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Match 1 – Jerry Lawler vs. Randy Savage (12/12/83) – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3qwuo … 1983_sport

Alright, here we go! I’ve put this off for a loooong time because I wasn’t in the mood for any wrestling, but now I’m kinda in the mood and that’s as good as it’ll get for now so I’m rolling with it lol. SAVAGE. LAWLER. STEEL CAGE. HYPE.

This whole “5 matches with” project was designed to get me to watch people I’ve not seen before or seen very little of. Savage is a guy I HAVE seen a ton from… yet there is still so much from him I HAVEN’T seen, and since I had access to a bunch of matches of his I hadn’t seen yet, it was an easy decision to pick him for this project.

This is in MEMPHIS, and the steel cage there surrounds the ring, giving the wrestlers the ability to go outside the ring while still being in the cage. Basically, this + the wargames cage = Hell in a Cell.

No escaping the cage for a win here. This is a BATTLE TO THE DEATH inside the cage. And after 30 seconds into the match, Lawler punches the shit out of Savage and Savage climbs up on top of the cage just to get away :lmao.

:mark: After a long headlock spot, Lawler finally escapes by sending Savage head first into the side of the cage, and it comes across as a HUGE spot rather than something we’d get a billion times in today’s cage matches.

Ahhh, the classic “reach inside the tights, pull out an imaginary object, use it and put it back without the referee seeing” spot :).

Awesome, and I mean AWESOME left jabs from Savage. His big right hand is nothing to write home about, but those jabs man. THOSE JABS.

Lol, the cage is nearly falling over every time Savage shoves Lawler’s face into it.

This is shaping up very similar to a certain EPIC Lawler Vs Dundee match, built around Lawler getting punched in the face over and over again.

Lawler’s punches on his comeback :mark:. Savage’s selling :mark:.

Lawler stealing the “object” from Savage and ramming whatever it is right into Savage’s face!!!

Savage regains control, climbs the cage, dives off with an elbow and LAWLER MOVES!!! Kinda odd that the spot didn’t really seem like that big a deal. Felt no bigger than the first time Savage got rammed head first into the cage lol.

PILEDRIVER~! Dammit, just a tease because its banned :(.

So much for this being similar to Lawler/Dundee lol. The match changes completely after Lawler makes a comeback, as after that its back and forth with both men brutalising each other in various different ways.

Savage is awesome at playing a complete lunatic out to kill Lawler. Lawler is the master of the comeback. They fit together perfectly.

Just as Lawler looks to be getting the better of Savage, Joe LeDuke? LeDuc? Joe *insert correct spelling of last name here* climbs into the cage and both he and Savage proceed to beat the shit out of Jerry.

Great match. Such fun. Definitely got me hyped for more RANDY SAVAGE, OOOOOOOOOO YEAAAAAHHHH!!


Match 2 – Randy Savage vs. Austin Idol (5/14/84) – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3qwus … 1984_sport

This one wastes NO TIME getting going, with Savage attacking Idol before the bell and beats him down with… a flag pole, I think? I’m assuming that this match, and the Lawler match, is all based around the Poffo run Memphis territory battling with the Jarrett/Lawler run Memphis territory?

:lmao just realised it was a CRUTCH that Savage was using, and it looked like a flag because Savage’s robe was caught up in it :lmao.

Savage is a SAVAGE on offence here, just mauling Idol with jabs to the face and kicks to the head and chest. God damn those jabs. How have I not noticed those before? I’ve seen a ton of Savage matches already. I can’t imagine he DIDN’T do those jabs in them.

Idol nearly steals a win with a rollup while Savage argues with the referee, so with the help of his dad on the outside, Savage sneaks in another shot with the crutch and Idol is back on the defence again. Idol is doing a wonderful job of selling the fact that he’s hurting btw. Even when he’s getting Irish Whipped, his run isn’t perfect and smooth, he’s a little out on his feet and moving slower and its kinda awesome.

MORE JABS~! But Idol is taking each and every shot and using them to hulk himself up and start a major comeback!!!

LAS VEGAS LEG LOCK~! Which is the Figure Four lol. Savage gives in, and Idol wins the International Heavyweight Championship, whatever the fuck that is!!!

Short, sub-10 minute match but oh boy does it rock. I think the only “normal” wrestling moves here were a slam (maybe 2 of em)… and an elbow drop (not off the ropes). Everything else was punches to the face, hard kicks, and crutch shots before the finish with the Figure Four Las Vegas Lock. Great stuff. One heck of a brawl!


Match 3 – Randy Savage vs. Rick Rude (9/3/84) – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3qwv0 … 1984_sport

:lmao at Rude when he’s in the ring at the start of this match. Music is playing and he’s… dancing by just shaking his legs. I guess he hasn’t quite got IT yet, would be a couple more years before that lol.

Ooooooo yeah the Macho Man Randy Savage makes his way to the ring and shows more charisma by spinning around in his robe than 99% of the current roster have in their entire bodies.

Savage cuts a promo but the audio is so bad, the only things I can make out are “Rick Rude” and “Macho Man Randy Savage” :lmao.

Rude then cuts a promo of his own and I can’t make anything out. All I know is Savage is PISSED and keeps trying to attack Rude :).

Savage is the very definition of what a crazy wrestler should be. He keeps charging at Rude, who runs to the outside, and is always jumping to the top rope to see if he can launch himself onto Rude as well just for the hell of it, then ends up chasing Jimmy Hart to the back despite the fact Hart hasn’t done anything thus far.

Lots and lots of stalling here, with Rude running away, the Jimmy Hart chase, and now Rude is claiming that Randy’s dad slipped him a foreign object. Sounds like a dirty joke :side:. And all the while, Savage is incredible just by moving around the ring and faking running out and attacking Rude who keeps shitting himself.

POSE DOWN~! Savage is fucking BUILT, man.

And finally, we get a lock up and a test of strength to start things off.


Awesome bump to the floor by Rude off that spin. Man, almost NOTHING has happened so far yet I’m having tons of fun.

Savage continues to run around like a mad man, then jumps on the announce tables, grabs a mic and shouts something at Rude, then throws confetti at him :lmao.

Back in the ring its another lock up, then Savage teases those JABS and Rude continues to shit himself :lmao.

Finally, a distraction from Jimmy Hart lets Rude jump Savage from behind and the heat can begin :mark:.

Rude isn’t exactly the greatest at working over Randy here, but its all fine and leads up to a great Savage comeback and we finally get those JABS :mark:.

More CRAZY SAVAGE stuff as he beats down Rude a little, then grabs him by the head and throws him through the ropes and tries to kill him with a chair :lmao.

The referee, Poffo and Hart all get involved and while the referee is busy dealing with the managers, Savage gets attacked by BUNDY, allowing Rude to pick up the win.

Well gosh, this was just super. I DIG IT. Get it? DIG IT? Ha.


Match 4 – Randy Savage vs. “The King” Harley Race (9/18/87) – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3qwv4 … 1987_sport

Time to move out of Memphis and into the Dub Dub Eeee. The current KING Vs the FUTURE KING right here.

:lmao Savage does this finger spin, so Race mocks it and Savage runs full speed into the ropes and Race thought he was coming for HIM, and nearly jumps through the ropes in fear. Awesome.

No idea who the fuck this commentator is with Monsoon, but he’s fucking awful :lmao. He overly explains EVERYTHING and its annoying as fuck. At first I thought it was Vince McMahon, but then I swear Monsoon called him Dick. Maybe it was an insult, I dunno.

Match isn’t anything worth talking about unfortunately. Race isn’t the most exciting wrestler, and he’s a few years out of his prime too.


Match 5 – Randy Savage vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (1/22/90) – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3qwv9 … 1990_sport

Ok, 2 CRAZY BASTARDS going at it against each other. Hoping this is gonna be good.

MACHO KING :mark:.

Savage slaps Piper, then begins to taunt and trash talk him while he strips out of his entrance attire, as Piper just stands still and stares, waiting for his chance to strike.

Sherri peaks under Piper’s kilt, so Piper spanks her and now the match can begin!

The match really puts over the fact that both of these men are kinda crazy. They just kinda run at each other with no real gameplan, and Piper gains early control with some clotheslines until Sherri gets involved and Savage can fly off the ropes a couple of times as he seems to enjoy doing that as often as possible.

Sherri with a fucking AWESOME kick right to the head of Piper on the outside! Looked better than some kicks we see from guys today :lmao.

That kick though just seemed to piss Piper off, as he flies off the handle and throws a punch of quick punches at Savage and bits him on the head before trying to strangle the KING :mark:. Nothing pretty here aside from Sherri, but its good stuff none the less!!!

They exchange AIRPLANE SPINS :lmao. Crazy bastards :lmao.

Savage tries to climb the ropes afterwards, but is so dizzy he fails to the floor :lmao.

Sherri attacks Piper, the bells rings and we think there has either been a DQ or a countout, but no officially announcement has been made so Piper locks in the sleeper hold on Savage, then on Sherri before Savage makes a save and… SHERRI IN A THONG.

Piper whips Savage with his belt and sends the King crawling to the back!

Not the greatest match by any means, but a fun crazy battle between two nut jobs!

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