Robot Wars – Series 10 Episode 3 – Recap

Group Battle 1 – Bucky the Robot Vs Rapid Vs Track-Tion

Biter Vs Flipper Vs Crusher!

Rapid is one of the most expensive robots ever (I believe Mortis from the original run takes the #1 spot), though last year it was knocked out of competition due to being unable to repair damage in time. Can it do better this time around? Track-Tion meanwhile was built by school kids, with their teacher being the team captain of Aftershock! Bucky on the other hand seems to be more of an entertainment bot than a killer.

Well, Track-Tion didn’t last long! Up and out by Rapid! Bucky nearly gets flipped out, then almost gets itself stuck on the arena wall thanks to its large crushing mouth! The fight continues for the full 3 minutes, with Rapid in full control, and they win on an obvious judges decision.

Group Battle 2 – Apex Vs Vulture Vs Terrorhurtz

The biggest spinning blade ever Vs one of the least impressive blades ever Vs one of the most deadly axe weapons ever!

With 20 years of experience, Terrorhurtz is the favourite to win, but Apex’s large spinning weapon could put an end to them and everyone else if they get the chance.

Terrorhurtz immediately goes on the attack, and after smashing into Apex, puts a stop to their deadly weapon forcing them to spin it back up to speed! They then turn their attention to Vulure, and get stuck in, LITERALLY, with the mighty axe! Both Apex and Vulture take a beating from the axe, leaving Terrorhurtz the clear winner of the fight!

Robot Redemption 1 – Track-Tion Vs Apex

Team Vulture help out Track-Tion by lending them a front scoop, in hopes of deflecting the spinning blade of Apex. And, well, it works! So much so that one drive from Apex into the scoop sends the robot out of control, and the massive 39kg blade flies off, SMASHES THROUGH ONE LAYER OF BULLET PROOF GLASS and bounces off the other. That spells the end of Apex!

Robot Redemption 2 – Vulture Vs Bucky the Robot

A mistake from Vulture sends them upside down via the arena flipper, but they quickly recover and Bucky makes the same mistake, lands on its side and is unable to self right. Vulture goes through!

Semi Final 1 – Rapid Vs Track-Tion

Track-Tion has already been flipped out by Rapid… and in perhaps record time, they go out again! Time for Track-Tion to go back to school!

Semi Final 2 – Terrorhurtz Vs Vulture

Terrorhurtz has already beaten Vulture, and I predict they will do so again! Vulture tries to add more padding between its vital components and the outer-armour, but the first few shots from the Terrorhurtz axe smash right through them! Again, the axe gets stuck in Vulture! Vulture loses control of a wheel, decreasing their chances of winning from around 2% to 0%. A judges decision has to be made, but everyone already knows that Terrorhurtz is through to the final!

10 Way Qualifier – Vulture Vs Track-Tion

After the beaten they took from Terrorhutz, Vulture cannot repair themselves in time, so Track-Tion automatically go through.

Final – Rapid Vs Terrorhurtz

So far, Rapid have NOT been at 100% flipping power due to various gas leaks. If it is at 100% now, one flip could be all that they need to win. However, anything less than 100% and Terrorhurtz will do their best to hunt them down, axe them, and immobilise them. Well, for a good while in the fight, neither robot seems to be using their weapon. Instead, the floor flipper is doing most of the work! Then, seemingly out of nowhere, after waiting for the perfect time, Rapid flips Terrorhurtz and almost throws them out of the arena! Phew! They go back and forth in one hell of a battle, before Rapid again gets a big flip in and Terrorhurtz go out!

Overall Thoughts

Yet another great episode! Rapid was impressive, despite never being at full power. IF they can fix the leak issues for the final, they might be unstoppable. But anything less and their opponents will take advantage of the fact they might not be able to flip them out in just one flip. Sad to see Terrorhurtz not make it to the final, as they looked better than ever this series.

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