WCW March 9th 1998

THUNDER FOOTAGE~! Savage claims half the people in WCW wanna stab Hogan in the back any chance they get! MACHO MAN is the only real man too according to LIZ. Then Savage tells Hogan to ASK HIS WIFE WHO THE REAL MAN IS :mark:.

The Cat Vs Damian

Exciting stuff to start off the show :side:. The commentators don’t even mention the match until about a minute in :lmao. Then they go back to hyping the upcoming PPV instead. The Cat hits some nice kicks for a change, usually they miss by a mile but here they look like good working kicks. He wins with a big kick off the ropes.

We go from The Cat to HOLLYWOOD HOGAN and his bestie Easy E! Bischoff has to tell Hogan to STOP IT cos all the posing is too much for him :lmao. Can’t have Bischoff jizzing in the ring! Bischoff talks shit about Savage and Hogan’s facial expressions are just incredible as he reacts to everything being said. Hogan then insinuates that Liz DID THE BOYS and its all Savage’s fault for bringing her into the business. More Savage insults and Hogan talking like he’s the greatest thing ever.

MEAN GENE is at Duke University because… uhhh… Nitro Party? Yes, a Nitro Party. Again. Urgh.

Sick Boy Vs Lenny Lane

Good showing from Lane early on, but fuck me, he’s the most generic babyface going atm lol. Not good for 1998. Then he hits the single worst missile dropkick I have ever seen. Even KONNAN would have a hard time doing one that bad! This match suffers from the old timing issue that has been so prevalent on Nitro in 98 while I’ve been watching. This should not have been THIS long. 2 guys the crowd absolutely don’t give a fuck about in a cold, dead match. It was fine enough, but pointless in the end. Sick Boy wins with a Pedigree.

IRON MIKE TENAY brings out THE GIANT to discuss his upcoming match with Kevin Nash despite going against doctor’s orders! But while The Giant has a bad neck going into this match, thanks to the massive POWERBOMB last week, Nash has a bad back! As far as tonight goes, The Giant wants to bring out 2 friends, and out come STING and RANDY SAVAGE! The Giant is about 8000 feet call according to Randy. I think he’s probably exaggerating by 3 or 5 hundred feet tbh. Sting goes crazy and starts smashing his bat on the turnbuckle pad :lmao. Savage challenges Hogan to find 2 NWO members who won’t stab him in the back to team up against himself, Sting and The Giant right here tonight!!!

Barry Darsow Vs Goldberg

I wonder if Goldberg can SMASH right through Darsow tonight ;). Goldberg beats down Darsow, but a PUNCH to the ring post when Darsow moves out of the way gives THE REPO MAN a chance to end the streak! Irish Whip into the turnbuckle, and going head first into it seems to wake up Bill, and he comes running out of the corner with a massive SPEAR! Jackhammer and its over! Very fun match!

SCOTT HALL makes his way to the ring. He will challenge STING in 6 days at Uncensored for the WCW WHC! Before he gets to Sting, he wants to make sure Savage knows that Hogan is DA MAN, and tonight he’ll team with Hogan! As far as Sting goes, he’ll have to prove to Hall that he’s better than him, but he doesn’t think he can!

Now its time for NASH to come out to the ring, because clearly the two NWO guys who are also TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS together need their own segments one after the other. Anyway, Nash is also gonna stand with Hogan tonight in the 6 man tag! The OG NWO against Sting, Savage and The Giant!!! If only it was Luger instead of The Giant! Speaking of The Giant, Nash hasn’t forgotten about him and the POWERBOMB. He’s still feeling pain in his back, and gets the PPV name wrong :lmao. Says Souled Out instead of Uncensored. Silly Nash :).

Billy Kidman Vs Dean Malenko

BILLY DEAN IS NOT MY LOVER~! That’s the most excitement I got out of the match. Jericho shows up near the end to watch and talks to members of The Flock sat in the crowd. Cloverleaf ends the match. Jericho is pissed and starts yelling at The Flock to come get some of Malenko with them. They don’t listen to Jericho and start to beat him down instead until the champ can run away :lmao. REECE is here now too, having only debuted on Thunder. He does one punch and already looks like the worst wrestler on the planet :lmao.

Hour two kicks off with HOGAN AND EASY E. Sick of hearing that NWO music tonight :lmao. Like the 5th sodding time so far. Hogan claims he had no problems getting a team together tonight, with everyone falling over themselves to prove their loyalty to the NWO and HOLLYWOOD. Despite getting sick of the NWO on these Nitro shows, I love any time Hogan gets behind a mic. He kills it as the heel NWO Leader.

Nitro party shite.

Brian Adams Vs Kaos

More fucking NWO music. FUCK OFF. Starting to wish the Wolfpac were here already so we could listen to a different fucking song :lmao. BIG BEEFY KAOS and his BIG BEEFY PARTNER RAGE. Could be a fun POWER match. Or it could suck. I’m not much of a betting man, but I know where my money would go here :p. MASSIVE Piledriver by Adams. Why that is just a random move treated the same as a body slam I’ll never know. Even in 1998 it looks like a finisher. Fook me Adams presses Kaos up and just stands there for like 20 seconds before dropping him for a gut buster. THAT was impressive. Adams is quite good as hitting certain moves, but he just can’t put them all together to have a genuinely good match unless someone else is helping him out. Lots of power moves but all just done for the hell of it. Adams wins, then beats up Rage and pins him too for the hell of it.

FUCKING KONNAN NOW. That motherfucking NWO theme music. PISS. OFF. YOU. CUNTS. Wait, I take it back!!! Keep playing the music, please!!! Konnan is talking. Halp. K DAWG IS BUM RUSHING JUVI. Juvi has to beat another NWO CW member in order to get a match with Konnan. And of course that means MORE NWO MUSIC.

Juventud Guerrera Vs Scott Norton

Norton :mark:. Apparently he’s an NWO CW :lmao. Juvi tries to dive onto Norton and get an early advantage, but he runs into the BRICK SHIT HOUSE that is Norton! A missile dropkick from Juvi just ANGERS Norton, and yeah, that is not good for Juvi :p. Konnan has been calling Juvi a QUITTER for losing his mask, so Norton applies a big bear hug and then a full nelson to try and make the QUITTER QUIT. Norton shoves him towards the camera and tells him to smile to his momma :mark:. MASSIVE shoulder breaker and Juvi is DEAD. Man this totally fucking rocked. Juvi wants a shot at Konnan so Konnan stacked the odds against him by putting him against Norton with the promise of a match if he won. Norton was just a BEAST, doing whatever he can to make Juvi QUIT, and in the end Juvi might have been PINNED but he never gave up. Still, he doesn’t get a match with Konnan just yet so the feud will continue! Good shit that is so missing from current wrestling.

Raven & Saturn Vs Chris Benoit & DDP

Only 6 days away from the triple threat match between Benoit, Raven and DDP with the US title on the line! I watched Benoit/DDP from Superbrawl VIII last night and it still rocks, so I can’t wait for the uber fun triple threat which I might watch right after this show!!! Some good STF going on here. DDP is the FIP and he keeps getting unlucky, making tags that aren’t seen by the referee, and rolling up both Raven and Saturn on separate occasions for 3 counts but the referee busy telling Benoit to get back on the apron. Plus the crowd are HOT for DDP which always helps, so they are right there helping him escape submission holds etc. Saturn and Raven work very well as a team, and they really put a beating on poor Page while Benoit is increasingly frustrated on the apron. Not so much that he doesn’t want Page to take any more beatings, but because he wants RAVEN. CROSSFACE TO RAVEN, but at the same time DDP hits a Diamond Cutter on Saturn from the ropes and accidentally lands on Benoit, breaking the hold! That results in Benoit and Page brawling down the isle and counted out!!! The entire DDP/Benoit and then DDP/Benoit/Raven feud has been so well done imo. Definitely super hyped for the triple threat!

The commentators talk about the rest of the show coming up, then show a replay of the finish to the tag, and mention that DDP and Benoit are still fighting. Heenan takes off his head set and says he wants to see this, but Tony tells him he’s gotta stay, and Heenan starts mumbling shit under his breath at Tony :lmao.

Urgh, Nitro Party shite again.

Konnan Vs British Bulldog

Yey Konnan again. And more NWO music. Think I’ve developed a twitch every time the NWO theme music plays. Or maybe its any time shitty wrestlers show up. Bulldog has been on Nitro a bunch of times since his WCW return… but where da fook is Neidhart? Saw him the one time during that Flair segment I think, and that was it? I swear though, any time Bulldog wins with his POWERSLAM the crowd have no idea the match is over and the 3 count is just FLAT :lmao.

We can’t have a Nitro without THE NATURE BOY! Tenay introduces him and out comes Flair for an in ring promo! Tonight, Flair is taking on Curt Hennig in the same arena where Hennig turned his back on the 4 Horsemen and joined the NWO! Flair cuts his usual fun and energetic promo to hype the match later. Always a highlight!

Disco Inferno Vs Chris Jericho

:lmao Disco makes his way to the ring dancing and smiling and shit, and some women in the front row looks at him with PURE DISGUST and its the greatest thing ever. Jericho has gone from wearing Juvi’s mask as a necklace to simply WEARING IT :lmao. Basic match. Jericho wins. Jericho cried afterwards. Big win for him :p.

Chavo Guerrero Jr Vs Booker T – WCW TV Championship Match

Chabo comes out and… EDDIE is following him and wants a work with his Nephew! Eddie has a shot at Booker T’s title at Uncensored, but if Chabo wins tonight, Eddie will have to face his Nephew! So why is Eddie here? Probably to screw Chabo to make sure only HE can be a potential champion! Of course, Eddie won’t show all his cards yet, and for now he’s cheering Chabo on and… gets randomly sent to the back because… stuff. Booker wins with relative ease even though Chabo got some shots in at the start. Whatever. Eddie is back and looks down at Chabo, then helps him up… so he can put him down again! BRAINBUSTER!

Curt Hennig Vs Ric Flair

That fucking music AGAIN. MAKE IT STOP. They do the typical FLAIR schtick in the beginning, then Rude gets involved and throws Flair into the ringpost. Best part though is shortly after when Flair and Hennig start having a punch fight, you know where they stand they are just throw terrible punches at each other? Happens all the time in current wrestling. However Flair just backs away at one point and Hennig is left swinging wildly like a moron, then realises he isn’t connecting with anything and gets chopped :lmao. Flair wants to use a chair on Hennig, but some of the NWO show up to stop him and yeah, DQ finish. BRET HART shows up for the save, and to get him some of Hennig before the PPV! Fun shit.

Scott Steiner & Scott Norton Vs Rick Steiner & Lex Luger

NWO music. Help. Norton is back for another match though :mark:. SCOTTY AND SCOTTY :mark:. Rick Steiner bringing out a DOG. Rick and Scotty starting things, only its Norton and not his brother! Steiner powering Norton up and down with numerous suplexes :mark:. COME ON YOU STINKIN’ CHICKEN! Ricky wants his brother in the ring dammit! Luger gets in the ring and Scott Steiner gets in, so naturally Rick wants a tag. Scotty tries his best to prevent it, but the tag is made and Scotty Steiner fucking FLIES out of the ring and crawls away from his brother :lmao. Norton takes control of Rick and NOW Scotty Steiner wants in! All hell ends up breaking loose here, with Steiner and Luger battling to the back, and Rick following to get him some of his brother, and Norton following to help his NWO bro. Fun shizzle.

Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall Vs Sting, Randy Savage & The Giant

MAIN EVENT TIME. And hopefully the last time I have to listen to that damn NWO music :mark:. Unless they win. Shit. COME ON WCW!!! NO MORE NWO MUSIC! All 6 men waste no time going at it, with them all splitting up into pairs based on their PPV matches in 6 days, before settling down and we get STING VS HOGAN for a short period! THE GIANT tags in, and Hogan backs away and accidentally smacks into Nash which the referee considers a tag!!! The Giant signals for a chokeslam, but Hall and Hogan get in the ring and a quick 3 on 1 attack with shots to the neck put the big man DOWN. Weird having the BIGGEST MAN IN THE COMPANY being the FIP lol, but hey, he has an injured neck and its the NWO so its totally fucking believable! Poor Charles Robinson has one hell of a job here running around and outside the ring preventing Sting and Savage from getting illegally involved, which just gives the NWO a chance to triple team The Giant! Eventually The Giant just fucking ERUPTS out of the corner, sending all 3 NWO members flying and even STING who went in to try and help! Hot tag to Savage, while The Giant chases Nash backstage. Savage finally gets his hands on Hogan, while Sting takes care of Hall! The referee is busy dealing with Sting and Hall on the outside, and THE DISCIPLE, who still hasn’t been introduced, attacks Savage! The ref comes back and Hogan gets the pin!!! NWO music again though lol. Fucks sake. Aside from that, this was one hell of a main event!

Well, this Nitro was honestly really fucking good. Aside from making me wanna shoot myself every time I heard the NWO theme music, we got a bunch of good matches, lots of good feud building, and some fun promos. Might very well be the Nitro of the Year so far!!!

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