WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 10 – The Final 1



WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 10


Finale time!!!


Gran Metalik Vs Zack Sabre Jr

Tajiri should be here instead of Granny Steel. Could be worse though, Tozawa could have gone through instead.

ZSJ is a total revelation in this tournament for me. I’d heard about it, but sadly, due to other hyped indy stars not living up to their hype when I see them, I wasn’t expecting much from the guy. Turns out, he actually IS good!

Damn, blink and you miss it! Metalik starts this one off fast as fuck, hoping to catch Sabre off guard and get a quick pin so he can go into the final 100%.

Sabre is just folding Metalik up in every way imaginable lol. Everything he does looks nasty and I don’t understand how his opponents are able to keep going after so long because they HAVE to legitimately hurt.

Metalik isn’t able to get the space needed for a lot of his high flying offence, so we see him pull out some cool submissions too in an attempt to perhaps confuse Sabre and open him up to some high flying attacks.

Well, the submissions aren’t getting shit done, so they might as well pummel each other!!! Hard slaps, uppercuts and a brutal lariat!!!

Ohhh man! The whole sequence starting with the hurricanrana right to the finish was amazing. Short and sweet, no overkill, just perfect.

Kinda shocked that Metalik WON, thought for sure ZSJ was making the finals. BUT, Metalik finally showed his worth so now I can only hope he continues it into the final.

Really good match!!!

Rating: ***1/2


Kota Ibushi Vs T.J. Perkins

Hoho Lun would have been a better pick than Perkins to make it this far tbh. Well, maybe that’s going a bit too far, but Perkins has done FUCK ALL for the entire tournament. Absolutely useless imo.

Ibushi seems to keep getting better as the tournament goes on, but how he fairs against such a shit opponent is beyond me. We just gotta wait and see.

What’s a dab? Apparently Perkins does a “dab” after a certain move, but he didn’t do it here. So uhhh… what?

Mmmmm these new flavour chicken strips from Iceland are delicious. Fajita, and some type of Curry. Both are nice. Hot & Spicy are still the best, but Fajita is maybe a close second now, just over taking BBQ. Starting to regret not being a greedy bastard. Should have made more. I’m still kinda hungry.

So this match is still happening, huh? Good for it.

Fuck it, I’m making some more chicken strips. I’M HUNGRY, DAMMIT.

Katsu Curry. That’s the type of curry.

Kota is kicking the shit out of Perkins. That makes me smile :).

Oh joy, Perkins kicked out of the Sit-Out Last Ride Powerbomb (I know, I keep calling it that and not the golden star powerbomb or whatever its called, but like, fuck you and stuff).

Kota Ibushi taps out.

Kota Ibushi lost.

T.J. Perkins Vs Gran Metalik is the final.

WWE managed to fuck up the CWC.

Rating: *


Noam Darr & Cedric Alexander Vs Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa

Nice of them to break up the tournament with a tag, bringing some people back… though I would have preferred to see TAJIRI, Gallagher and Kendrick :side:. Can’t complain too much though, at least it isn’t Hoho Lun :p.

Anyway, it IS cool to see CEDRIC back in the ring again :D. And Noam Darr suddenly decided to be good in his final match in the tournament lol, and if we’re lucky he’ll be good here too. Or bad, since the fans like to chant the Imperial March at him :p.

:lmao I just talked about Darr being good… and he dives over for a tag to Cedric and misses :lmao. Come on dude, don’t do that right after I talk you up!!! :p

Already having more fun in the first few minutes of this match than I did in the last match…

Well I think I just saw the single most elaborate set up for a superkick ever. And no, it wasn’t good lol.

I’m in two minds about this. They seem to just be going all out for the hell of it, and yeah, they are dishing out some cool shit, but at the same time its just a spot fest. However, for Cedric and Darr, they might not know if they’ll be back on this kind of stage (no idea if either has been signed, though I’d be shocked if WWE didn’t scoop up Cedric at least), so maybe they just wanna throw out as much of their shit as possible in hopes of being remembered at the very least.

Noam Darr gets his head crushed between a running knee and a superkick, and this one is over.

Was fine, I got some enjoyment out of it. I’ll accept it for what it was; 4 guys from the tournament going out on a high by trying to entertain the crowd the best way possible. Better than anything T. J. Pukings has produced in his life.

Rating: **1/2


Gran Metalik Vs T.J. Perkins

Time for the final. I’m already disappointed. Of all the people in the tournament, these are the final 2? Seriously?

Looks like I’m rooting for Metalik here. But I have a feeling Perkins is the one winning. Urgh.

WAIT! TRIPLE H IS COMING OUT! IS HE ENTERING HIMSELF INTO THE FINAL? That would be fucking hilarious if he booked himself in the match and won :lmao.

Huh, the winner gets the new Cruiserweight Championship too? Holy fuck does that belt look ugly :lmao.

Here we go, match begins.

Flips + Knee Bar. Sums everything up.

Perkins wins. I don’t care in the slighted.

What a waste of a tournament for it to end like this.

Rating: *

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