WCW Nitro February 2nd 1998

WCW are in the ALAMO DOME, the same arena WWF did Royal Rumble 1997 with like 50/60 thousand fans. WCW do over 20,000 for a TV SHOW which is damn impressive, however they pan over the crowd to show off… WHILE THE LIGHTS ARE DOWN :lmao.

Psychosis Vs Juvitud Guerrera

Am I the only one bored by most matches by these two? Against each other or other people. They happened every week on Nitro and it was rare a match was THAT different or genuinely great. IN MY OPINION, of course. And my opinion is right :side:. 450 splash and Juvi wins.

Video package for Hogan/Sting, and then some HYPE for Thunder which will have DDP Vs Chris Benoit for the US Title. DDP has given Benoit a title shot because he thinks he’s worthy. This all leads to a super fun triple threat involving Raven too.

MEAN GENE isn’t stuck at some awful party this week so he brings out DDP to discuss the Benoit match! Basically DDP respects Benoit and thinks he’s getting overlooked like he was for so many years so he wants to give him a chance. A chance to FEEL THE BANG!

Nash has been fined $50,000 for powerbombing Ray Traylor last week! Nash doesn’t give a shit though. But the fine has been TRIPLED, so Nash might think twice about hitting another any time soon!

Ultimo Dragon Vs Billy Kidman

I just checked and almost this entire show is filled with CW matches :lmao. Oh boy. This is going to be an even longer show for me :lmao. Kidman looks depressed. I guess he feels the same as me about these type of matches :p. DRAGON SLEEPER about a minute in, but Lody distracts the referee and Saturn decks Dragon. Match is boring but does have one of the strangest submission holds I have ever seen! Dragon wins.

The Flock jump Dragon and Saturn murders him with a massive German Suplex, then Kidman hits the SSP.

Here comes THE GIANT KILLER Kevin Nash! He believes Kidman used a variation of a powerbomb in the previous match and is pissed nothing happened to him. So he thinks WCW only care when HE does the move. Claims he can pay any fine, and if he can’t Hogan will pay for it. Which makes no sense because he just said he CAN pay for any fine.

An hour down, 2 to go!

Chris Jericho Vs Super Calo – WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match

Hopefully Jericho’s character work shines here. He cuts a fun “babyface” promo before the match but the fans know he’s bullshitting lol. Basic match for the most part, but Jericho takes one hell of a somersault bump from the top turnbuckle to the floor when he gets dropkicked off. Finish looks to be botched, pretty sure Jericho was supposed to counter the hurricanrana off the ropes with a Walls of Jericho. Jericho lands on his feet and applies the hold anyway and its over. Absolutely zero character work by Jericho in the match which made me sad.

Lord Steven Regal Vs Booker T – WCW TV Championship Match

REGAL :mark:. Shocking to nobody, but Regal rocks here. His offense is its usual unique nastiness, and he’s fantastic at countering holds from Booker T into his own. Loved the spot where he rolls through a throw from Booker, and he does a cocky little walk like he’s the greatest thing ever, then turns right into a flying elbow :lmao. Regal is a little… uhhh… flabby these days, but he has time to make fun of himself by pushing the fat in his arm up to make it look like muscle :lmao. Booker picks up the win in a fun match.

Hugh Morrus Vs Konnan

Clearly this match needed to happen. Konnan hit a POWERBOMB on Hugh from the ropes but no DQ happens or anything :lmao. Well done, guys!

Scott Hall Vs Jim Neidhart

DUSTY RHODES is here with Hall. He turned on Larry Z at Souled Out and joined the NWO… but wasn’t on Nitro last week to explain anything. I can only assume they did something on Thunder. Distraction by Louie Spicolli, and Hall decks The Anvil with the mic and gains an early advantage. Anvil does some weird submission that looks like a choke, so Dusty gets on the apron giving Hall a chance to recover and hit the Outsider’s Edge for the 3 count. Short and… short.

MEAN GENE IN THE RING. He brings out LUGER. He’s ready for a No DQ match with Savage which I’m guessing is at Superbrawl 8. And as I was writing that Luger confirms its at the PPV. Way to make me look stupid. I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP.

Mark Starr Vs Bill Goldberg

Squash match time :mark:. Starr attacks Goldberg coming through the ropes, so Goldberg just grabs hold of one of his legs and tries to SNAP IT :mark:. Starr hits a takedown and Goldberg just punches him in the head. Military Press into a Slam. Spear. Jackhammer. 3 count! The fans fucking love it and so do I :).

Steve McMichael Vs Davey Boy Smith

Well if any match needed a rematch, it was this one from last week. This ain’t no wrestling match, its a FIGHT, boy! It mostly takes place outside of the ring, and they get counted out as they fight up the rampway. Far more enjoyable than their attempt at a wrestling match last week lol. Stick em in a falls count anywhere setting and they might give us something fun. Which means they’ll probably get booked in a 10 minute wrestling match at the PPV :lmao.


Hogan and Bischoff are kicking off the final hour. Hogan says Nash can powerbomb anyone he wants cos $50,000 a pop is CHUMP CHANGE to him. Good point, except the fine was tripled :p. Nick Patrick should be referee for Sting/Hogan. Cos he’s a fair innocent referee and man. And as far as Savage goes, he’s on his OWN tonight.

Disco Inferno Vs Raven – Raven’s Rules

What did I do to deserve this? Oh… yeah. That. Nevermind. ARM DRAG onto the steel chair that’s set up in the ring! Was expecting the drop toe hold but nope, ARM DRAG. Drop toe hold comes next! As Disco is rolling around in pain, Raven just sits down and watches. They go back and forth, and its solid stuff but nothing worth writing about. DDT and Raven wins. Phew, way better than I was expecting lol. I guess I should start expecting relatively fun matches from Raven due to them all being “Raven’s Rules” matches aka No DQ. No DQ means he can hide his weaknesses with weapons :).

Kevin Nash & Buff Bagwell Vs The Steiner Brothers

Buff keeps getting the better of Scotty to start this match off, and he mocks Scotty every time he does it and has a good old laugh with Nash too. Of course that doesn’t last long because Scotty is a fucking BEAST. Rick Steiner jumps in the ring at one point to mock Buff’s poses while Scotty just looks on in bewilderment :lmao. Double team effort puts Scotty down again and now Bagwell and Nash can tag in and out and work over Scott. Good STF stuff here, as they keep working over Scotty and cutting him off any time he tries to build momentum. Nash teases a POWERBOMB and Rick Steiner comes in and fucking BLASTS Nash in the face with a closeline. Scotty gets a chance to make the tag, but refuses and catches Buff with a Frankensteiner coming off the ropes while Nash is looking the other way and gets the win! Rick gets in his brother’s face while Nash is in the background encouraging them to fight each other :lmao. Good tag match and again, more good build to the break up of Scott and Rick!


Randy Savage Vs Sting

The first Sting match on Nitro in 1998! Around 6 minutes is taken up with entrances lol, 5 of those minutes for Sting :lmao. Match takes place outside the ring for the most part, with Sting crashing into the guard rail during a Stinger Splash attempt and from there its all Savage. PILEDRIVER in the ring and… Sting no sells it and makes his comeback because STUFF. STINGER SPLASH INTO AN EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE~! Elbow Drop from the top! Savage goes for a cover but HOGAN shows up and pulls him off and slaps Savage cos HE wants to be the first person to beat Sting! Luger shows up and fights with Savage on the floor while the rest of the NWO try to get at Sting but he fights them all off while Hogan runs away like a BALD COWARD!

First hour was awful, but slowly picked up in the second hour, and then hour 3 was pretty fun. Decent show overall.

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