Big Cal’s 5 Favourite Dragon Ball Z Special Attacks!!!

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Dragon Ball Z (and just Dragon Ball. And even parts of GT!). This site was built around my love for the show (remember Your Daily Dose of Dragon Balls? Hopefully not because I’ve still only done that 1 pilot episode lol!), and while the site has evolved since then, my love for the show continues :). So isn’t it about time I had some kind of blog post based on the show, at the VERY least? Of course it is! The shows are known for having a bunch of awesome, powerful, devastating energy blasts, with each character having their own signature attacks. A top 100 list could probably be made, but since that would require some actual effort, I’m sticking to a top 5! These are just my favourites, and aren’t in any real order as always. Let’s get started!



Special Beam Cannon – Piccolo



This attack killed both Raditz AND Goku. GOKU. It tore a fucking hole in both of their chests! And he did it with one arm!!! That is just awesome. Unfortunately the attack hasn’t exactly a force to be reckoned with at any time in the show after this, but it’s always cool to see Piccolo or even Cell bust it out!



Tri Beam – Tien Shinhan


An attack so powerful, it drains the life force of the person using it, potentially causing them to DIE. When we first saw it back in Dragon Ball, even Master Roshi was scared, and claimed that not even the KaMeHaMeHa wave could compare to it in terms of sheer power. Now THAT is the sign of a truly great attack! And even though Tien was no longer a major player in the show once Dragon Ball Z started, the Tri Beam was still a force to be reckoned with, allowing Tien to keep CELL in his second form at bay while Android 18 escaped! Just imagine if one of the Saiyans adopted this technique? None of the villains in the show would have stood a chance!



Light Grenade – Piccolo


Had to google the name of this attack lol. I can’t actually remember it being used on another other occasion in the show. But that doesn’t matter to me because it’s an attack I’ll always remember for being so fecking cool! Sure, it didn’t put a dent in Cell… but it looked amazing and Piccolo really put a lot of power into it.



KaMeHaMeHa – Goku (and everyone else pretty much lol)


The most well known attack in the entire show! Goku’s go to attack, but also used by most of the other Z Warriors at some point or another, and of course Cell also used it too! Probably the one attack to finish off the most fighters in the entire show, as a great deal of everyone else’s attacks never seem to actually work. The KaMeHaMeHa wave has also failed a bunch of times too, but even when it has, it’s looked impressive as hell!



Final Flash – Vegeta


FIIIIIIIIIINAAAAAAL FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASHHHHHHH!!! How utterly fucking EPIC is this attack? JUST LOOK AT IT!! Half of the entire episode that GIF was taken from is built around Vegeta just powering up that attack and blasting it right at Cell. Made Vegeta look like the most powerful motherfucker in the universe… and made Cell look even better by SURVIVING it. Even if he did lose one half of his body!


And there are my 5 favourite special attacks from the Dragon Ball series! Agree with my list? Have your own favourites? Let me know by posting in the comments section below!!!

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