WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 9



WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 9


I’m a little confused with this. So… they said it was gonna be a 10 episode show, but once this one is done we still have the semi-finals to go before the finals. That isn’t going to fit into a single episode, unless they extend it?


Zack Sabre Jr Vs Noam Dar

Someone please tell me how Noam Dar made it this far?

ZSJ had a big hand in training Dar? I guess he can chalk that one up as a failure…

Finlay name dropped when talking about ZSJ’s wrestling skills. Bet he’s not happy as apparently he isn’t a fan :p.

Dar actually not looking like shit here. Maybe he can actually be decent if he isn’t in the ring with pure dogshite like Hoho Lun?

Both men trying to gain the advantage, each working over their preferred body part; Dar with the leg and ZSJ with the arm.

Half Nelson Suplex :mark:. Instantly 5 stars for that.

I’m definitely enjoying this a bunch, but at the same time it does have its problems. Both are selling the effects from the arm and leg which have been worked on throughout the match, but at the same time they seem to no sell quite a few other things lol. For example, Dar hits a huge bicycle kick on ZSJ, knocking him off the apron. What does ZSJ do? Stands right back up and waits for the suicide dive. YOU JUST GOT KICKED IN THE FUCKING HEAD. Sell it for fucks sake.

Fook me, Dar really goes to town on the leg of Sabre after Sabre misses a knee drop from the ropes. If ZSJ had tapped in the knee bar after that I’d have honestly been ok with it lol. I do like though that instead of making it to the ropes, Dar let go of the hold to move ZSJ back into the centre of the ring before he can reach the ropes, and that is what allowed ZSJ to make a counter attempt and save himself from tapping.

Motherfucking fuck fuck fuckity fuck me. That arm submission that ended the match. How the fuck did Dar not have his arm broken? How does it bend back that way? That looked horrific.

Good match overall, albeit with some selling issues when it wasn’t the arm of leg.

Rating: ***1/2


T.J. Perkins Vs Rich Swann

Both of these guys have done nothing for me in the entire tournament so far. Think the best match either of these have had has been ** :lmao. Hell Swann’s last match I just gave a big fat No to as I couldn’t be arsed to attempt a rating, it was that bad.

Oh boy, 20 minutes left on the show. Urgh.

The match is still going 10 minutes later. They’ve done some stuff in that time.

Swann lands on his knee when going to the outside and injures it, so Perkins… barely does anything to it in the match. And while Swann continues to sell the leg, he still manages to run around, jump and do all his usual shit. Yeah.

Swann taps to a knee bar.

This is over. Thank fuck for that.

Seriously, what is it about the “indy” style (that is taking over every promotion these days) where superkicks to the fucking head aren’t even worth falling over for, never mind selling?

Rating: *

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