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Far too many TV shows are cancelled by the networks for various reasons, long before they shows should ACTUALLY have ended. And that sucks. Especially when trash continues to get renewed year after year after year (I’m looking at you, ever reality show ever…). So here is a list of TV shows I feel were ended before they should have been, and would LOVE to see come back for at least one more season!




Let’s start off with a show that made my top 10 favourite tv shows list! Joss Whedon shows have a habit of finishing long before the actual FANS want them to end, and Angle is definitely one of them. A spin-off from Buffy, which was given 7 seasons, Angel only got 5. And was SUPPOSED to get another at least, but for some bullshitty reasons (apparently) of Joss Whedon wanting to know if the show was going to get renewed and “bugging” the network… it ended up getting CANCELLED. Pathetic. The show ended with Wolfram & Hart sending an army of demons to attack Angel and his crew, with the plan being for Season 6 to be set in a “post-apocalyptic” Los Angeles which would have been destroyed during the fight. Yeah, this was carried on with comics or whatnot afterwards, but I just don’t care for comics, especially when we SHOULD have gotten the damn thing on TV. There was still so much life left in the show and characters, and personally I would have loved for Angelus to resurface again and have a much bigger season arc that he ever got on Buffy and even earlier seasons of Angel. I guess the show being cancelled allowed David Boreanaz to move onto the show Bones, which I also really enjoy (and has just returned for a 10th season), but until recently most of the other stars didn’t really go on to do much (thankfully Amy Acker is back on TV with the incredible Person of Interest). So yeah, Angel is definitely a show I would love to see return for another season, even if they set it 10 years after the battle in LA against Wolfram & Hart.


studio 60


Oh hey, it’s another show that made my top 10 favourite tv shows list! Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip only got ONE season, and was cancelled due to high costs to produce, which is a shame because to me it was damn worth it! Intelligently written and plenty of great characters played by a talented cast. If VHS tapes were still the main format for media today, I’d probably have worn out multiple copies of the show by now given how many times I’ve watch it! While the final episode of the show wrapped up everything perfectly, they still could have easily given us another season at least. Matt and Harriet being an actual couple in the present time would have made for great TV in itself, as no doubt they’d struggle to stay together, what with them constantly arguing over religion and everything else under the sun. Danny and Jordan would have likely gotten married and were raising their kid together which again would have added something new to the show. On top of that they could have removed/added some cast members to the show within the show, giving us someone new to play off and making us miss someone we liked from the first season. Ahhh, what could have been.


firefly cast 364700


And it’s another Joss Whedon show! Like Studio 60, it too only got 1 season, and out of all the cancelled Joss shows over the years, THIS is the one that gets the most attention from it’s fans. I only recently became a fan of the show, only actually watching it earlier this year. Took me a couple of episodes to really get into it, but when I did I loved it. And Serenity, the film, was superb too. However there were just so many unanswered questions (that have been answered with books/comics or whatever, but again, not my thing) that I feel we NEEDED to see on screen rather than on paper. If it were to come back now, they could either try and make everyone look younger again and set it in between the end of the first season and the film, or focus it on the present time with them being older, and some of them no longer being there, and having the focus of the season being to discover what has happened since the film and help us get some answers (mainly who the hell Book was!!!), while still having them fighting for survival and taking jobs etc as per usual. I’d even settle for another film that was all about investigating the life of Book!


Spider-Man: The Animated Series from the mid-90’s is, for me, THE superhero cartoon show. People tend to go with the Batman or X-Men shows from around this time, but I was never a fan of the Batman show and as for X-Men, well I like some of it, but I also didn’t care for a lot of it. I was a HUGE Spider-Man fan growing up thanks to this show. I had action figures all over the place that I would play with all the time. Recently bought the box set of the show on DVD too, for like £10 which is INSANE because it was 5 seasons long!!! But 5 wasn’t enough dammit! It SHOULD have gotten a 6th season, where we finally found out what happened to the real Mary Jane, as was teased at the end of season 5. But it never came. So we have no idea what happened to her. I HATE not knowing things dammit!!! While the show itself definitely had flaws, I feel the good more than outweighed the bad by a huge margin. We got a ton of great Spider-Man villains, from Rhino to Shocker to The Hobgoblin to The Green Goblin to Morbius to The Vulture to The Scorpion to Venom to The King Pin and TONS more, even from OTHER Marvel franchises which the other shows never did. Appearances of Iron Man, the X-Men, The Punisher, Blade, Dare Devil and more actually added to the show and the story arcs rather than feeling like they overshadowed Spider-Man. And with other heroes from Marvel showing up, we of course got some of their villains, and eventually they all combined for the huge battle in the final season between good and evil, set up by a god-like being!!! This show was so close to making my top 10 list but just missed out, so I’m happy to be able to talk about it here. A show this good that ended on a cliffhanger DEFINITELY needed to come back for at least another season. But the cartoon series gets more re-boots than the bloody live action films, so it’ll never happen. Guess I’ll just have to get out my box set and re-watch all 5 seasons again!




Well I have a feeling most people won’t have even heard of this show, definitely people outside of the UK, but no doubt a lot IN the UK too. It has been off the air for quite a few years now, and only got 2 season before… before… being replaced by… fucking Big Brother (damn you, reality tv shows!). Urgh. They took an excellent written, brilliantly acted show for a bunch of retards stuck in a house for however long they have to be in there. So what the heck is the show? It’s about Kim, a 15 year old lesbian. Minds out of the gutter please. She realises she’s in love with her best friend, Sugar, who is unfortunately straight. The show plays off the awkwardness of Kim discovering she’s a lesbian at a young age and being in love with her best friend who doesn’t feel the same way, and it’s done in a fantastic way. Great drama mixed with a lot of comedy. And on top of all that, Kim’s parents and her brother are complete OUT THERE in different ways which always adds to hilarity and provides some quality “situation comedy” moments too. Sugar too adds a lot to the show beyond just being Kim’s best friend/never gonna happen love interest, as she is a troubled individual who constantly gets in trouble due to drugs, men and other things. The show at least got 2 seasons (which I recently bought on DVD), with the second season adding an actual girlfriend for Kim which added yet another interesting layer to the show. And another season on top of that could have done even more, given how the second season ended. *sigh* Just another case of an intelligent show being cancelled in favour of mindless dribble to appeal to the idiot masses.

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