Robot Wars – Series 10 Episode 4 – Recap

Group Battle 1 – The Kegs Vs Tauron Vs Iron-Awe 6

The Kegs are clusterbots made from a beer keg! And the beer keg still works! Tauron is captained by a guy who plays video games for a living as they are a game tester. Lucky bastard. Iron-Awe 6 is from a veteran team of Robot Wars going back 17 years. Will that experience help them?

Well, more utter DESTRUCTION as Tauron’s spinner rips one of the weapons from one half of Kegs! Then the other part gets hit with the same spinner and its all over for both halves. Iron-Awe 6 is moving, but doesn’t seem to have a working flipper. They collide, get stuck together, then stop working! However, it seems Tauron might have stopped working first. Will that go against them? Yes! Iron-Awe 6 just scrape through!

Group Battle 2 – Concussion Vs Androne 4000 Vs Nuts 2

Concussion with its drum spinner made the final last year. Nuts 2 are just as nuts as ever, and hopefully they won’t get ripped to pieces or flipped out this time around! Androne 4000 has a crusher weapon, which honestly has been made redundant these days thanks to flippers and spinners. Can they bring back crushers? Probably not, but who knows?

Nuts spins around to get its flailing weapon up to speed, and seems to knock out one of Concussion’s wheels!!! Androne 4000 takes advantage with its crushing weapon, but seems to die while gripping Concussion! Well, Nuts gets to go through while Concussion and Androne 4000 are stuck together and must fight again in the robot redemption to try and continue on!

Robot Redemption 1 – The Kegs Vs Concussion

Well, the favourites for this heat (imo, anyway. I did predict they’d win on twitter earlier!) are struggling right now. Can Kegs take advantage of the situation and take out a former finalist?

Nope. One half of Kegs is utterly trashed from the first hit. The second half doesn’t last much longer either. Concussion are finally back to their best, and they might just get back into the final at this rate!!!

Robot Redemption 2 – Androne 4000 Vs Tauron

Tauron were downright unlucky to not get through originally. Unless they make a mistake here, I don’t see Androne 4000 beating them.

Well, Androne 4000 actually has the early advantage! The spinning weapon of Tauron doesn’t get chance to spin up to speed, and some good driving for Androne allows them to take control of this fight and even use that deadly crusher! Eventually though, that destructive spinner gets in some good shots, and begins to rip armour from Androne! A very close fight for me, though that damage to Androne might be the deciding factor. I did not expect that! And the winner is… Androne 4000! Their control was much better, and they did own most of the fight outside of the few moments where the spinner ripped into them. Good fight!

Semi Final 1 – Iron-Awe 6 Vs Concussion

Well, this fight all depends on if Iron-Awe 6’s weapon is finally working. Without it they don’t stand a single chance. With it working, they could send Concussion out of the arena! However, even with a working flipper I think it will be very difficult to take out Concussion, especially considering the damage it is capable of causing!

If Iron-Awe 6’s flipper is working, it isn’t getting a single chance to use it as Concussion smashes and bashes into the veterans and flips them over! The weapon definitely isn’t working as they cannot self right, and that’s the end of that!

Semi Final 2 – Nuts 2 Vs Androne 4000

Nuts 2 getting this far is, well, surprising. One lucky shot took out a wheel on Concussion in the first round fight, and then Androne got stuck on Concussion and both were counted out. With Androne 4000 looking impressive against the destructive power of Tauron, and Nuts 2 not exactly being a well known threat… this one might go exactly as expected. Then again, we do know all it takes is ONE lucky shot to win…

And ONE lucky shot seem to be it! Androne 4000 goes in on the attack, gets hit, and then the hydraulic fluid from the crusher sprays out and this one is over!

10 Way Qualifier – Androne 4000 Vs Iron-Awe 6

Does Iron-Awe 6 have a working flipper? Will it even matter? Does Androne have any fluid left?

Aaaand the flipper does not seem to be working. However, they are using their wedge shape to get in underneath Androne to push them around the arena, which might just be the key to winning this fight. And yes, in the end, they get in under Androne and push them down the pit. Now the question becomes “will Iron-Awe 6 have a working flipper in the 10 way fight?”. Probably not.

Final – Concussion Vs Nuts 2

Concussion making the final is no surprise to me. But a surprise to just about everyone is that NUTS 2 is here! They proved in the first round battle that they can damage Concussion with a single hit, so Concussion is adding a little extra protection to their wheels in hopes of getting in with their weapon before Nuts 2 can potentially do a repeat of their previous fight.

The guards are allowing Concussion to get in close, but Concussion keeps driving on the arena flipper, and combined with the guards, they are struggling to move around properly and cannot seem to flip themselves back over! In trying to prevent Nuts from taking out their wheels, they have inadvertently taking out their own wheels! NUTS 2 GO THROUGH TO THE SERIES FINAL!!!

Overall Thoughts

Well, what do I say? My pick, Concussion, got through into the heat final and then lost by essentially beating themselves. And to top it all off, NUTS 2 are the ones that go through! Some big shocks here, and yet another really fun episode with plenty of damage and destruction! Only one heat left, and then we finally get to see the big 10 way melee!

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