5 Matches With… Sgt Slaughter



Match 1 – Sgt. Slaughter vs. Kamala (3/23/85) – http://dai.ly/k4us908IlKegMBlAJKI


Time to FINALLY watch some more Slaughter matches! Already seen a handful of what are considered his best, but now after all these years I think its time I check out some of his other stuff! Starting off easy here with a fairly short match against KAMALA.

The sarge wastes no time throwing right hands at the Ugandan Giant and sends him out of the ring! They end up exchanging blows when Kamala gets back in the ring, and sarge starts doing his own Hulk Up and batters the shit out of mr star tits.


Billy Robinson shows up and decks Slaughter with a chair, then Slaughter gets beat down until some guys make the save.

Short and sweet.


Match 2 – Sgt. Slaughter vs. Nick Bockwinkel (AWA, 10/86) – http://dai.ly/k3ViQVEpCaIMm5lAJWv


Nick spends the first minute of the match trying to get Slaughter to shake his hand, to show him that he’s a true class act and Slaughter doesn’t need to worry about any cheating etc. They lock up twice, end up in the ropes and we get clean breaks both times and another handshake just to make sure we know this is all gonna be above ground. Wonder how long this will last for ;).

Nice, slow start to this one, hopefully building to them going at it blow for blow later on. First though, its just your basic counters and takedowns. Holy fuck, at one point Bockwinkel hits a hop toss and… I don’t know how to explain it, but he looked like he was going for a completely different move and then BAM. A hip toss happened and it was honestly like some weird slight of hand magic trick lol.

Slaughter is wrenching on the arm of Nick, and you can almost see Bockwinkel’s brain turning as he tries to think of an escape. He pushes sarge into the corner and there is NO clean break this time! Bockwinkel has had enough of being nice, as so far its only gotten him on the losing end of the match thus far!

OUCH, Slaughter smashes into the turnbuckle with force, similar to how Bret Hart does it. Looks incredibly painful lol.


Slaughter kicks out!!!

Bockwinkel tries for a second Piledriver, but ends up taking one himself! Both men are FUCKED!


Who the FUCK is Boris Zhukov? :lmao

He’s just standing there, so who cares.

Nick showing that he isn’t just a fantastic WRESTLER, but he can beat the shit out of someone too. Slaughter takes a great beating as always, before he gets pissed off and makes his comeback!

FUCK ME, Slaughter absolutely destroys Nick with a clothesline, but before he can finish him off, Boris runs in the ring and ends up being chased backstage. Nick wins by countout.

This was good stuff. Nice slow start before Nick got fed up and tried to murder sarge. Just kept getting better as the match went on, so it was a shame that the match ended the way it did.

SARGE returns to the ring to get him some more of Nick, and Nick actually gets back in the ring to go at it with him! Sure, he gets beaten down, but nice to see a heel not back down immediately lol.


Match 3 – Sgt. Slaughter vs. Stan Hansen (AWA, 2/9/86) – http://dai.ly/k6YwXZan81g2jzlAK1g


Oh man, this is gona be BRUTAL in the best way possible :mark:. At least, I hope it is!

Hansen is a guy I will definitely need to check out more of in the future, but for now, he’ll just have to make cameo appearences in other peoples 5 matches with :p.

Both men start this thing off hot, smashing each other’s face in with big punches. And then… Hansen grabs an arm lock and part of me dies inside. Not really, but I would have prefered to see Stan continue to punch sarge :(.

Thankfully this match isn’t taking place in 2017 between Generic CAW #1 and I’ve Been Employed By WWE For 15 Years And Achieved Nothing #2342, so Hansen works the hold, and treats the arm like his opponent’s face; beats the shit out of it whenever he gets the chance!!!

sarge makes his comeback, and gets a very near fall from a BACKBREAKER and everyone in the arena would have bought that as the finish. Oh, simpler times :).

HANSEN WITH A DROPKICK~! Talk about unexpected lol!

Slaughter signals for a big clothesline, perhaps wanting to give Stan a taste of his own LARIAT, but Stan sees it coming, moves and Slaughter ends up tumbling to the floor and looks to be HURT.

COBRA CLUTCH~! Slaughter in on the apron though, but ends up managing to climb over the ropes while still applying it, and knocking Stan out!

HOWEVER, Slaughter was counted out before he could get back in, and therefore Stan is still the champion!

Great brawl between the two, and I can only imagine what they’d do in a No DQ type situation!


Match 4 – Sgt. Slaughter vs. Larry Zbyszko (AWA, 8/19/89) – http://dai.ly/kY7V421ObMqSmWlAJRh


HEADLOCK~! Love me a good headlock spot :). Larry can’t escape to save his life, and sarge knows how much its frustrating Larry so he refuses to let go, or when he does (to hit another move), he goes back to it just to piss him off!

:lmao sarge catches a kick attempt, and Larry grabs his balls and begs Slaughter not to kick him there. sarge is nice and doesn’t kick him in the balls. He does, however, PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE.

:mark: first time in 4 matches we get to see the awesome TURNBUCKLE BUMP that Slaughter is known for! He practically kills himself every time he takes that bump.

Larry keeps sarge from getting back in the ring for a good while, and uses this time to take off a turnbuckle pad! Then he lets sarge back in, and the first thing he does is ram his head into the exposed steel!!! TWICE!

But both times Slaughter is able to kick out, and Larry is not happy.

Fucking hell lol, never really noticed how good Larry’s punches are, but the shots he dishes out on that oversized jaw while sarge hulks up are impressive as hell.

SLAUGHTER CANNON~! Aka a clothesline from the ropes. Sadly, the referee is the one that gets taken out.

COBRA CLUTCH~! Another referee gets in, and after checking on the champion, calls for the bell! Does this mean we have a new champion? YES!!!

Oh wait, no. The injured referee DQ’s Slaughter for the clothesline. Didn’t see that coming…

Well, no official decision is made, so I have no idea what happens :lmao.

Another great match though!!! Slaughter was his awesome self, and Larry is another one of those guys I need to see more of, because every time I do see him, he’s fantastic.


Match 5 – Sgt. Slaughter vs. Jim Duggan (MSG, 3/15/91) – http://dai.ly/k3C1v2hg6ICYO5lAJIB


A FLAG match!!! The winner of the match gets to wave his flag at the end of the match. Wow, what a prize. sarge is in his heel WWF champion phase btw :).

Hacksaw storms the ring with the 2×4 and everyone else, the referee and ring announcer included, scatter to get out of his way!

As is JIM DUGGAN wasn’t enough for the fans, HULK HOGAN comes out too and the place explodes for a second time!!!

:mark: Duggan starts the match by caving Slaughter’s face in! Then stamps on his hand!

Heenan still being a heel and supporting Slaughter and General Adnad, especially against Duggan and Hogan, during the whole DESERT STORM deal just feels… wrong.

Damn, Duggan is beating the piss out of sarge. This feels more like a MID-SOUTH brawl than an early 90’s WWF match!

One mistake from Jim gives sarge a chance to gain control though, and now Slaughter can extract some revenge.

Is there anyone better at taking bumps into the turnbuckle than sarge? He has his crazy dive bump over the top of it, but holy fuck he also takes some real sick, and awesome, looking head bumps into the turnbuckle post too.

This match is absolutely insane! Duggan has taken one hell of a beating, so sarge gets some shots in on Hogan for the hell of it! Hogan gets a little bit of revenge, so sarge goes BACK after Hogan with a chair and chokes him out with a wire, then goes back after Duggan!!!


Hogan is back up though!!! He’s got the 2×4 and swings it with all his strength into the back of Slaughter behind the referee’s back!!!

Duggan takes about a full minute to try and cover Slaughter, and Adnad decides to interfere just to make sure the match doesn’t end like this. sarge might have lost via DQ, but he’s the champ and he’s taken out BOTH Duggan and Hogan in a single match, just 1 week before WrestleMania!!!

Wow, this was incredible!!! Who could have guessed that out of all 5 Slaughter matches, the one from WWF in 1991 would be the best? And just one week before WM, this match is better than the main event between sarge and Hogan too!!! An absolutely fantastic, wild, HATE FILLED brawl that could have easily main evented WM rather than the Hogan match lol. Duggan looked probably the best he ever looked during his WWF run, and Slaughter probably looked the best I’ve ever seen him, right up there with the Backlund matches in ’81!

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