WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 1 1



WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 1


Been a while since I did any written content for wrestling. My “5 matches with” is still something I plan on making a regular thing, but for now I think I’ll ramble on the WWE’s CWC!


Let me start off by saying I only know maybe 4 people in this entire tournament. As in, I’ve only seen 4 of them wrestle before. A couple of names I’ve heard, but that’s it. Almost everyone here is brand new to me, so honestly I’m kinda excited to see if I can find some new wrestlers to become fans of!


Gran Metalik Vs Alejandro Saez

This CWC starts off with a Mexican Luchadore (instead of those Japanese ones, right Russo?), and a wrestler from Chile! CHILE!

Damn, Saez dropped 30lbs to be in this tournament… and taught himself wrestling by watching videos online? Dayum!

:lmao Metalik escapes from an arm lock and Saez looks baffled… so he runs and kicks the Luchadore :lmao.

Crazy springboard from the MIDDLE ROPE to the floor from Metalik. I’m with… uhhh, the commentator that isn’t Bryan… in that I haven’t seen that done before. I don’t think. I could have. I forget things. I’ve seen TENRYU Vs KENTA about 5 times and every time I went into it thinking I’d never seen it before :lmao.

This one isn’t too long, but both guys get to show off a couple of cool moves and shit which is all we can ask for I guess in a CW tournament between two people that most of the fans will have never seen before. Metalik wins with a fisherman’s driver.

Rating: **


Hoho Lun Vs Ariya Daivari


That poor crowd. An Iranian wrestler in the ring and no American for them to chant USA at :p.

Meh. This match felt like a basic low card match on Superstars or something. And Hoho looked green as shit too tbh. And he won. So we get another match from him at least. Yey…

Rating: 1/2*


Clement Petiot Vs Cedric Alexander

I want CEDRIC to win. Because CEDRIC is an awesome name. CEDRIC.

Oh and his opponent is French so… that helps too ;).

CEDRIC’S Pastor told him he couldn’t make it as a wrestler :lmao. GOD HATES WRESTLING. Its official. Guess he’s bitter about losing to Vince and Shane back in 06.

We go from a boring, basic match with someone who looks green as shit, to a match with 2 guys who definitely look polished and are already putting on a better match within the first minute.

I think I am becoming a Petiot fan. His style is pretty great. Some hard hitting moves combined with suplexes. I dig that. Some of his shots look nice and nasty.

CEDRIC still has the name CEDRIC though. And he seems like a fun, fast moving high flyer. He can bump pretty well too. This is turning into a very good match that I’m having a lot of fun with.

HOLY SHIT AT CEDRIC’S FINISH. That’s awesome. Go watch it and see for yourself. This whole match is worth it :).

A little disappointed tbh that Petiot didn’t win cos I was definitely enjoying him more, but meh, CEDRIC is cool too. Good match.

Rating: ***1/2


Kota Ibushi Vs Sean Maluta

Main event time in this first episode. Ibushi is a name I absolutely know, but have never seen wrestle lol. He and Jack Saber Jr seem to be the favourites to end up in the final. Would be hilarious if he lost in the first round :p.

Oh god Sean Maluta is a Samoan. I expect him to be talked up like the greatest Samoan not signed with WWE or some shit lol. Ever since Roman’s original push, WWE are trying to make every Samoan seem like the greatest thing ever.

Ha, Maluta gets kicked straight away. KEEP KICKING HIM DAMMIT.

Yey another kick :). KOTA’S GONNA KILL YOU chant lol.

Ha, Maluta misses the splash. FUCK YO SAMOAN SPLASH.

:mark: T-BONE SUPLEX :mark:. More suplexes please.

Cool Codebreaker like move from Maluta off the second rope, and Ibushi pretty much does a Scott Hall Stunner bump off it and it looks great lol. Maluta tries to follow it up with a dive and botches it to fuck :lmao.

WELL FUCK ME SIDEWAYS. Pele kick from Ibushi. Except Maluta was STOOD ON THE ROPES. That was one fucking HIGH kick, and a PELE KICK at that. Fucking impressive.

SUPERKICK~! Maluta hits one of the best superkicks I’ve seen in a good while. And Ibushi took is excellently too. Can we replace both Usos with this guy?


Fun match. Not sold on Ibushi as of yet though, will need to see more from him. He’s definitely impressive at what he CAN do though. Maluta had some good moments here too, showing he’s definitely better than both Usos combined.

Rating: ***


Good start to this CWC. Ibushi definitely has the potential to make a fan out of me in the future, I just need to see more of him. CEDRIC and Petiot both looks very good too, and I’d love to see them both in WWE after this, and that’s based on the one match against each other.

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One thought on “WWE Cruiserweight Classic Episode 1

  • oliver

    a very nice review for the 1st episode, I know Cedric Alexander from ring of honour & ibushi from njpw, the last 2 matches were very gd & the 1st was a nice opener.