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Judgment Day 2007


Boy oh boy does this look utter shite on paper lol.


Ric Flair Vs Carlito

No thanks.

Rating: NO


HBK is being interviewed about being kicked in the head on Raw. Orton attacks him from behind. LOL.


Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon & Umaga Vs Bobby Lashley – ECW Championship Match

Vince McMahon is the ECW Champion. So he probably ranks up there as one of the best ECW Champions ever because the original ECW sucked 8*D. Ok, got the original ECW hate out of the way, maybe I can concentrate on this match… :p.

Fuck me, this lasted like, 2 minutes :lmao. Lashley runs through everyone and pins Shane.

Umaga attacks Lashley from behind after the match.

Vince announces that to become ECW Champion, Lashley needed to beat HIM.

Ok so… this was kinda pointless?

Rating: DUD


CM Punk Vs Elijah Burke

Heard that this is HILARIOUSLY BAD. So fuck it, I’m gonna watch it. But expecting it to be horrible, so hopefully I’ll laugh at it rather than get angry at it :p.

It’s like they are both being controlled by 2 kids with Xbox controllers or something. The kids are just button mashing and hoping they will hit enough moves randomly to win :lmao.

:lmao at the commentators trying to figure out what the fuck happened when Punk ran at Burke and just kinda flopped over the ropes to the floor.

My god it just keeps going. It’s like the Duracell Bunny. Except Duracell batteries are useful. This is just utterly pointless lol. They are just going through the motions until it’s time to go home.

Fans are so bored they decide to chant for JBL.

why do they have so much time? WHY? Is this ever gonna end? Did they book it as an Iron Man match and forget to tell the fans?

This match was ONLY 16:50 according to Wiki? Bullshit. Was at least 54:20 imo.

Biggest waste of time EVER.

Rating: DUD


Randy Orton Vs Shawn Michaels

Was just gonna ask if Orton had turned babyface for a week or something cos he got a massive pop… then I realised the PPV is in St Louis :p.

HBK apparently can’t wrestle due to a concussion or whatever, so Orton demands to be declared the winner. HBK comes out anyway.

The referee begs Shawn to not compete, but he demands the bell to be rang. The bell rings, and Orton rings HBK’s bell with a right hand to the head.


HBK kicks out!

A kick to the face and Orton can barely even lift HBK up for an RKO, so he just drops him instead. HBK is practically DEAD, and the referee seems to think he’s still ok to continue :lmao.

Shawn does a good job selling the head injury, especially with the elbow drop from the top rope lol. Orton stuck him up there, but Shawn scratches Orton’s eyes and manages to push him to the mat, then he just kinda falls off the ropes for an elbow drop rather than get any kind of height or distance.


SWEET CHIN MUSI… HBK collapses :p.

The referee FINALLY calls for the bell.

Was HBK injured at this point btw? Just wondering why they did the whole concussion angle with Orton taking him out for months, because the company DEFINITELY needed him in 07 well before he returned, what with Undertaker, Edge and Cena all getting injured.

Match is short and stuff. Just there to advance the story. A story that wouldn’t continue until months later when HBK returned :p.

Rating: **


Ooooo yey, a Khali promo!


The Hardy Boys Vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch – World Tag Team Championship Match

JBL talking about Cade & Murdoch: “I don’t know what they’re thinking but I disagree with it” :lmao.

Trevor Murdoch is rough, tough and in you MOUTH :lmao. Well done, Cole!

Weird match in the early going as they just go back and forth, exchanging hip tosses and arm drags etc. Unusual for Cade and Murdoch to do that. I could understand the Hardys doing that to try and gain the advantage, hoping to keep the pace going the way they want it, avoiding their opponents slowing shit down and turning it into a fight… but C&M are doing the exact same stuff lol.

They do a really short FIP, then a hot tag to Jeff, before Cade & Murdoch regroup on the outside for a few moments.

When they get back into the ring it becomes something of a “proper” match, with Jeff being isolated and mauled. This is where the match FINALLY picks up and gets me interested.


It’s all downhill from here now. Not just this match. But the rest of wrestling. Forever. Trevor Murdoch hitting a Canadian Destroyer is wrestling’s peak.

Hot tag!

Twist of Fate + Swanton Bomb!

Hardy Boys retain their titles.

Fun match, though it did start a little odd lol. CANADIAN DESTROYER BY TREVOR FUCKING MURDOCH~!

Rating: ***


Cool video package for Edge, Vs Batista with Ozzy Osbourne “I don’t wanna stop” playing over it. Loved that song. He did it live on a Smackdown around this time too, right?


Edge Vs Batista – World Heavyweight Championship Match

Ok, so is THIS is the match people point to as being the good one between the two? Because I’ve sat through their other 07 PPV matches so far and they’ve been trash. Yet I know people tend to think highly of ONE of them. Since the others are shit, this one has to be it, right? RIGHT?

It better fucking be cos I’m sick of watching them have wank matches together. Not wanking matches, that would be disturbing as fuck. Wank as in shit. Trash. Rubbish. Awful. Terrible. Useless. Boring. Dull.

Like how they try to make it look like a big epic match with the referee explaining the rules as if it was a big boxing match. Wrestling needs more of that tbh. Anything to try and give matches a big fight feel.

oooooowwwww fuck fuck fuck. Currently drinking one of those hot blackcurrent drinks with stuff in it to help with cold and flu. Drank half of it fine. Then suddenly my last mouthful of it was like 10x hotter than the rest of the drink and I ended up spitting it out into my hands. Now my hands feel like they are on fire :lmao. Ah crap, some dribbled down onto my favourite Iron Man t-shirt :(. Hope it comes out in the wash…

Edge works over Batist’a injured leg.

Batista makes a comeback.

Batista’s leg hurts after hitting some offence.

Edge rolls up Batista for the win.

This felt more like a Superstars match tbh.

Rating: *


Chris Benoit Vs MVP – 2 out of 3 Falls United States Championship Match

Don’t think I’ve seen this match since it aired in 07. Seen their WM match a little more recently (a couple of years ago lol), and it was… ok. Nothing special. Hoping to find something fun about this match at the very least.

:lmao seriously? They are working the match around leg work? Right after Batista/Edge JUST DID IT THE MATCH BEFORE?

First fall was… just there. Felt like the Batista/Edge match tbh lol. Just a pile of nothingness that could have been on Superstars and not felt out of place.

Finish to the fall was… ok. Benoit had MVP up for an electric chair, but his leg gave out on him and MVP countered into the Playmaker for the win.

Second fall starts and… Benoit is dominated as if HE won the first fall lol.

“Any time you stick any limb near Benoit he grabs it” :lmao.

“this is boring” chant :lmao.

Best part of the second fall is one of the little battles they have when Benoit tries to apply the Crossface. And then MVP wins anyway. 2 straight falls. I’d say “way to bury Benoit” but he would do a better job himself later in the year :side:.

Has Benoit EVER had a good 2/3 falls match that wasn’t against Angle? This sucks, and the Jericho one from SS 00 sucks too.

Rating: *


John Cena Vs The Great Khali – WWE Championship Match

Khali has a NINE INCH size advantage over Cena 8*D.

Genuinely enjoyed their… ONS match or whenever it was after this, and so far this one is shaping up to be just as fun. Khali is powering Cena around like he’s nothing, and Cena is selling every shot like a bullet to the chest.

And then the fun stops as Khali applies that god damn motherfucking piece of shit nerve grip hold. HOW MANY FECKING TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO NOT USE THAT BASTARDING HOLD? STOP. IT. NOW.

Cena fights back and slowly makes a comeback, then applies the STFU and makes Khali TAP OUT!!! But Khali’s foot was clearly under the ropes. Even TOUCHED the ropes at one point. Oh well.

This was ok, but didn’t seem to get going compared to their next match.

Rating: **


Overall CAL SCALE – 2

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