World’s Strongest Man 2016 – Giants Live 4


A very special Giant’s Live… The Deadlift Championships!!!


Giant’s Live 4 – Leeds


Eddie Hall looks to hold onto his title, and no doubt continue to break his own world record at the same time. BUT, can the former record holder take back the crown? Or will another athlete shock the world? Lets find out who will be competing in one of the best contests WSM has to offer!


Eddie Hall – Great Britain – Reigning Deadlift Champion/World Record Holder

Stefan Solvi Petersson – Iceland

Jerry Pritchett – USA

Hafhor Bjornsson – Iceland

Terry Hollands – Great Britain

Mark Felix – Great Britain

Laurence Shahlaei – Great Britain

Marius Lalas – Lithuania

Adam Bishop – Great Britain

Adam Derks – USA

Benedikt Magnusson – Iceland

Dimitar Savatinov – Bulgaria

Johannes Arsjo – Sweeden


Everyone makes the opening lift at 400kg, except for Petersson who fails, and Hall who passes at this weight in order to save himself for the bigger weights.


420kg is the second weight, and Eddie decides to start his warm up with perhaps the easiest 429kg lift I’ve EVER seen! Dimitar tries to follow that, but fails the lift. He’s a better log lifter than deadlifter. Arsjo has done this weight before, but today he just couldn’t get it done. Adam Derks is knew to me, but he too is unable to replicate Eddie’s lift. Bishop of England gives it his best, and almost gets it to his knees, but fails as well. Marius Lalas is a replacement for his brother, and is able to complete the lift while being cheered on by his brother! Shahlaei is a former record holder in deadlift, and the 420 looked pretty easy for him too. Not as easy as Hall, but still easy. Felix almost fails, but powers through and matches his personal best at the 420kg mark. Hollands, also a former record holder, also powers up the 420kg. Seems the Brits are pretty good at this! Thor next, and as I’ve mentioned before, being tall should be a disadvantage in this event, but his power is exceptional and he easily lifts it too. His personal best is 450kg, which is the 4th best lift EVER! Pritchett and Magnusson are passing on this weight.


440kg now, and this will really test the remaining athletes. Shahlaei up first, and this will be 5kg above his old world record. Man, he was SO CLOSE, as the bar got stuck on his knees and he just couldn’t lift it any further. Great attempt though. Pritchett is back for this weight and makes it look like childs play. Felix is up next, but I honestly doubt he can go 20kg higher than his personal best. Yeah, I was right. Hollands’ personal best is 433kg, but I do think he can get this up… nah. Not today it seems. Big THOR has done 10kg more than this weight, so I expect him to definitely get this lift. Yes! Thor does what he said he would do, and that 440kg is lifted off the ground. Hall and Magnusson pass here. Thor pulls out to save himself for Europe’s Strongest Man, which will take place after this event, which is the first event in that competition.


465kg time! This will be a NEW World Record, despite the fact Eddie has lifted this before, just not on a regulated bar or something so it didn’t count. Yeah I don’t quite understand the rules lol. So we know Eddie can do it, but can he get the lift on the day? And will Magnusson be able to get it too? He has NEVER lost a deadlift challenge, and was injured when Eddie took the world record from him last year. Eddie THE BEAST Hall up first to try and break his own record. WOW. A new record, and it looked like NOTHING to Eddie. I mean holy shit that looked EASY. 465kg, the new record, looked EASY. Hall truly is THE BEAST. But, can THE BEAST be MATCHED? Magnusson will want to, and we still have Pritchett too. Pritchett takes the next turn at this weight, and he too makes it look easy. WHAT ARE THESE MEN MADE OF? Finally, we have the former KING, who never got the chance to defend his crown due to injury; Benedikt Magnusson! Like the two men before him, 465kg is up like it was nothing. Insane!


So, 3 men left, and the world record broken. One more lift to go… and the weight? FIVE HUNDRED KG! 1102.31lbs. History is going to be made here, because I genuinely believe AT LEAST one of the 3 remaining athletes is going to lift this. Based on how easy the previous lifts looked, Magnusson might be the “weak” link, but anything can happen. Eddie Hall, THE BEAST, is first up once again to re-break his record with the single biggest deadlift lift ever. Here we go… come on Eddie! Its up! Eddie Hall has lifted 500kg! His nose is bleeding and he falls over when he puts it down which has to be expected after having so much pressure on him with that weight, but he seems fine overall and he has MADE HISTORY with the most exceptional lift I have seen! He’s even able to give a speech afterwards! Now we have to see if anyone else can match him! The big American, Jerry Pritchett, gives it a go but looks to have injured his left leg during the lift, and unfortunately he fails. Finally, Magnusson. He wants to prove that he is still unbeatable, but to prove it he’s going to have to lift 500kg. If anyone other than Eddie can do it, this man can… but no! Eddie Hall remains the only man in history to lift 500kg and prove once and for all he is THE BEST!


Other people get excited over football. Others over Rugby. Basketball. Baseball. American Football. Me? Strongman! And this was one of the most exciting contests I’ve seen! Incredible!


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