WCW February 16th 1998

Show is in memory of Louie Spicolli.

Replay of THUNDER and Sting & Luger destroying Hogan & Savage. Gonna be a tag match here tonight!

Another replay of THUNDER, with Hogan and Savage in the ring. Hogan demands Savage apologise, and Savage does… saying he’s sorry he didn’t do this sooner, decking the Hulkster!

With those replays out of the way, out come Hogan, Bischoff and the rest of the NWO, minus Savage of course. Even Rude and Perfect are out here, and this is the first time I’ve seen them on Nitro this year so far! Hogan talks about the NWO being together again, and that Nick Patrick should be the referee for Hogan/Sting at Superbrawl VIII. Savage is brought up, and that brings the MACHO MAN out. Hogan is gonna beat the shit out of Savage tonight after they take care of Luger and Sting!

Goldberg Vs Hugh Morrus

The first victim of the streak gets another shot at Big Billy Baldberg! Jimmy Hart shows up as Hugh makes his way to the ring, says something to him and leaves. No doubt Jimmy Hart wants to be his manager again. Goldberg wastes no time going after Hugh, takes a few shots and no sells them, then hits the Spear and Jackhammer for the win in about a minute flat!

Video package for the Steiners. Afterwards The Outsiders come out to the commentary booth, and they want the Steiners TONIGHT instead of Superbrawl. But it doesn’t look like it’ll happen. Ok.

More THUNDER replays :lmao. Hogan promo again. He shits on Bret Hart. Forgot about Bret. He wasn’t on the show last week.

Mark Starr Vs Sick Boy

Sick Boy. There is a wrestler called Sick Boy. Because of course. He’s part of Raven’s FLOCK. Sick Boy’s name is the most interesting thing here. His finisher is the worst looking Pedigree ever. Worse than even Stevie Ray’s version.

The Outsiders Vs Public Enemy

Another mostly pro NWO crowd based on the survey. Forgot Public Enemy had a 2nd run in WCW. Probably for the best. Their most memorable moment is getting the shit kicked out of them on TV by the APA :lmao. Hall’s toothpick gets stuck in the beard of… uhhh… the fat one. I don’t remember which one is which. Johnny Grunge. Thank you Tony. Public Enemy try to double team Hall in the corner so Nash flies in and takes care of business. Public Enemy fight back and nearly put Hall through a table, but DUSTY causes a distraction for the save. POWERBOMB TO ROCKO ROCK OVER THE ROPES THROUGH THE TABLE AND GRUNGE RIGHT TO THE FLOOR~! Another DQ and fine for Nash! Security then handcuff Nash and take him away.

MEAN GENE brings out Nick Patrick. Patrick compares his situation to Bill Clinton’s :lmao. He accepts Hogan’s offer to bankroll his legal battles against the WCW!

Mike Enos Vs Barry Horowitz

MIKE ENOES :mark:. Barry fucking Horowitz :lmao. Poor Enos. He tries to get the crowd into the match but they are having none of it. Powerslam and the win for him.

Bulldog and McMichael get into a fight backstage!

La Parka Vs Yuji Nagata

THE CHAIRMAN OF WCW :mark:. La Parka takes the best bump ever from a chop. Then counters another by ducking and follows it up with a kick and it looked great. LA PARKA. He forgets where he left his chair and goes to the wrong side first :lmao. CHART BUSTER~! Disco Inferno shows up OUTTA NOWHERE to get some payback for being hit with a chair! Nagata wins with a leg lock submission. Decent stuff for a short TV match :). LA PARKA!

Billy Kidman Vs Ultimo Dragon

Nothing really wrong with this one, I just didn’t care. Dead crowd too. Dragon wins. The Flock don’t even bother coming in to attack him lol.

BANG! DDP is with Mean Gene in the ring, no doubt to talk about his upcoming US title match with Chris Benoit at Superbrawl! That particular match made #49 on my list of Top 100 WCW Matches ever! He and Benoit have decided they gotta take out Raven and Saturn on Thursday so they can have a 1 on 1 match at the PPV without The Flock getting involved and ruining it! Raven hops in the ring and teases a match with Page, then Saturn shows up for the double team, but Benoit runs in before anyone can get physical!

Meng Vs Barbarian

THE FACES OF FEAR going head to head! This is happening because Meng refused to let go of the Tonga Death Grip after his match with Hugh Morrus, so Jimmy Hart called down Barb to help and they got into it! The match starts and Barb lands a Belly to Belly and from there its a fucking FIGHT :mark:. HEADBUTT SPOT :mark:. Neither man is hurt because duh. Jimmy Hart smashes one of those wooden chairs over Meng’s head and gets a Tonga Death Grip for his troubles :lmao. Barb has to kick Meng in the head FOUR TIMES afterwards to put Meng down. Fun 2 minutes!

Saturn Vs Disco Inferno

LA PARKA attacks Disco with a chair and shows off his dancing skills :mark:. That’s what happens when you attack the CHAIRMAN OF WCW! Disco is dead and didn’t make it to the ring, so Rick Martel comes down to take his place!!!

Saturn Vs Rick Martel

Martel has a TV title match tonight as well! But he wants some of Saturn and The Flock regardless! Fairly short match with Saturn getting the win with the Rings of Saturn after The Flock get involved. Good win for Saturn over a guy like Martel!

Curt Hennig Vs Bobby Eaton

Oh shit :mark:. Curt keeps knocking Bobby out of the ring, and Rude keeps throwing him back in. Bobby takes some nice bumps each time but man, its not exactly the most interesting match :p. Eaton gets about 20 seconds on offense then gets a Perfect-Plex. What a waste of these two men.

Buff Bagwell & Scott Norton Vs The Steiners Brothers – WCW Tag Team Championship Match

Scotty Vs Scotty :mark:. Also, BIG UGLY FAT FELLOW. That’s what BUFF stands for apparently! Creative signs FTW! Rick Steiner is again starting the match, maybe Scott’s way of showing his brother he’s no longer the big glory hog he has been lately. Buff just fucking LOVES himself here, posing and playing to the camera after doing ONE MOVE to Rick :lmao. But he poses once too often, and turns into an overhead belly to belly, which Rick celebrates by posing too! Tag to Scott, but he quickly tags back out. Seems like its good tag wrestling, but I wonder if maybe Scott is trying to keep Rick in as long as possible to take more of a beating? Another quick tag when Scott comes in, and some double team work by the NWO has Rick in trouble!

Rick makes a comeback, and even hits the big Bulldog from the top rope, but Norton breaks up the pin, and in come the rest of the NWO to cause a DQ and no doubt try to soften up the tag champs before their PPV title defence against The Outsiders! Good match, would have liked it to go longer though.

Rick Martel Vs Booker T – WCW TV Championship Match

Martel already lost a match tonight, and he’s already lost to Booker T on PPV with the title on the line. Can he fair better this time around? To make sure he has the best possible chance, he jumps Booker T before the bell, but it isn’t long before the champ is fighting back and kicking The Model right in the face! MARTEL SUCKS chants is probably the most over he’s been on Nitro so far, sadly lol. Martel, despite heeling it up, just can’t keep momentum in this match. Booker T is always fighting back and controlling the bulk of the match. Fuck me this is boring lol. Awful ref bump :lmao. Saturn shows up and hits Martel, and Booker kicks Saturn but also lands on the ropes and hurts his leg, which forces him to tap out to the QUEBEC CRAB and we have a new TV champion and nobody gives a fuck :lmao.

:lmao slow motion replay of the finish to the match shows that Booker T didn’t land on the ropes, so he had to put his own leg up there to make it look like he landed knee first :lmao.

MEAN GENE TIME! He brings out Bret Hart. Also I think I just saw a giant monkey wearing a title belt. How much have I had to drink tonight? None, you say? Ok then. Bret responds to Hogan blaming him for losing the WCW title. Seems like Hogan/Bret would be an instant program at this time in WCW… but nope! Pretty sure they only had 1 match and it was on a Nitro :lmao. Out comes BRIAN ADAMS to say that he’s Bret’s friend and Hogan will have to go through him first. Adams is wearing a long black coat that is buttoned up. Hmmm… I wonder what could be under it. To nobody’s surprise he turns out to be NWO, and the rest of the New World Order come out to get Bret, including Hogan! WOOOOOOO the Nature Boy Ric Flair shows up to help Bret out, and the NWO run away :lmao. Its still like 10 on 2 ffs :lmao. Half the NWO just bugger off and the rest get thrown out of the ring by Flair and Bret. Brian Adams showing up felt so random and him joining the NWO was so underwhelming and obvious :lmao.

MOAR MEAN GENE! JJ Dillon is with him and he wants to address the TV title situation. At the PPV, Booker T and Saturn was the original match, but Martel is now the champion. So in the interest of fairness, Booker T will get his rematch against Martel, and the winner of that will face Saturn later that night!

Eddie Guerrero & Chris Jericho Vs Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko

Well hello there, very appealing tag team match ;). Eddie and Benoit starting this match off :mark:. Shame we won’t see a POWERBOMB as its banned :(. Benoit destroys Eddie, so Eddie crawls to Jericho for some comfort :lmao. Jericho is still wearing his belt, but again has to take it off before he can get involved in the action. LET HIM WRESTLE WITH IT. Malenko dropkicks Jericho right to the floor, but he manages to tag Eddie on his way out and that might be the best tag ever :lmao. Eddie smashes into Jericho and knocks him off the apron and throat first into the guard rail, and Eddie is thrown to the floor too. They hug so it’s all cool :). Poor Eddie and Jericho are taking such a beating here, but they are just so fucking good at it. Eddie gets 1 chance at a suplex, hits it, lands the Frogsplash, but takes a diving Heatbutt from Benoit who breaks up the pin! Malenko covers but Jericho breaks it up! Jericho finally gets a tag and looks to change the luck of his team, but taps out to a Texas Cloverleaf! What a fun match. Eddie and Jericho are great together.

Bischoff comes out before the main event. He talks about Nash being fined $50,000 for another Powerbomb. Uhhh… didn’t JJ triple the fine a couple of weeks ago? Does nobody remember this? :lmao. Bischoff goes on to say that tonight, they show that the NWO is fine and all problems are behind them. Yeah, ok.

Hollywood Hogan & Randy Savage Vs Sting & Lex Luger

The main event is here! Just what is going to happen with Hogan and Savage? Can they work together to take out their common enemies? Or will they crumble and fight each other instead?

Savage jumps Luger as he and Sting make their way to the ring, and Hogan follows to get him some of Sting! They have separate brawls for a minute or so before it finally turns into a tag team match, and Sting can finally take his coat off :p. Savage whacks Hogan and it counts as a tag, but he ain’t happy! Luger is the man in the ring and he’s SAVAGE’S PROBLEM, not Hogan’s! Tag to Sting, and Hogan doesn’t want any of him either, but has no choice! SCORPION DEATH LOCK~! The NWO come down, so Flair and Hart come down as well to help out, and Savage gets a shot in on Hogan for good measure! WCW guys clear the ring, and the NWO run away like cowards!!!

Match quality took a huge nosedive compared to previous shows, but some of the matches were just too short to be anything really worth watching rather than outright bad. A lot of fun here too, again in the angles, which is something Nitro is continuing to do a really good job with. If they could just give the right matches the right amount of time it would be a killer show.

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