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How many of these kind of posts have I made now, between this site and lol? Too many, that’s for sure! So, some of you may have noticed that things have been rather quiet this month. I made promises of weekly content and then just a week or two later, pretty much stop all content. What the hell is going on? Well, here’s the answer! is closing. Will be no more. Non existent. Gone. Dead. HOWEVER, it is going to be reborn and re-branded as a whole new site in 2015! I’ve mentioned numerous times on here and on my twitter ( that I have never been happy with the logo/brand in general, and after spending some time with my brother a week ago, we came up with the idea to scrap and start fresh with something new, something better; something I could be proud of! I won’t reveal the name of the site yet, or give a specific date, just know that it IS coming in 2015, and regular (perhaps not weekly) content IS going to be a fixture of the site!


The new site will of course have a new domain name, but still has about another 18 months left of being mine, so I will set it up to auto-redirect to the new site. The new site will still be a wordpress blog, only I don’t think I’ll be using a matching theme with like I am right now. The two sites are going to remain as separate as possible while still being run by the same person (me, lol). This also means I will have a separate video account (youtube and dailymotion if needed) as well as a twitter account and facebook page, so the stuff will stay within it’s own boundaries and the new site will keep out all the wrestling stuff (until eventual “cross overs” happen like video game reviews for wrestling games etc). All the currently content will see it’s way onto the new site too, so nothing will be lost.


Until the new site launches though, will still be getting some content! In fact, right after I post this, I’ll be posting another blog post! I mentioned in my last video update that throughout the end of December I’d be posting about the World Strongest Man competition, and that’s exactly what I’ve already started!


Thanks for reading, and thanks for sticking with me through all the times of no content etc. Here’s to hoping 2015 will bring bigger, better and more regular content!!!

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