WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 8



WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 8


Akira Tozawa Vs Gran Metalik

Will Tozawa finally impress me? Can Granny Metalik make me not hate him after beating Tajiri? Find out the answer to those questions and more… right now!

I still hate Granny Metal. Prick. I also hate Tozawa for eliminating Gallagher. Stupid WWE booking 2 of the best people in the tournament to lose, meanwhile we’re stuck with a Granny in a mask and some Japanese due who came in with a ton of hype and has done fuck all.

Grandma Metal Licker goes for a little leg submission at the start. Don’t bother, because clearly working his leg for an entire match won’t stop him from hitting that stalling German Suplex…

What the fuck, Tozawa? :lmao Guy does a suicide dive, then asks the fans if they wanna see another, so he says he’s gonna do another. Then rolls Metalik back into the ring :lmao. And has to kick him back out to set up a second dive :lmao.

Did you know? WOMEN attend Dragon Gate events! This fact was brought to you buy the other guy on commentary that isn’t Daniel Bryan.

Superkick no sell. How wonderful.

“Fight Forever” chants. Fuck off.

Kick out of the stalling German Suplex. Metalik Driver. Win.

Well I suppose Tozawa not going any further is a good thing. But Metalik is going further and that’s not really a good thing. Was a lose-lose situation for me tbh.

Match was watchable.

Rating: *


Brian Kendrick Vs Kota Ibushi


Kendrick rules. Shoves Ibushi in the back at the start of the match then immediately runs out of the ring and taunts Ibushi in hopes of leading him into a trap.

If at first you don’t succeed… then give up completely. Or be more like THE Brian Kendrick and try, try again! He does lead him outside into a trap, quite literally, as he traps Ibushi’s legs in the guardrail to try and gain a count out victory! Marvellous!

Amazing just how different Kendrick wrestles compared to his original run in WWE. He was a blast to watch back then, and still is now, only its a completely different style. He really pulls off the “returning veteran looking for redemption” in his matches so damn well.

SLICED BREAD #2!!! :mark:

Aaaaahhhh, kick out. Dammit. Come on Brian! You can win! You can do this!!!

Ohhh shit! What a German Suplex! I’m sorry, but who did you say has the best German Suplex in the business, Daniel? Tozawa? GTFO.


Aaaand Ibushi kicks out. Bet a lot of people are gonna be bitching about that lol :p. Hell I’m not too pleased, mainly because dammit I want Kendrick to win!!!

Ibushi misses the twisty flippy splash and just like Kendrick’s last match, he moves and locks in that headlock submission!!!

Ibushi escapes, lands the Sit-out Last Ride and Kendrick’s journey is over :(.


Points for who gets what I’m referencing there :p.

But seriously, Kendrick :(.

This match was awesome. Kendrick is just sooo fucking good. Shame that if WWE do sign him again, he’ll probably be stuck in the CW division, despite the fact he’s good enough to be in the world title picture.

Daniel Bryan breaking down on commentary too. :(

Rating: ***3/4


“Thank you Brian” chants after the match, and Daniel Bryan comes down for a hug and a cry. I’VE GOT SOMETHING IN MY EYE DAMMIT.

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