Robot Wars – Series 10 Episode 2 – Recap


Last week was a great return for the show, and I have no doubt that this week will be just as epic, if not more! The reigning champions Carbide are back, and they will have stiff competition in the form of Aftershock! Plus, anything can happen on Robot Wars, so perhaps one of the other 4 competitors can cause an upset! Oh, and one of those 4 also happens to be ERUPTION, one of the best flippers!


Group Battle 1 – Big Nipper Vs Carbide Vs Gabriel 2


Because of the sheer destructive force of spinners (such as Carbide), Robot Wars has now decided that anti-spinning devices such as entanglement weapons are now ALLOWED. Gabriel 2 is such a robot, and it will need all the help it can get against the reigning champions! Big Nipper has a spinning weapon of its own, but doesn’t look nearly as impressive as Carbide’s. So… just who will survive this first fight?


Carbide is aggressive from the get go, attacking Gabriel 2 before it can potentially use its anti-spinner device. Gabriel 2 is a very unique robot in the sense that it is made out of PLASTIC. Not your run of the mill plastic of course, something a little better. Instead of getting obliterated on impact, the plastic absorbs the impact instead, and oh boy is it absorbing some impact here! Big Nipper is out within a minute after doing very little, while Carbide and Gabriel are having one hell of a battle! Gabriel is getting mauled but keeps on going, while Carbide manages to find itself in a little trouble at points too! I don’t think any other robot on the planet can withstand 3 full minutes of Carbide’s blade! It goes to a judges decision, and Carbide get through mainly due to damage and control, as Gabriel’s wheels got so slashed up it was only really able to run away towards the end. A great battle!


Group Battle 2 – Eruption Vs Aftershock Vs Crackers & Smash


Eruption is one of the best flipper bots around today, and is well known for flipping robots out of the arena as often as possible. Aftershock is probably the best spinner behind Carbide. Crackers & Smash, a clusterbot, have spinning drum and uhhh… some metal thingy. I wouldn’t put my money on them tbh.

Well, not long into the fight, Aftershock destroys the arena flipper! The combatants are confused, with some thinking cease should have been called, but nope, this is still going! Eruption takes advantage and flips out AFTERSHOCK!!! Followed by Crackers AND Smash! A clear victory for Eruption!

Robot Redemption 1 – Gabriel 2 Vs Aftershock


Gabriel 2 on paper might be the obvious LOSER here, but after its performance against Carbide, Aftershock might be out quicker than it expects! Aftershock is being aggressive just a Carbide was, hoping to use its spinning blade to wreck as much as possible before the entanglement weapon can get involved. However, it DOES actually get caught in the spinner, but so far doesn’t seem to be affecting the vicious blade. Gabriel 2 takes some more big shots, and it looks to be dead. So much so that Sir Killalot cuts off the mace! Short and sweet.

Robot Redemption 2 – Big Nipper Vs Crackers & Smash


Tough to pick a winner here as both were unimpressive in their first fights. Big Nipper is doing what it can to target one robot at a time, preventing it from being double teamed, and so far is doing well. Sir Killalot even ends up sitting on one of the clusterbots! Big Nipper goes after the other bot, and when both spinning blades connect, Smash is FLIPPED up into the air, so high it actually breaks one of the studio lights, then falls out of the arena!!! The biggest flip ever, and it wasn’t even by a flipper!!! Crackers is done too, never really recovering after being sat on by Sir Killalot. Big Nipper goes through!

Semi Final 1 – Carbide Vs Aftershock


A battle of the spinners, and a rematch from the finals last year! Aftershock have what they call a “Carbide Killer” blade, but so far it doesn’t seem to be doing any better than normal. In fact, after a big collision, the blade stops working!!! Another shot from Carbide and Aftershock is DEAD! The champions go through to the heat final!

Semi Final 2 – Eruption Vs Big Nipper


One robot has flipped out more robots than any other in this new version of Robot Wars. The other doesn’t have a flipper, but has created the biggest flip ever! When the two combine, who will go out? My money is on Eruption sending Big Nipper flying, but we could see an upset! From the get go, Eruption is on the attack, flipping Big Nipper around and trying to position it towards the arena wall. That stupid fog of war crap shows up to ruin 10 seconds of the fight for no real reason. Yey. So far, Big Nipper has run away. Eruption keeps up the chase, getting in multiple flips and earning all the points in case it goes to a judge’s decision. Indeed it does go to a judge’s decision, and the obvious winner is Eruption!


10 Way Qualifier – Big Nipper Vs Aftershock


Time to add another robot to the big 10 way battle royale in the final! Both spinning discs collide and send them both flying back! But somehow both survive and go back on the attack! Big Nipper manages to land a killing blow, and Aftershock is done for! A short fight, but filled with plenty of sparks!

Final – Carbide Vs Eruption


Another rematch from the finals last year. Can Eruption continue their streak, or will Carbide continue on their journey to retaining their title? Flipper Vs Spinner with a place in the final up for grabs! The first blow from Carbide seems to knock out one of the wheels on Eruption, and they can’t go in a straight line, leaving them open to Carbide’s blade! This one is pretty much over, but Carbide do need to be careful still and avoid being flipped if they get too close at the wrong angle! Another shot, and Eruption is done for. A sad end to a great robot, but the reigning champions are showing why they are the best robot right now!


Overall Thoughts


Another great episode, filled with plenty of DESTRUCTION, mainly for the arena! Chunks out of the floor, chucks out of the arena side wall, a broken studio light and a mangled floor flipper! On top of that, we’ve had multiple robots flipped out of the area, one being flipped out by a spinner! We’ve seen Gabriel 2 last 3 minutes with Carbide, and the reigning champions solidifying their spot in the finals! Let’s hope that the rest of the series is as good as this!!!

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