Films That Need To Be Remade/Rebooted!

Films being remade/rebooted is often met with negativity, and more often that not, rightly so. Classic films get ruined, childhoods are destroyed, and the current generation seem to think the newer films are better (AND THEY WOULD BE WRONG DAMMIT!!!). However, there are plenty of films out there that weren’t exactly classics to begin with that I believe SHOULD be remade or rebooted in order to finally give us the greatness we deserved the first time around! Let’s get started, shall we?




So, you’ve heard of The Godfather, right? Of course you have. The film was a book adaptation from The Godfather, written by Mario Puzo, and it was awesome. However The Godfather wasn’t the only thing Mario Puzo wrote. The Sicilian was another of his books, and honestly, after I read it, I thought it was BETTER than The Godfather! Imagine how excited I was when I discovered it too had been adapted into a film. So I bought it. And holy shit was I disappointed. The Godfather is a masterpiece and will go down as one of the all time great films. The Sicilian on the other hand is utter TRASH. They miss out tons of the book for starters, and for some reason Christopher Lambert was cast as the main character. Ingenious. The acting here might be the worst I’ve ever seen. Tommy Wiseau would have been a better casting choice. As I said, the book is fantastic and I genuinely thought it was better than The Godfather when I read it, so this absolutely needs to be remade, only with an actual budget and a cast of people who can ACT.



Oh boy, where do I even begin? The Spider-Man franchise, imo, needs to be REBOOTED. Again. Yeah, I know we have already had a trilogy in the last 12 years and now another 2 films based on a different universe Spider-Man… and none of them did what I feel a Spider-Man film should have done. Be good. Let me just give you a little history with me and Spider-Man. Growing up I was a HUGE fan of Spider-Man. My 2 loves as a kid were wrestling and Spider-Man. I had so many toys it was insane (and half of them were the exact same Spider-Man figure but with different attachments lol). I absolutely adore the animated series from the mid-90’s, and while everyone was either obsessing with X-Men or Batman from the same time, I was glued to the TV any time the web slinger was on. So when a live action film was released in 2002, you better believe I was excited. That excitement didn’t last long. Now, the first film was… OK-ish. Not downright awful. It had it moments and felt like it was almost there but not quite. So a second film should pretty much be THE Spider-Man film, right? Oh god no. Spider-Man 2 stole 2 hours of my life and I want them back. Number 3? Couldn’t get all the way through it. And the newer 2 films? Couldn’t get through them either. They just seem to have taken everything I loved about Spider-Man as a kid, and made sure to kill it all and leave me feeling empty inside. So reboot the franchise, get the damn casting right, and for the love of Jebus, give us another fucking villain beyond the Green Goblin. And don’t throw together a billion villains together in one film thinking it’ll be cool and awesome. It’s not. It’s stupid. One villain for one film please.




You might be aware that I’m something of a wrestling fan. So, a pretty big mainstream film released about wrestling? Hells yeah! Sounded great on paper. And then I saw it. Urgh. Just urgh. Check out my review over on and find out exactly why I think it’s so bad. What needs to be done here? Well, I think a big wrestling company, one with perhaps it’s own film studio, should remake this film. Oh hey, I think WWE fits that criteria!!! For starters they have everything needed already to film it; wrestlers, rings, fans, stage set up, arenas booked for shows etc. All they’d need is a good script, and either a wrestler who isn’t half bad at acting, or a good actor who will treat the part with respect and can just have a stunt double to do the complicated wrestling bits for him (which sounds much better than a wrestler trying to act well tbh lol). The basic story of a former megastar in the business now broken down and struggling to make ends meet isn’t a bad idea for a film, but the execution of it when The Wrestler was made was part of the problem. Mickey Rourke’s character was essentially the Hulk Hogan of that world. I’m sorry but Hulk Hogan wouldn’t be found dead stapling shit to his opponent’s head in front of 200 people at a Ring of Honor show. Sure he went to TNA for a while, but he wasn’t exactly struggling financially there. And come on, WWE were more than happy to welcome him back to the BIG TIME when he left TNA. So how much better would The Wrestler be if the main character fought hard and got back to the TOP of the business, even if it was just for one last match… rather than wrestling on some indy show. Come on WWE, make it happen!!!


 There were some others I wanted to add to the list, but considering news broke recently of them being rebooted/remade in some fashion means I couldn’t include them. The first was I Am Legend, based on the fantastic book from Richard Matheson. I was recommended the book by one of my college tutors way back when, and I loved the book. I checked out some older film adaptations, and they weren’t really up to scratch. Then it was announced that Will Smith would be staring in the new film version… and oh boy did that suck. So hearing recently that it’s going to be remade gives me hope that this fantastic story might finally get the film it deserves. The other main one for my list was Dare Devil. Now admittedly, I quite like the Ben Affleck film. Was it perfect? No, but it had some good action (not that scene with DD and Elektra… that was some awful choreographed shit lol) and THE KINGPIN who was played well by Michael Clarke Duncan (RIP 🙁 ). So it had lots of good in it already, but given the standard for comic book films today it just didn’t cut it. However it seems that we are going to be getting a TV series based on Dare Devil instead, and while it’s not a film, it might actually be the better option. Instead of 90 minutes to give background stories on characters, develop them throughout the film and have a big final action scene, we’ll have at least 1 full season for all of that and more. I just hope to god we get Kingpin as the main villain! He’s been missing from the Spider-Man films (which might be a good thing tbh), and the rest of Marvel so having him show up here would be awesome.

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