WCW March 2nd 1998

LIMO~! To the surprise of nobody its the NWO. What on earth was WCW’s obsession with starting the show with the NWO arriving in a limo? :lmao

Chris Benoit Vs Scotty Riggs

AMERICAN MALES AMERICAN MALES. Well, just the one. And he has an eye patch. This is Benoit’s show at The Flock one more time, as they keep getting involved in his business with DDP for the US title. He goes after Lodi on the outside at one point and that costs him the advantage in the match as Riggs can attack him from behind. I wonder if the eye patch is gimmicked, as I imagine it would be a little difficult wrestling while only being able to see out of 1 eye. Depth perception and whatnot, ya know? TRIPLE GERMANS and the Crossface and Benoit wins in a short but ok match. He then takes his time to let go of the hold, and not a single member of The Flock dare get into the ring with him tonight!

Randy Savage is HARVARD LAMPOON’S REAL MAN OF THE YEAR for 1998. Only just into March and he’s already won it for the entire year?

Its Hogan and Bischoff time! Hogan shits on Savage, calling him the National Lampoon Man of the Year, cracks a joke about not being able to keep his marriage together, then addresses their cage match coming up at Uncensored! Tonight is a big tag main event with Hogan and Hall going up against Sting and Savage! After the match, only Savage’s carcass is gonna be left for the cage match!

I’m still confused by Savage not being kicked out of the NWO yet. They keep saying its 4 LYFE, but a bunch of people have been kicked out in the part. The Giant, Ray Traylor and Ted DiBiase come to mind straight away.

Oh god its another NITRO PARTY GRAND PRIZE WINNER. Which means poor Mean Gene and the Nitro Girls get stuck at some student party all night :lmao.

Juventud Guerrera Vs Chavo Guerrero Jr

Juvi is maskless after losing to Jericho. Chabo should start wearing a mask. Or retire. 450 and Juvi wins.

Psychosis Vs Prince Iaukea


Raven Vs Disco Inferno – Raven’s Rules Match

Not much dancing from Disco here! He’s taking the fight right to Raven from the get go! They go back and forth, each man goes face first into a chair at one point, but the DDT gets Raven the win. Fun 2 minutes.

Hugh Morrus & Barbarian Vs Public Enemy – Street Fight

Hugh and Barb bring their own table to the ring, no doubt to try and give Public Enemy a taste of their own medicine. Just like when Nash and Hall put them through a table last week (or whenever it was). This one starts off as a crazy brawl and even Jimmy Hart gets involved. Commentators only get told this is a street fight after the bell has rung :p. Jimmy Hart gets put on a table, but Hugh and Barb make a save and Rocko Rock gets superplexed through it instead! He is back up and fighting like nothing happened 30 seconds later. Great job, dude! Hugh is so FAT that the table bends almost in half before he can be driven through it with a leg drop. 3 count and Public Enemy get the win. Short and sweet.

Here comes RANDY SAVAGE with Liz. One of the security guards he walks past looks like Bruce Prichard wearing a cardigan. Hogan is pathetic and Savage has been carrying him all these years. STING is here too! Survey says… SCOTT HALL, YOU’RE DEAD!

Sick Boy Vs Goldberg

Sweet counter to a springboard elbow off the second rope. Looks like they were gonna do another cool spot but Sick Boy slipped while springboarding off the ropes and that ruined that :p. SPEAR. JACKHAMMER. GOLDBERG.

Stuck Mojo music video featurning DDP. I don’t know what a Stuck Mojo is but they ain’t good singers, that’s for sure. Oh hey The Flock are there too. I skipped this. It was awful.

MIKE TENAY taking MEAN GENE’S place again as Mean Gene is still stuck at one of those awful Nitro Parties. DDP is his guest. Trying to make it seem that Raven and The Flock being in the music video wasn’t planned :lmao. He then challenges Raven on Thunder with his US title on the line!

Hammer Vs DDP

HAMMER wants to cut a promo. He looks and sounds off his tits. He tries to cut a promo on DDP but DDP comes back out and saves us from what was no doubt going to be terrible. Hammer is HAMMERED! I should have made that joke instead of just saying he was off his tits! Stupid me! Uhhh yeah apparently this is a match now. Who made it? I dunno. Technically Hammer didn’t even make a challenge. He just said DDP’s name a few times and then DDP showed up and somehow a referee is there. Hammer gets some offense in, then gets hit with the BANG, and Raven shows up to beat down Page which causes a DQ. CHRIS BENOIT comes out for the save, or at least to just get him some of Raven. Page accidentally hits Benoit and those two go at it while also takin the fight to Raven. Can’t wait to watch their triple threat again!

BRING BACK THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR sign. That poor fan. He doesn’t know what he’s asking…

Tenay interviewing Bert the Bertman Bert. He’s gonna be wrestling on Nitro for the first time tonight against Brian Adams. At Uncensored he’s facing Curt Hennig. He’s looking forward to it. And says his dad could beat up Curt’s dad :lmao.

The British Bulldog Vs Scott Norton

Norton has pics of bricks on his outfit. He’s a literal BRICK SHIT HOUSE. Lots of POWER ON POWER here with Norton getting the better of Bulldog. Norton teases a POWERBOMB but gets back body dropped instead and the referee calls for the bell because… teasing a powerbomb is bad? Also apparently he’s gonna be fined $5000 for it. Ok. Both men brawl to the back. Odd stuff here tbh. I guess Norton and Bulldog are gonna feud now. Because stuff.

Konnan Vs Super Calo

Its a me, Super Cal-o! Konnan shits on Juvi again. Konnan wins. Tries to unmask Calo, so Juvi comes down and challenges him to a match next week.

WOOOOOOOOO Ric Flair out to do an interview. Hennig and Rude show up. Flair and Hennig go at it and its probably more fun than any of their actual matches. Rude jumps in and Flair gets beat down until Bret makes a save, albeit a bit late lol.

Jim Duggan Vs Scott Steiner

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Man, is Duggan ever NOT over? He blasts Scotty with a couple of clotheslines, not knocking him down until he knocks him right out of the ring! A double arm underhook suplex puts Scotty in control for a minute or so, until HACKSAW makes a comeback and man, he throws some great punches that look good and SOUND deadly. BELLY TO BELLY and a Steiner Recliner and Scotty wins. Very enjoyable stuff here.

Eddie Guerrero & Chris Jericho Vs Dean Malenko & Booker T

Eddie :mark:. Eddie and Jericho as a team :mark:. A rematch from Thunder where Eddie pinned Booker, and he gets a TV title shot at Uncensored! Malenko will also face Jericho for the CW title. Jericho grabs a mic before the bell rings, and claims the show is officially WCW Monday Night Jericho, and his first guest is EDDIE GUERRERO! Jericho is wearing Juvi’s mask as a necklace now :lmao. In fact, instead of wearing his CW title when the match starts, he keeps Juvi’s mask necklace on :mark:.

Eddie and Jericho try to work as a team but Booker reverses them and they smack into each other, and end up on their knees hugging each other before running out of the ring when they realise both Booker and Malenko are in there waiting to attack :lmao. Eddie wants a handshake from Booker, so Booker shakes the hand… and squeezes it real hard for good measure! At one point Malenko goes for a back body drop on Eddie, who flips out of it, looks pleased with himself and does a little dance, only to be kicked in the side of the head by Booker T :lmao. Man, I miss Eddie so damn much. Just an incredible performer who always did SOMETHING in matches to make you remember him. Texas Cloverleaf to Jericho as Booker T keeps Eddie from getting in the ring, and Malenko makes the CW champion tap out! Good tag!

Here come the NWO now. Well, some of them. Nash, Konnan, Buff, Scotty and Dusty. Dusty is carrying an NWO t-shirt, and I guess this is the part of the show where Scotty invites his brother Rick to join him in the New World Order! Nash tells Rick to come out and here he is along with Ted DiBiase! Rick acts like he’s joining, then throws the t-shirt back at Nash and goes after the NWO!!! Unfortunately its 1 on 4 and Rick is beaten down. Nash goes for a Powerbomb but it gets reversed, and THE GIANT shows up to make the save! Neck brace or not, The Giant goes after Nash and hits him with a POWERBOMB!!! The Giant will be more than happy to pay $50,000 for that! Really fun segment even if Rick not joining was obvious as hell lol. During the break security tried to arrest The Giant, but the handcuffs wouldn’t fit so he just fucks off :lmao.

Brian Adams Vs Bret Hart

Classic match right here, I’m sure! Might not look good on paper, but its actually a solid match. Some power from Adams to start with, then Bret begins to OUT-WRESTLE the bigger man and its all ok stuff. Nobody is gonna remember this match 10 minutes after it finishes, but I’d be perfectly fine re-watching it a year down the line if I happened to be watching this episode of Nitro again for whatever crazy reason lol. EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE~! SHARPSHOOTER~! Hennig shows up to cause a DQ and the two Uncensored opponents go at it!

Sting & Randy Savage Vs Hollywood Hogan & Scott Hall

ITS ON! Poor Buffer doesn’t even get to finish his introductions before these 4 men (and even Bischoff) start to go at it! Sting beats Hogan with his weightlifting belt, while Savage does the same to Scott Hall! Sting and Savage seem to be functioning as a team for now, because their hatred for Hogan and Hall supersedes any hatred they have for each other on this night! Sting and Hall go at it in the ring, and Sting knocks Hogan off the apron so Savage fucking POUNCES on him while he’s still on the floor lol. Bischoff gets on the apron to distract the referee, and Hogan decks Savage in the back of the head with the spray can! Savage takes a good beating while Hogan and Hall are doing well controlling the match. A missed leg drop from Hogan allows for the HOT TAG, but before Sting and Savage can get the W, the NWO show up and cause a DQ because DQ’s are the theme of the night. WCW guys come out to help and we have some big brawls going on everywhere. THE DISCIPLE saves Hogan and even though this is his second Nitro appearance, we still don’t know who he is :lmao. By that I mean he hasn’t been introduced by the NWO and the commentators have no idea who he is either :lmao. Good main event even with the no finish though! Got more time than I was expecting and was more of a match than I was expecting too. I thought it would get a couple of minutes at the end of the show and end in a big NWO/WCW shmoz. Instead we got a proper match for about 8 minutes and THEN the shmoz!

Overall this was a pretty good show. Most of the matches were at least decent, and we got some fun segments as well.

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