Robot Wars – Series 10 Episode 5 – Recap

Group Battle 1 – Expulsion Vs Thor Vs Coyote

Another robot built by school kids! All we made at school were keyrings and a blackboard that one time. There is also a mini clusterbot called Detention that I’m SURE will be helpful… lol! Thor has to be considered the favourite for the heat, never mind just this group battle. A former finalist, a fantastic driver, and a deadly weapon! Coyote has a gripper weapon. Somehow I don’t see it doing much damage.

Coyote goes right for Expulsion, no doubt trying to take out the weaker robot while doing their best to avoid the mighty Thor. Expulsion are rammed into the wall and flipped upside down and its all over for the school kids for now. They of course will have a chance to come back in the robot redemption fight later. With Expulsion out, its all about Thor. Coyote has basically no chance, so Thor tries to pick a fight with Dead Metal instead! It goes to a judges decision, but there are no doubts about the winner. Congrats to Thor!

Group Battle 2 -Magnetar Vs Hobgoblin Vs Push to Exit

Magnetar is the new and improved version of Pulsar. Pulsar unfortunately has never really lived up to its potential, despite showing a tremendous amount of promise. Hopefully this new version of the robot will avoid the technical issues that have plagued the team in the past! Hobgoblin has some sort of spinning weapon, but… is that just a spinning piece of wood? Push to Exit is the only robot left these days with a front hinged flipper, which might be good to help push robots around, but is kinda useless as an actual flipper in 2017. They didn’t do well last year, and I don’t expect them to make it to the final this year.

Well, Push to Exit start off with a really nice flip on Hobgoblin to start this one, almost like it knew to mock me! Then they run into Magnetar and the spinning drum ends Push to Exit as quickly as they started. Hobgoblin never recovered from the flip either. An easy win for Magnetar!

Robot Redemption 1 – Coyote Vs Hobgoblin

Oh wow is this boring. Coyote win. The only thing worth mentioning is that Shunt’s axe broke off when it attacked the spinning weapon of Hobgoblin!

Robot Redemption 2 -Expulsion Vs Push to Exit

Well, the flipper of PTE isn’t working! They might try to use the wedge to get in underneath and flip Expulsion, but technical issues prevent them from doing anything! Expulsion are on top… then end up getting flipped on the floor flipper! Both teams are dead in yet another boring and underwhelming fight. So, who won? Expulsion, apparently!

Semi Final 1 – Thor Vs Coyote

Coyote have added a front scoop this time around, but it doesn’t help them. Thor can still get underneath them. Just as things were going well for Thor, Matilda’s rear spinning wheel smashes the gas canister and there goes the weapon! Coyote came into the fight without a weapon, so now it comes down to driving, and I wouldn’t bet against Jason and Thor! Plenty of aggression and Thor goes into the heat final.

Semi Final 2 – Magnetar Vs Expulsion

Expulsion have made it this far due to sheer luck, and I think their luck is about to run out. They activate the fog of war, and while nobody can see, Magnetar spins its weapon up to full speed, smashes into Expulsion and its all over in a single hit!!!

10 Way Qualifier – Expulsion Vs Coyote

Another dull fight, with poor driving from Expulsion. Coyote randomly stops moving and that’s the end.

Final – Thor Vs Magnetar

This should be one hell of a heat final! Thor is one of the best driven robots with a deadly axe weapon. Magnetar has the deadly spinner, but will it live up to its potential? Both get  some great shots in early on, with both robots taking the hits and still going. However the spinner proves to be more deadly, and once again the C02 from Thor’s weapon comes gushing out, and Thor are left stranded upside down! Magnetar go into the grand final, while Thor joins Expulsion and 8 other robots in the 10 way battle!!!

Overall Thoughts

The poorest episode of the season, with some dull battles. Thankfully Thor and Magnetar brought the action and excitement and they gave us a fun final fight. Only a few hours now until the grand final, where one of these two robots could potentially become the new robot wars champion!!!

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