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Armageddon 2007


Yet another DVD I had to unwrap to watch for this ramble! Though tbh I don’t think I’ve owned this one that long, pretty sure it’s one I picked up a couple of months before starting the 07 rambles.


Rey Mysterio Vs MVP – WWE United States Championship Match

I miss Rey :(. The current contract situation with him and WWE is bullshit. Just let him leave. He can’t do much in the ring any more without getting injured, sadly, and let’s face it, Rey going elsewhere isn’t going to put a dint in WWE.

Match starts fun, both men doing back and forth doing some nice holds and cool counters. Then MVP gains control and *falls asleep*…

Mmmmmm Root, I’d love to hack that system with you. Oh, we only have one chair, maybe you should sit on my lap…

*wakes up*

Huh what? Mysterio is making a comeback :). Finally, something interesting. :lmao Mysterio loses his balance on the ropes, but still manages to connect with MVP… except his balls took a headbutt :p.

Fun finishing stretch and then… MVP gets himself counted out. Booooring. Some good stuff here, when Rey was on offence, but everything else was dull.

Rating: *


Kane & CM Punk Vs Mark Henry & Big Daddy V


Match starts with Henry and Punk together. Yey! Henry trash talking :mark:.

Dammit WWE, STOP SAYING MARK HENRY IS LEGITIMATELY THE WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN. He isn’t. He never was. He has lifted some big weights in the past, pre-WWE. He won the 2002 Arnold Strongman Classic. BUT that competition was seriously lacking in big time strength athletes. I still think it was a set up, as Vince and Arnie were friends, and Arnie had done some things with WWE before, and having Henry win would add some media attraction to WWE, while WWE could help advertise the first Arnold Strongman Classic and get it off the ground.

Anyway… no wait, not done yet! In 2007, Henry certainly wasn’t LEGITIMATELY the World’s Strongest Man. A certain Polish man by the name of Mariusz Pudzianowski was.

Ok, back to the match. In fact, I missed quite a bit of it typing that shite out lol. I’ll go back to the start because I genuinely wanna see this.

Even Henry Vs Kane part of the early going here is :mark:. Kane looks like he’s trying to really kill Sexual Chocolate with some of those shots! Tag back to Punk, who ends up getting run over by Henry and now the 2 BEEFIES can begin to crush the ECW Champ!

:lmao they try to do the old “face runs into the ropes, heel on the apron kicks him” spot, but the fucking referee got in the way :lmao.

Hoooooly SHIT at the height CM Punk gets dropped from when Big Daddy V presses him over his head. Full extension of his arms, elbows locked out (still in the Strongman mindset here lol), and Big Daddy V is what, 6’8? So Punk gets dropped over 7 feet to the mat. OUCH. To hell with calling Henry the World’s Strongest Man lol, someone see what Daddy V can do! Well, back then, anyway. We can’t now :(.

“COME ON, DADDY!” :lmao that just sounds so wrong. Stop it, Striker :p.

Kane takes a turn at being the FIP, and Henry & V do a pretty darn good job working him over. How awesome would they have been as a dominate tag team with the titles or something on Raw and/or SD? They constantly stuck Big Show and Kane together and gave them the belts, why not do the same for the SUPERIOR BEEFIES team?

Punk’s hot tag is sweet, and his knees and kicks to the head of Big Daddy V to try and take him off his feet all look fantastic. And then… BOOM. Punk dives off the ropes and BDV catches him with a Samoan Drop for the win! Damn! BDV just pinned the ECW Champion!!!

So this was great! I mean yeah, one hell of a tag match! Add another PPV tag match in 2007 that’s better than the overrated DX/Rated RKO match :p.

Rating: ***1/2


Shawn Michaels Vs Mr Kennedy

Hoping for at least a solid match here. Kennedy kinda went downhill in 07 after he came back from the injury that cost him the MITB briefcase. However I do love the match he had in early 08 on Raw with HBK on the first HD show, so hopefully the PPV match here will be good.

Anyone remember why this match is happening btw? No video package so I’m clueless lol.

Unusual start to the match as Kennedy starts off strong as the heel, rather than a typical babyface shine period. I like when they deviate from the regular formula :). Kennedy works over the back of HBK, and HBK must take advantage of any oppertunity that comes his way, involving a chop block to the knee, and then an armbar take down. Different parts of the body, but both were the best he could do at that time.

Ha, it’s actually like Kennedy and HBK have reversed rolls. HBK as a babyface would normally start strong, with heel Kennedy looking for any opening he can get to take advantage of. Nice :).

That armbar takedown took enough out of Kennedy to allow the Show Stopper to regain control, and he does so by continuing to work over that arm, now forcing Kennedy to take back his style of wrestling by searching for an opening!


Wonder how good HBK can be at working over someone’s hand. I guess he did get first HAND experience (ha, get it?) in the Mankind match at Mindgames :).

Love some of the battles they have with HBK refusing to let go of the hand and Kennedy trying everything he can to get away :mark:. This is the kind of shit that made me such a fan of Kennedy during his mid-06 to mid-07 run.

:mark: Awesome transition spot with HBK having his back smashed into the ring post from the apron :mark:. Love that spot.

:mark: HBK constantly getting in little shots to the hand whenever he can :mark:.

Also like how HBK’s comeback is slowly built up with him getting a little more offence in each time he attempts a full comeback. He’ll hit something, Kennedy will take him back down. He’ll hit something again, Kennedy might be rocked and HBK can get something else in, before Kennedy takes him down, and then after a few tries, Kennedy is too rocked from each shot to put HBK down again!

Kennedy is also still showing the effects of the arm work earlier in the match too. LONG TERM SELLING = :mark:. Not enough people bother with short term selling these days, never mind long term.

:mark: Oh my, I think I blew my load! Kennedy decks HBK, but it was with the hand that Shawn worked on, and Kennedy screams in pain and can’t follow up, allowing HBK to land Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere for the win!!! :mark:

“Hoping for at least a solid match here.” LOL. Not even close. It’s FAR above just a solid match! Tremendous stuff. Makes me wanna go back and watch their Raw match too. Think I actually still have the first Raw in HD show on my PC…

Rating: ****


Orton gets interviewed back stage. I groan at first because he starts off a little shitty, but then he goes on to hit it out of the park by the end. Awesome stuff from him.


Triple H Vs Jeff Hardy – #1 Contendership Match for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble

Oh my, helloooooo Lillian! Looking rather spectacular!

So we have HHH and Jeff Hardy. Two guys that on their own, I really don’t care for. Together though? They just seem to click. Weird how that happens sometimes. I can dislike 2 guys in the ring on their own, but when they face each other, somehow they bring out the absolute best in themselves. I can’t think of any examples off the top of my head right now lol, but hopefully I’ll remember some before the match is over :p.

They play up nicely on the different styles of the two men here. HHH is bigger and stronger, able to knock Jeff down with shoulder blocks and vicious clotheslines. Jeff has to keep trying to use his quickness to avoid HHH’s offence and land his own, and it’s done very, very well at the start here.

Both are babyfaces and have that whole “respect” thing going on, but this is about getting a title shot at the RR. Jeff goes to deck HHH but hesitates, thinking this is going to be a friendly WRESTLING match. HHH responds by bitch slapping Jeff so hard he probably thinks he’s Matt.


Now things are getting serious! No playing around, no fancy holds and counters, just two men hungry for a title shot!

Despite getting off to a pretty great start, once HHH gains full control I lose interest a little. He’s never been the best guy on offence, and even with a babyface like Jeff Hardy who can get the crowd behind him and do some cool selling and shit, it’s still not that exciting.

Doesn’t help that EVERY cut off spot from HHH is a clothesline. Well, 99% of the time anyway.

Picks up as they go into a finishing stretch, with Hardy hitting a bunch of high flying moves, and HHH trying to avoid or counter them. And then Hardy counters a Pedigree with a pin and gets the win!

HHH sits there smiling. Because he knows he can have a WWE title match whenever the fuck he wants anyway :p.

Ok match. Not the best these have had though, which is disappointing. They certainly are capable of more. HHH was too dull controlling things.

Rating: ***


Khali is screaming at the camera. BLURGH BLARGH HOOGLBLUE. RAWR. Something like that.


The Great Khali Vs Finlay

Gonna see if FINLAY can get something decent out of the Punjabi Twat.


Finlay spends most of this match taking kicks to the head lol.

Yey, nerve grip. Exciting…

Sheleighly to Khali’s balls! Sheleighly to Khali’s head! FINLAY WINS~!

Well, I probably should have skipped this one :p.

Rating: 1/4*


Randy Orton Vs Chris Jericho – WWE Championship Match

So Orton ran through HBK, HHH and Cena in his title reign and whatnot… and suddenly a guy returning to the ring for the first time in 2 and a half years is going to SAVE US? Not only that, but it’s Jericho? LOL. Maybe if this was for the IC title… :p.

How shit was Jericho’s “big return” anyway lol? He did fuck all really until he turned heel and had the HBK feud… which I think is overrated (along with most of their matches).

Didn’t help that everyone KNEW the whole “SAVE_US” thing was him.

Ok, I need to remove all that negativity from my mind. These two have had some super matches in the past, back in the EVOLUTION RAW days. So this COULD be good too :).

Arm drag is the first move attempted in this match and… it’s botched. Looked more like a wrist drag :lmao. Not sure whose fault it was though. Luckily the next 2 times Jericho goes for that move, it lands perfectly :p.

Christ this is dull. Then it shoots up like a fucking ROCKET when Jericho counters an RKO, hits a bulldog and follows up with the Lionsault because everyone thought he was gonna win the belt.

Aaaand then the match randomly ends up on the outside, where Orton lobs Jericho into JBL.

Walls of Jericho applied in the middle of the ring and… JBL kicks Jericho in the face and the match is mercifully over.

What a load of pointless garbage. NOTHING. That’s the best way to describe this. It’s a match filled with NOTHING.

Rating: DUD


Yey… Jillian Hall comes out to sing. Sad thing is, she’s probably better than everyone in the charts right now 8*D.


Mickie James Vs Beth Phoenix – WWE Women’s Championship Match

Mickie Vs Victoria at the first PPV in 07 was really good, so I’m hoping for something similar here with Mickie against Beth :).

JR shouting “HEY MICKIE” during the match when she almost wins, totally not even understanding the reference he himself made and carrying on even when Lawler mentions it was probably my fav part of the match :p.

Not to the say the match bad, infact I enjoyed it quite a bit. Beth was powering Mickie around, then Mickie would keep trying to fight back until she finally took down the Glamazon and could start to mount some offence.

Finish just seems to come out of nowhere and falls flat as fuck, which is a shame :(.

Rating: **1/2


Batista Vs Edge Vs The Undertaker – World Heavyweight Championship Match

:mark: oh yes, one of my fav triple threat matches!!!

What’s so special about this match is how it’s the transition from one Undertaker feud to another, playing off things that happened MONTHS ago as well. Undertaker Vs Batista was the big WHC feud throughout 2007 (when they weren’t injured lol). Edge beat Undertaker for the title during that time, when Undertaker was injured and had to take time off. That lead to Batista wanting to take the belt from Edge. They feuded, and then Edge got injured, allowing Batista to come in and eventually win back the title. Undertaker returned and again challenged Batista for the belt. They ended up inside the HIAC at Survivor Series (which I think will be the last 07 show I ramble about), where Edge returned, screwed Undertaker out of the title and put himself back into the title picture. So now all 3 men are active, all 3 men want the WHC, and all 3 men will compete here tonight! And after this match, things would then start to build to Undertaker getting his hands one on one with Edge for the title for most of 2008!

Both Undertaker and Batista want to kill Edge. But they don’t want to team up to do it. They are MEN. They are WARRIORS. And they wanna maul Edge ON THEIR OWN. Which leaves Undertaker and Batista to beat the living shit out of each other for the opportunity to get to Edge! LOVE how they structured the match this way. Makes a nice change from the typical triple threat formula.

While Taker and Batista try to kill each other, Edge plays up his “Ultimate Opportunist” character perhaps better than he ever did throughout his entire run, by sitting back and watching the two rivals going at it, then picking his spots when the time is right.

Plenty of great action throughout, will some cool moments such as Batista decking Undertaker with a clothesline, countering his apron leg drop that he was planning on doing to Edge, and Batista Spearing Undertaker while he has Edge up for the Last Ride, causing a fucking pileup of all 3 men!

Edge again continues to play up his character, this time ringing the bell while Undertaker has Batista locked in a triangle choke! Undertaker thinks it’s over, let’s go of Batista and gets back to his feet, only to get a Spear from Edge!

Undertaker and Batista continue to fucking murder each other, dishing out numerous big finishing moves, all the while knocking out Edges left, right and centre. Yes. EdgeS. There are 3 of them! All the constant distractions allow the REAL Edge to steak a win from Undertaker, and become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion!!!

The debut of the EDGEHEADS, Hawkins and Ryder, help Edge add another WHC win to his portfolio in an incredible match that helps end one rivalry and begins another!

<3 this match so much still.

Rating: ****


Overall CAL SCALE – 16

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