5 Matches With… Genichiro Tenryu



Match 1 – Genichiro Tenryu vs. Stan Hansen (7/26/86) – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3eleq … 1986_sport

After the awesome Funk/Hansen match I saw for the last 5 matches with, it only seemed right to watch another Hansen match against TENRYU!!!

Tenryu attempts to clear some of the streamers out of the ring at the start, only to get absolutely blindsided by Hansen and straight away this is living up to my expectations of 2 men beating each other to death :mark:.

Headlocks? Here? What the hell, man? WHAT THE HELL? Punch each other in the face :(.

At least when a guy like Hansen wraps his arms around your head it still looks vicious, so that’s something :). And he does like to smash an elbow or knee into Tenryu’s head every now and then as well just to keep the pressure on :p.

TENRYU~! Kicking the shit out of Stan and slapping on an ARM BAR.

:lmao at Stan yelling at the referee to shut up when he tries to pull Tenryu’s hair to escape the hold.

:mark: They are kicking the shit out of each other now :mark:.

:lmao Tenryu beats the fuck out of Hansen on the floor and throws him across the table, and Hansen is bent over the damn thing like Simon Adebisi is about to rape his arse :lmao.

HANSEN IS BLEEDING~! Don’t worry, just from the head. Adebisi hasn’t raped him…

The head is now the target for Tenryu’s attacks, but Hansen fired back with a LARRRIOOOTTOOOOOOOOO and both men go crashing to the floor!!! Tenryu tries to get in before the count but Hansen grabs his leg and they both get counted out, and Hansen continues to try and murder Tenryu.

Yeah this was fun. Not close to being as good as the Funk/Hansen match, but still really good. What we really need to see is grumpy old man Tenryu Vs Hansen from this time :(.


Match 2 – Genichiro Tenryu vs. Yoshiaki Yatsu (SWS 10/29/91) – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3elf2 … 1991_sport

SUPER WORLD OF WRESTLING. Don’t *think* I’ve ever heard of SWS before… but my memory sucks so I probably have. Same with Yatsu. Don’t think I’ve seen a match of his before… but what do I know? I don’t know. Do you know?

Ooooohhhh ok, SWS is the promotion that WWF did a couple of shows with! So I might have potentially seen Yatsu on one of those.

Man, these two must fucking hate each other, because even their collar and elbow tie-ups look VICIOUS lol. And poor Tenryu is really getting the shit beaten out of him early on!!! He gets slapped, then tries to give one back onto to get blocked and have a forearm smashed in his face, then holy fuck he gets clotheslined to hell and back. And this is just the first minute or so!

Tenryu finally gets a shot in, and holy fuck he pays for it immediately with a kick to the head! Yatsu is fucking OWNING Tenryu right now :eek:.

Welp, seems Tenryu has finally had enough. He grabs Yatsu by the fucking FACE, shoves him into the corner and starts chopping him. IN THE THROAT. The grumpiness is strong with this one.






Tenryu took three of those 4 lol. And he’s STILL able to kick out!!!

Damn, I know I haven’t seen nearly as much TENRYU as I would like, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him THIS manhandled before. Yatsu is fucking MAULING him.

BULLDOG ON THE FLOOR~! And Yatsu removed the mat first too. BULLDOG ON THE CONCRETE~!

Is there anything in wrestling better than Tenryu’s disrespectful kicks to the face? Is there is I haven’t seen it.

LARIOOOOTO~! And that seems to have WOKEN UP TENRYU!!! Until he gets suplexed :p.

Tenryu is taking so many BIG BOMBS in this match but never gives up! He simply cannot take a beating like this without surviving long enough to kill his opponent, and in the end, it’s another POOOWAAAABUUUMMM that puts away Yatsu!!!

Shock and horror… this ruled :p. Epic fight between these two for sure.


Match 3 – Genichiro Tenryu vs. Tatsumi Fujinami (New Japan 4/29/96) – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3eo8x … 1996_sport

TENRYU Vs… Fujawhome? Never heard of him :side:.

This one starts off with some WRESTLING EXCHANGES, a huge contrast to the last 2 matches I’ve watched so far lol.

Aaaand it doesn’t take long for them to start slapping the shit out of each other :lmao.

Holy fuck, the Japanese crowd! They are… LOUD AS FUCK!!! They go absolutely ape shit for EVERYTHING Fujinami does, especially the multiple suicide dives!!!

TENRYU counters the last dive though, I’m assuming with a forearm or something, but a fucking reporter or whoever is in the way so we miss the actual hit :(. It’s busted Fuji open anyway!!!

Tenryu needs to stop trying to kick Fuji lol, because every time he tries, he gets caught, leg whipped, and then locked in a submission :p. And the fans are fucking LOVING IT.

God this is fucking awesome. Tenryu beating the shit out of Fuji, Fuji attempting comebacks and the crowd erupting every time he does, and Tenryu being a grumpy old bastard the entire time too. Loved him just jabbing Fuji’s likely broken nose at one point to stop a potential comeback :mark:.

Awesome sight with Fuji applying a dragon sleeper on Tenryu and blood dripping every where.

Fuji goes for a knee drop off the ropes, misses, and Tenryu follows it up with one of my fav moves… clothesline to the back of the head, followed up with a regular clothesline. Or rather, LARIOTTTOOOOOOO~! And Tenryu picks up the win!!!

So like, this is a contender for best sub 10 minute match ever, right? Because it should be.

Match 4 – Genichiro Tenryu vs. Satoshi Kojima (All Japan 2/24/02) – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3eo8x … 2002_sport

98.657% sure I have indeed seen a Kojima match or two before, but buggered if I can remember which ones or who against or anything lol.

Oh man :mark:. They tie up, break cleanly, then Kojima chops the chest of Tenryu who just looks at him and brushes off his chest like nothing happened :mark:.

And now come the TENRYU CHOPS and Kojima ain’t brushing them off lol.

ELBOWS TO THE FACE~! Tenryu kinda shrugs the first two off, but a third knocks him outside and DIVE~! by Kojima!!!

Awesome spot where Tenryu makes a comeback and slams Kojima, who ends up running out of the ring and up the ramp to get away, while Tenryu just stands in the ring with his arms up almost saying “the fuck you going? man up and get back here” :lmao.


DIAMOND CUTTER OFF THE APRON TO THE FLOOR~! Holy shit!!! Awesome camera angle for it too, being above the ring and looking down on the move. Tenryu does kinda take it more like a Stunner, but it still looks great.

We all know TENRYU can take a beating, but damn, it takes a Lariat, Enziguri and another Lariat to knock Kojima down!!!

GERMAN SUPLEX FROM THE TOP ROPE~! Another great use of the birds eye view cam!!!


:mark: Tenryu blocking a clothesline, jabbing Kojima in the face and landing the Brainbuster!!! :mark:

Tenryu sets him up for a Lariat, and ends up running into a Lariat from Kojima instead!!! :mark:

Chop and Punch battle :mark:. Is there anything better than watching Tenryu and another guy battling it out?




Another great match! Tenryu fucking rules the world. He has some of the best fucking FIGHTS in wrestling imo.


Match 5 – Genichiro Tenryu vs. Kazuchika Okada (11/15/15) – Link deleted 🙁

Tenryu’s retirement match :(. And so ends the reign of the world’s greatest grumpy old man.

Okada showing respect for Tenryu with a clean break and not going for a chop or anything. I wonder if Tenryu will do the same in that position.

Nope! He attempts a chop of his own, but it gets dodged, only for Tenryu to land a few chops and send Okada out of the ring while TENRYU stands all like the Japanese God he is :D.

Doesn’t take long for Okada to act like a prick once he’s in control, so you just KNOW Tenryu is gonna kill him at some point, even if he doesn’t win the match.

Tenryu firing back!!! Chops, punches, headbutts!!! :mark:

POWERBO… no wait, Okada powers out and drives Tenryu back into the turnbuckle and damn, Tenryu took a NASTY bump on the back of his head there. He seems ok though… since Okada runs at him full speed with a European Uppercut :p.

FLYING ELBOW~! And the cockiness of Okada not going for a cover might well come back to haunt him against the tough as nails veteran.

LARIATOOOOOO~! Shoulda gone for a pin, Okada :p.

They are really teasing the POWERBOMB by Tenryu as a potential match ender here, as he keeps going for it, the crowd get hot for it, then Okada gets out of it. Shame I kinda know where all the build for it goes… but… still…

:mark: Tenryu with those awesome face kicks :mark:.


Holy fuck Okada is DEAD. I’m sure most people who follow wrestling has seen the clip by now, but Tenryu drops Okada right on his fucking HEAD. Ouch. Okada still kicks out at two though!!!

Thankfully Okada does seem to be ok as he’s back on the offence again and BEGGING TENRYU TO HIT HIM. The fuck does this guy think he is, Rocky Balboa? He’d better be careful, he might win, but like Rocky IV, Ivan TENRYU will murder his brain!

As the match goes on you can see Tenryu getting more and more tired. His punches and chops don’t have the same effect as they did at the start, and Okada is able to take multiple hits and come right back with a dropkick, and in the end a dull clothesline is what ends the career of Tenryu :(.

Kind of a disappointing end, but still a boat load of fun. TENRYU will forever be the MAN in JAPAN. He’s like, The Undertaker of Japan.

Big celebration afterwards with STAN HANSEN and TERRY FUNK coming out to show their respects!!! So long, TENRYU, I cannot wait for the comp of your career to be released because I wanna buy it and spend a month watching every last disc :).

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