WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 5



WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 5


The second round begins tonight! :mark:


Tajiri Vs Gran Metalik

TAJIRI :mark:. Best way to start off round 2!!!

I hope Tajiri wins though. Fack the Grand Metal Man.


Tajir Vs Finlay from SMASH given a mention :mark:.

Oh dear. Metalik just super kicked Tajiri. Rule #213: NEVER KICK TAJIRI. Cos he’ll kick you back. Harder.

Lol, love the spot where Metalik chops Tajiri, who no sells the fuck out of it and kicks him in the face as a response. Rule #214: NEVER STRIKE TAJIRI. Cos he’ll kick you. Hard.

THIS is what has been missing from most of the first round matches. TIME. This match gets plenty of time and both men know how to use it very wisely. Lets them spread out spots so we aren’t getting a 6 minute match with a million high flying super flippy spots.


That sucks balls. Worst match ever.

Ok, not really. But it still sucks that Tajiri lost. At least this time around Metalik looked good :).

Rating: ***1/4


Kota Ibushi Vs Cedric Alexander



Both guys impressed me in the first round so now I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do against each other.

They both try to go all out from the start, which results in a back and forth avoiding/countering sequence which is quite cool, then when they realise that isn’t going to work, things begin to slow down and now they know that they must wear each other down if they are to have any chance of landing signature shots and moves.

Holy crap, Cedric making a flying clothesline look like it could be the finish. And Kota makes it seem like his head folded into his neck too. Awesome :p.

Fuck me, Cedric making a SLAP TO THE FACE look like it could be the finish. Kota selling it like death helped too lol.

Mother fucking FUCK that DROPKICK looked and sounded like it killed Cedric. When I’m marking out like this to basic moves then you know the wrestlers are doing SOMETHING right lol.

A “fight forever” chant isn’t even enough to ruin this match.

We got into a crazy finishing stretch with some amazing strikes, be they kicks or elbows, and even a BRAINBUSTER.

Eventually Kota lands some shots of his own and lands the Sit Out Last Ride for the win. Think he could have done a little better of selling the insane combinations from Cedric before hitting his finish, but it doesn’t ruin the match for me.

Great stuff. Both men need to be given a contract offer.

Rating: ***3/4


Only 2 matches in the show gives them more time and holy fuck are we better for it. Awesome episode.

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