Why Super Smash Bros for Wii U Looks AMAZING

Last week, we got a SSB Wii U Nintendo Direct event, featuring 50 facts about the game. I’ve gone through all 50 facts and picked out some of the best ones that I feel will make the game one of the best releases of the year!!!


8 players


Yup. Certain modes and stages will allow you to have EIGHT PLAYERS fighting at once!!! Imagine the sheer mayhem! While disappointingly this isn’t available online, this does continue Nintendo’s support for co-op play between friends in the same room, something I MUCH prefer personally to doing it online. Now I just need to find 8 friends. Oh, and thankfully the control support for the game is insane. Wii U Gamepad? Check. 3DS? Check. Pro controller? BOTH WII U AND ORIGINAL WII VERSIONS! Wii controller? Wii controller + nun-chuck? Of course! And a good old classic controller? Sure, have at it! But best of all…


gamecube controller


Oh yes. GAMECUBE CONTROLLER. With a special adapter you can use your original controllers that no doubt took a beating during Melee! But, should you not own an original controller, Nintendo are releasing new Gamecube controllers specially made for Super Smash Bros Wii U!!! For me, the gamecube controller is probably THE best controller ever, so being able to use it again here? Just pure awesome. And hey, you can even customise the controls on every controller too, just in case you don’t quite like them!!!


smash tour


Smash Tour is a multiplayer board game mode, where you move around a board, battle each other using fighters you collect along the way, and even lets you build up their stats! Think of it like Mario Party, only every mini game is a fucking FIGHT instead! And this is just one of the MANY new modes the game is giving to us, and almost all of them can be played with between 2-4 players, and some of them even have separate modes for multiplayer games! I don’t see anyone getting bored with this game due to the crazy amount of content!




I’m sure we’ve all played at least one Smash Bros game before. But are you entirely sure which game ALL the characters come from? If not, Masterpieces mode lets you play a little demo version of original games featuring the characters from Smash Bros!!! And if you like them enough, each of them are available to buy on the Virtual Console!!! I think I might be looking forward to this mode the most outside of the basic fighting ones!!! SO MUCH CONTENT!!!


stage builder


STAGE BUILDER!!! Oh fuck yes! Mario Maker won’t be out until sometime next year, so until then we can let our inner designer out and use the gamepad to make our very own Super Smash Bros stages!!! No word yet on if you will be able to share these online or use them in online battles, but personally I’m not all that interested anyway. This is definitely going to be a feature I’ll use to be cruel to my friends when we get together and have a big battle against each other :P.


And those are just a few things that are going to make this game EPIC. And there are still tons more to potentially make this one of the best games EVER. Check out the Nintendo Direct for yourself, and post in the comments section below with what YOU think are the best features!!!

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