan shows up and just watches Savage in pain! Well, Savage did say he wanted to be on his own!

Good show for angles and feud building, but the match quality stunk for the most part. Had to watch the show in two parts too cos 3 hours is just way too long in 1 sitting lol. AND THE REST OF THE YEAR IS LIKE THIS. What have I gotten myself into?

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