Robot Wars – Series 10 Episode 6 – Grand Final – Recap

10 Way Rumble – Apollo Vs Eruption Vs Terrorhurtz Vs Concussion Vs Expulsion Vs Thor Vs Iron–Awe Vs Track-Tion Vs Big Nipper Vs Sabertooth

Oh boy! The second and third place winners in all the heats now get the chance to make the final… if they can SURVIVE a 10 way battle!!!

Eruption stays out of the way, waiting for the right moment to get involved… while Expulsion goes down the pit and becomes the first to lose! So long, kids! Speaking of kids, there goes Track-Tion too!

HUGE flip from Apollo sends Iron-Awe into the air, but they luckily land right side up as who knows if their flipper is working yet.

Iron-Awe do end up being flipped, and dropped down the pit too followed by Concussion!

Chaos! No, sadly not my favourite robot Chaos 2, but this battle is pure CHAOS! Apollo has taken a ton of damage to the armament on its flipper, but its still working as Concussion and Thor end up in the pit! I don’t think there is any more space down there!!!

Killalot is trying to send Terrorhurtz out of the arena!!! Eruption has spent its time well and seems to have enough power in the flipper to potentially win this late in the batle!!! They take out Terrorhurtz, and I think its down to Apollo and Eruption. One more flip and yes… ERUPTION GO THROUGH TO THE GRAND FINAL!!!

Holy crap what a fight!!! What a fight!!! Eruption knew what they were doing, staying out of the way and avoiding using its flipper unless absolutely necessary. As long as it didn’t sustain too much damage, it could be a new favourite for the title!

Group Battle 1 – Carbide Vs Behemoth Vs Nuts 2

Here come the reigning, defending, heavyweight robot champions of the UK… CARDBIDE!!! After making the final for the first time in 20 years, defeating previous champions Apollo, Behemoth could pull out yet another upset here. Meanwhile, Nuts 2 are the big underdogs, but their flail weapon DID get them here into the final, and it might get them another victory here! Personally, I’m picking Carbide.

Nuts 2 is just spinning around, while Behemoth and Carbide go at it. One of the Nuts 2 clusterbots hits the pit release right as Behemoth drive over it, and out they go! Carbide slams into Nuts 2, and that flail actually puts an end to the vicious spinning blade!!! Are Nuts 2 going to cause another HUGE upset??!?!!

Carbide has stopped!!! NUTS 2 HAS BEATEN BEHEMOTH AND CARBIDE!!! Wait… not just yet! Carbide was simply stuck on one of the mini cluster bots, and manages to escape. However, its going to a judges decision, and the reigning champions are about to be beaten!!! To the robot redemption with them!!!

Group Battle 2 – Rapid Vs Magnetar Vs Eruption

2 Flippers and a spinning drum. Eruption might not be at 100% after that incredible 10 way battle, but it will still take a great effort to take them out. And that effort might very well come from Magnetar’s spinning drum with have proven to be LETHAL. As much as I want Eruption to go through, I think Magnetar is getting to the semi finals without needing a robot redemption win!

Eruption tries to hide again, and Rapid comes out to get them… only to be smashed by Magnetar!!! Eruption basically drew them in and gave Magnetar the chance to come in from behind!!!

Rapid’s flipper is the cause of their defeat, as an attempted self right sends them up, over, and with their flipper wide open in a way that cant be opened or closed any more!!!

Eruption still going strong, while Magnetar’s drum does not seem to be working any more! They run into Matilda and get flipped!!! Eruption win!!! Eruption win!!! Eruption win!!! But we shouldn’t count out Magnetar just yet. Rapid… I don’t see them making it any further in all honestly.

Robot Redemption 1 – Behemoth Vs Magnetar

The scoop at the front of Behemoth CAN take hits from the spinning weapons, but it does tend to fly away afterwards which gives robots like Magnetar a chance to go in for another shot. This should be good!

Both robots end up being flipped early on, but both can self right. Behemoth get themselves stuck in the side allowing Magnetar to smash into them repeatedly!!! However, the weapon seems to stop not long after. Behemoth though has a damaged wheel and can only spin around!

Its over!!! Magnetar drive onto the scoop and get flipped, and with no working weapon it cannot self right! Behemoth are though to the semi finals!!! Another great battle!!!

Robot Redemption 2 – Carbide Vs Rapid

Unless Rapid can get an early flip in and keep the blade from spinning up to full speed, Carbide are gonna tear them apart imo.

Rapid DO get under Carbide, a couple of times early on, but don’t flip! That must prove to be a huge mistake, as despite nearly flipping Carbide out of the arena soon after, one smash to the side from Carbide fills the arena with smoke as Rapid set on fire! One more attack and its DONE!!! The champs are back in the game!

Semi Final 1 – Eruption Vs Behemoth

Flipper Vs Flipper. The 20+ year veteran team against a young team who has had a ton of success. Picking Eruption!

Behemoth waste no time going after Eruption and flipping it across the arena! Eruption right themselves and return the favour, and a second flip send Behemoth into Dead Metal!

This will probably come down to how much gas they have, and poor Behemoth are wasting flips and missing, and Eruption is preventing Behemoth from self righting first time, using up more gas! Eruption is a smart team with a great robot, and that combination might be unstoppable!!! They are in clear control of this fight, waiting for the perfect time to use the flipper, sending Behemoth into house robots for some extra damage too! This is one of the best flipper vs flipper fights I think I have ever seen!!!

With 10 seconds left Eruption seem desperate to flip Behemoth out, but it ends up going to a judges decision. I personally think its obvious who won. Eruption got flipped at the start, then utterly dominated the rest of the fight. Props the Behemoth for staying in it, and somehow NOT running out of gas! The decision comes in, and yes, Eruption go into the Grand Final!!!

Semi Final 2 – Nuts 2 Vs Carbide

Oh boy. Can Carbide avoid defeat at the hands of Nuts 2 a second time? Can that flail be stopped? Will NUTS 2 make it to the grand final to take on Eruption? Could Nuts 2 become ROBOT WARS CHAMPIONS?

Carbide have part of RAPID stuck onto the front of their machine to prevent the flail from getting to the weapon chain again. Will that prove to be the winning tactic?

REMINISCENT OF THEIR PREVIOUS SEASON BATTLE… CARBIDE TAKES NUTS 2 APART!!! Well, after the huge upset earlier, Nuts 2 have finally been defeated and taken apart by the reigning champions.

Grand Final – Eruption Vs Carbide

Well, well, well!!! We gots ourself a rematch from the previous season’s grand final! Will the outcome be different? Can Carbide again power their way to victory, or will Eruption survive a couple of hits from the spinning blade long enough to flip, flip, flip and win?

I’ll pick Eruption!

Eruption is taking a beating early on, but is still moving. Its waiting for its time to flip, but it might not get the chance if Carbide keep getting hits… and as I write that, FLIP! Eruption are on top, and the blade has stopped spinning!!! The blade has stopped!!! This fight is Eruption’s to win!!!

Wait! The weapon is spinning again! But is the flipper working of Eruption? Yes! Eruption has taken tons of damage but only to the armour. Its flipper still works, while Carbide’s blade is slowly losing power it seems!!! Another huge flip! And again! Eruption so close to potentially sending the champions out but they flip themselves! Carbide are running away as Eruption keeps coming and keeps flipping!!!

Time has run out! Both robots have survived! Eruption’s armour has taking a beating. Carbide took a flipping. Carbide almost lost the weapon, and Eruption got stronger and stronger the longer the fight went. I THINK Eruption might get it, but Carbide might have done enough DAMAGE to retain the title. This was incredible either way!!!

Here comes the decision. Carbide, the champions. Eruption, who came back to the final by winning a 10 way battle royal. A repeat of last season’s final. And the winner is… ERUPTION!!! What an incredible victory!!!

Overall Thoughts

Wow. Just WOW. This has to be the best grand final ever in Robot Wars. So many great battles, so much destruction, and Eruption’s story to get here was fantastic. How many other robots could have entered a 10 way battle, won, and then continued on to take the title in the same night? Carbide did one hell of a job too. Behemoth did better than they have in 20 years. And Nuts 2 getting this far was such an underdog story! All in all, one hell of a season and one hell of a final!

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