WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 7



WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 7


Lince Dorado Vs Rich Swann

2 guys who really didn’t do a damn thing in the first round. Maybe it was their bad opponents, maybe it was a lack of time. Maybe they just suck. Guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Oh my god that might have been the worst shoulder knockdown I have ever seen :lmao. He just kinda stopped then tapped him and he fell :lmao.

Dancing. Yey.

Fucking hell, Dorado got some distance from that plancha.

Very unique submission by Swann.

So how new are these two to wrestling? Because holy fuck half the time it seems like they are still in training :lmao.

Please end. Now. Please. End.

Well, time to answer those questions from earlier.

Maybe it was their bad opponents – Probably, but not all their opponents’ fault…

Maybe it was a lack of time – Nope. More time seems to be a bad thing.

Maybe they just suck – Yes.

Rating: Go Away


Zack Sabre Jr. Vs Drew Gulak

I was impressed by ZSJ in the first round. Hopefully he’ll continue to do well and not have a match like the one I just say through. Drew Gulak on the other hand was in a complete nothing match in the first round and gave me nothing to talk about lol. He’s just some random dude as far as I’m concerned.

I still think Zack could do with eating something. Or like, weight lifting a little maybe? My thumb is THICKER than his arms.

Some nice counters from both men as they try to go all TECHNICALS on each other.

Gulak TORTURING ZSJ and its awesome. He’s having a far better showing in this match for sure. Having someone good to work with is definitely a massive help lol. Just like at the previous match to see what happens when nobody is good…

Loving some of the counter moves done here. Just incredible lol.

Yet another WORLD OF SPORT reference in a Gulak match lol. I know a few people who approve of such a thing :).

Towards the end of this match though, I did kinda get annoyed by all the counters. Most of the time it was far too much back and forth action rather than a nice beatdown to one guy. Still mostly a good match though. 10000000000x better than the previous match.

Rating: **1/2


T.J. Perkins Vs Johnny Gargano

Cool spear spot.

I think I’m kinda worn out now. First match was just awful, and the second match got exhausting the longer it went due to them doing nothing but back and forth counters. And this match starts off with a bunch of that before they go into back and forth shit too.

Gargano has a bad knee for most of the match. Perkins ignores it 90% of the time. Magical. At least a knee submission is the finish. That’s something.

Rating: *

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