WCW February 23rd 1998

We are 24 hours removed from SuperBrawl VIII and they start the show with little interview clips of wrestlers reacting to Sting winning the WHC from Hogan last night! Oh wait, no, they are all talking about Scott turning on Rick! Which is more important, apparently :lmao. I watched it and the crowd were INSANE for it. In the sense that they fucking loved the NWO and popped HUGE for Scott turning on his brother :lmao.

RICK STEINER has arrived and Mean Gene tries to talk to him, but Rick doesn’t want any part of the interview.

Lex Luger Vs Curt Hennig

Luger beat Savage the night before and the finish was… awful. The referee rang the bell when the NWO showed up even though it was a No DQ match, so when Luger applied the Torture Rack and Savage tapped, the fans didn’t realise what happened :lmao. Luger got booed to shit because of it :lmao.

Speaking of fucking shit up, Luger comes out and grabs a mic to cut a promo on Steiner and to call him out to beat some sense into him, as if this wasn’t a planned match. Except the sound guy didn’t know and started playing the NWO theme music before Luger even said a word :lmao.

Ok, seems I jumped the gun a little and the WWE Network fucked up a little too. The NWO music was played because there WAS a match already set to take place, between Luger and Hennig. But the chapter title on the WWE Network says it is a match against Scott Steiner :lmao.

STEINER does show up about 30 seconds into the match and beats down Luger. He’s dyed his hair blonde now and he looks like the BIG POPPA PUMP we’re used to these days.

Luger makes a comeback on Scotty and the first clothesline hits somewhere for real as Steiner’s face can be seen bleeding lol. The NWO show up, then Rick Steiner, then Sting and a bunch of WCW guys come out to run the NWO off. BARBARIAN in a suit looks so odd lol.

The Nitro girls wearing jeans and bandanas might be the most 90’s thing on this show.

Hammer Vs DDP

BUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON sign gets my attention. I hope there is a fun Buff sign on every show. Hammer tries to nip up and does about as good a job as I would :lmao. Did you know? I USED to be able to nip up when I was at school. Even when I had started to put on weight! ATHLETE CAL FTW~!

DDP looks to hit the Diamond Cutter early, but its countered with a reverse suplex right onto the ropes which I don’t believe I’ve seen before! Looked cool as hell tbh.

DIAMOND CUTTER off the ropes and DDP gets the win, but is jumped by Raven and The Flock until Benoit makes a save. Decent little match.

OMG A LIMO!!! WE HAVEN’T SEEN A LIMO IN AGES ON NITRO! Hogan and Bischoff get out of the limo, but somebody else is in there we just don’t see them. Vincent meets up with them and gives Hogan some news and apparently ITS ON NOW.

Hogan and Bischoff storm right out to the ring and boy they are NOT happy. Hogan shits on Sting and blames Nick Patrick for losing at the PPV, and claims Nick must have been paid off by WCW even though everyone knows he’s on the NWO payroll lol. He goes on to say that Scott Hall is gonna win the title tonight and give it to Hogan, and that Sting wouldn’t dare come after Hogan. Lastly, he addresses the Savage situation, challenging Savage to a match at Uncensored! In a steel cage match! Savage shows up in the crowd and accepts the match! The loser will be kicked out of the NWO it seems lol. HOW IS SAVAGE STILL IN THE NWO AT THIS POINT? :lmao

Kaz Hayashi Vs Ultimo Dragon

Generic CW match. That’s how I would describe this. Also, every Dragon match seems to have the exact same Dragon Sleeper counter at least once.


Raven Vs Chris Benoit

Raven slowly walks to the ring not giving a shit, but Benoit is following him and attacks as soon as Raven turns around! Raven takes on helluva bump into the guard rail and BENDS IT. An early diving headbutt costs Benoit, as Raven is able to avoid it. Gotta get his health bar down more before you can hit a finisher, Chris! Raven uses a chair a few too many times, which ends in Benoit PALM THRUSTING it right back into his face! I’ve seen people punch chairs into people, but a palm thrust? That’s new to me! TRIPLE GERMAN SUPLEXES~! Only a 2 count but the referee rings the bell and THEN The Flock interfere which makes no sense because RAVEN’S RULES MATCHES ARE NO DQ ANYWAY YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. DDP comes out for the save, and he and Benoit exchange a few shots too! Good build to the triple threat that is yet to be announced but is good shit and should be watched by all. Good match here too!

Chris Jericho Vs Lenny Lane – WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match

Jericho out here wearing Juvi’s mask :mark:. I guess he won at the PPV! Lenny Lane doesn’t even get an entrance. Member his gay gimmick a couple of years later in WCW? Also, he got squashed by Swagger in 2008 on ECW! Jericho gets on the mic before the bell and says he was gonna wrestle in the mask, but he can’t hide his beautiful face lol. He wants the show to be renamed to WCW Monday Jericho. Highlights of this match are Jericho’s little screams any time Lenny hits him with a move :lmao. Lane has a good showing too, and gets a very, very close near fall that likely raised his stock a ton with fans in all honesty. Jericho BARELY kicked out and I honestly would have believed a title change here because Nitro is known for random title changes lol. Jericho does eventually win with the Walls. Fun match.

Vincent Vs Rick Steiner

Vincent is wrestling :lmao. I hope Rick mauls him to death. And he does :mark:. Total squash. Rick is the last guy anyone wants to be in the ring with tonight, that’s for sure!

Yuji Nagata Vs Saturn

2 heels wrestling each other. Yey :p. Its boring. Nagata works the leg and gets confused at one point and goes after the other. LOL. And would you believe it, this match got more time than every other match so far. Because that’s WCW for you. Give all the time to the matches that shouldn’t have it!

Renegade Vs Booker T – WCW TV Championship Match

RENEGADE. He isn’t the fake Warrior any more. I am disappointed. Renegade is a former TV champ? :lmao who the fuck put the title on him? Renegade with the worst choke of all time. He lightly places his hand on Booker’s neck, and then shakes his own head back and forth as if that makes it look violent and painful :lmao. Damn, Booker hits a missile dropkick and it looks like it absolutely blasts Renegade in the face pretty hard. :lmao Booker T tries to his that big side kick as Renegade does a flip, but he lifts his leg too high and misses. Renegade sells it anyway even though the commentators acknowledge it missed :lmao. Bad match.

Konnan Vs Lizmark Jr

LEX LUGER VS SCOTT STEINER signed for Uncensored! Oh yeah, Konnan is having a match. Half of this match is just various ways to go for a pin :lmao. And then it ends in a submission.

Konnan cuts a promo on Juvi losing his match. Random as shit lol.

Vicious & Delicious Vs High Voltage

Norton and Buff are called VICIOUS AND DELICIOUS :lmao. RAGE AND KAOS are big fuckers. Well, THICK fuckers. Not giants, just wide and MASSIVE. But neither of them are BUFF! Lots of POWER on display here, and a lot of posing too. Crazy version of an overhead belly to belly by one of High Voltage, and Norton reverses a double suplex on him by High Voltage into a double suplex to both members of High Voltage instead! Fun match for sure. LOTTA BEEF.

Eddie Guerrero Vs Disco Inferno

LATINO HEAT VS DISCO FEVER. Eddie knocks down Disco early on, and while most guys would do Disco’s dance, similar to people doing Buff’s poses when they knock him down… Eddie does Disco’s dance in the most sarcastic “fuck you” way that nobody else could probably pull off :lmao. Sadly that is the highlight, as the actual match is nothing special at all. Eddie picks up the win so that’s good at least :).

MEAN GENE is here, and he’s with JJ Dillon. He confirms that Nick Patrick was OFFICIALLY sent out in the main event last night after the first referee was taken out. He brings Nick out to congratulate him and sends him to the ring to officiate this next match!

Ric Flair Vs Brad Armstrong

What is this, 1992? Hopefully its as good as a match right out of WCW 92! Poor Brad, the fans are just utterly silent for anything he does. They only get into the match when Flair does something. Ok, just burst out laughing. Flair yells at the referee to check the time, and he does… giving Flair a chance to kick Brad in the balls and lock in the Figure Four for the win :lmao. Just the fucking absurdity of it all cracked me up. WHY DOES FLAIR NEED TO KNOW THE TIME? WHY WOULD THE REFEREE CHECK FOR HIM? :lmao

THE GIANT is here to be interviewed by Mean Gene in the middle of the ring. He has a neck brace on, because of course he was dropped right on his head by Nash during a Powerbomb attempt at Souled Out. He thinks of Kevin Nash every time he bends over. True story. JACKNIFE POWERSLAM. Well done Mean Gene :p. The Giant is pissed and he wants Nash in a bad way.

MEAN GENE is still in the ring after a break and he brings out Brian Adams. Adams threatens Mean Gene and holy fuck the look on Gene’s face is incredible. He looks like he would kill Adams :lmao. Adams talks shit about Bret Hart, and out comes THE HITMAN. Bret and Adams go at it and Gene is incredible again, running for his life and screaming something that I would expect from Vince McMahon during a HBK match. AHRGFJFBAHABABABHG! Sharpshooter applied, but Hennig makes the save only to take a few shots too until Rude and Adams get involved. FLAIR is out here again to save Bret just like last week.

The NWO run away, and Flair has a mic! Flair welcomes Bret to WCW 4 LYFE! He then even calls Bret THE BEST THERE IS, THE BEST THERE WAS AND THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE. Today only, though :p. Flair shows plenty of respect for Bret, and says he’s here to help Bret any time he needs it. Bret takes the mic and announces he is challenging Hennig at Uncensored! Flair ain’t done. He shakes his crotch in the direction of an NWO fan in the crowd :lmao. WOO!


Sting Vs Scott Hall – WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match

The entire NWO all come out but… where the hell is Scott Hall? Bischoff talks up Scott Hall, and tells Sting to come out and if he comes out alone, the NWO promise to leave. Out comes Sting because he ain’t no coward. But where is his title? Wait! WHO IS THAT BEHIND STING? ITS STING! STING HITS STING WITH A BASEBALL BAT. ITS SCOTT HALL STING. SCOTT HALL STING HITS REAL STING and the rest of the NWO jump the champ. OUTSIDER’S EDGE. I guess we have no title match tonight. Which Sting obviously knew because he didn’t even bring his belt with him :lmao. Hall spray paints NWO on Sting as Savage shows up to try and fight the NWO but of course its like a million guys against 1 and Savage is fucked. :lmao BRUTUS is here too, just randomly stood in the corner under his new Disciple gimmick, but gets no introduction or anything :lmao. Luger makes the save with a chair.

Pretty crappy show overall. Most of the matches weren’t exactly bad, just boring and pointless. The NWO stuff has already gotten really old for me in less than 2 months of watching these Nitros. PEOPLE HAVE HAD TO SIT THROUGH THE NWO FOR A YEAR AND A HALF ALREADY.

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