5 Matches With… Buddy Rose


Match 1 – Buddy Rose vs. Stan Stasiak (11/17/79) – http://dai.ly/k1HPXE1aWk8TgQkyjWF

Stan Stasiak does not look how I pictured him. Probably because I thought he’d just look like his son lol.

:lmao Buddy Rose carefully folding up his t-shirt before the match.

Referee just standing in the corner not giving a fuck :lmao.

Did Buddy just spank Stan? Repeatedly? And pull his trunks down a few times? Not sure what he was actually going for there…

Rose bites Stan’s head a few times and afterwards there is a visible mark on his head. ROSE ACTUALLY BIT STAN.

Stasiak LOOKS like a total fucking badass. He could have easily been a Blackjack. He throws an awesome punch too. HEART PUNCH to Buddy and this one is over!!! Well, I’m assuming its 2 out of 3 falls. Yes, yes it is :).

:lmao this was in 3 parts on Youtube, and I downloaded them and stuck them together for easier watching. Except it turns out I downloaded parts 2 and 3 from ANOTHER match between the two and got confused as fuck :lmao. Got the right parts now so I may continue :).

Well so far, in the first fall of this match, its been STASIAK that has impressed me more. Maybe because this is the first time I have EVER seen him so I didn’t know what to expect, while Rose is someone I’ve seen the odd match from and have had him hyped up to me as one of the greatest ever.

Match starts again and damn, Stasiak still has that bite mark on his head lol. Well, I say STARTS, but I mean doesn’t start because Rose has his left hand taped up which is normally not legal because it makes your punches… harder? Something. Old school wrestling stuff anyway. Rose keeps trying to claim it was injured in the first round and they spend a good while playing this up lol. One shot behind the referee’s back with the taped first sends Stasiak to the floor and Rose claims it was a kick instead lol.

Well, Stasiak decides that if Rose is taping the left first up claiming it to be hurt and not using it to his advantage, then he might as well target it and make sure it is hurt for REAL :mark:.

Whole second fall is built around Rose pretending his left hand is hurt so he can wear the tape, and its all awesome. Rose keeps throwing a few well timed shots at Stan to put him down when he starts getting too fired up, and in the end one big shot to the head keeps him down for a 3 count, and the match is 1 all.

Third fall begins and Stan has his RIGHT HAND taped up now! Things are about to get interesting!!!

They both have a boxer stance and are looking for the knockout blow from their taped fits. I feel so good about quitting current wrestling when I am able to go back and watch something like this which holds my interest and has me MARKING OUT for guys wrapping their fists in TAPE lol. Current wrestling can do as many finisher kickouts and flippy spots as it wants but it will never make me smile as I watch it quite like this :).

They go back and forth with shots using their taped fists, but it ends up with Rose busted open and Rose getting absolutely BRUTALISED. So much so that the referee DQ’s Stan for excessive force!!! No, it’s a countout. Not as fun lol. THE SHEEPHERDERS come out to check on Rose, who has WON the title as a result!!!

This match rocked, but it makes me want to see more of STAN rather than Buddy lol. Maybe one day I’ll do a 5 Matches with Stan Stasiak too :).


Match 2 – Buddy Rose vs. Rick Martel (4/26/80) – http://dai.ly/k2PZFHVz9wlOpfkyj3k


Let’s hope so! Another 2 out of 3 falls match because that’s what most matches were back in the day. Wait… the fuck is Rose wearing? A random white mask lol…

:lmao I can’t take Rose seriously with that mask :lmao. WHY IS HE WEARING IT?!?! He pulls it up at one point while on the outside, then puts it back on when he gets in the ring, so it doesn’t seem like its important :lmao.

I swear the fans are chanting “We want Dick”, but I’m sure they are chanting for RICK. Well, I HOPE they are chanting for Rick…

Oooohhhh, ok. Its not JUST a mask, its a mask with a WIG on it. Buddy Rose is bald under there? This I gotta see!!!

Rose is working the leg over real good here early on, keeping Martel grounded and away from his wig. Martel keeps trying to escape by reaching for the mask though, and Buddy’s reactions are hilarious.

Awesome escape by Martel, but his leg took plenty of damage and he can’t follow up with anything, allowing Buddy to get right back to work on the leg.

Almost 10 minutes of Rose working over the leg pays off as Martel gives it up and loses the first fall. His leg is in question though, but Martel says he WILL continue the match!

Second fall goes how you would expect at the start. Rose goes for the leg, Martel tries to get away before getting caught and the damage continues.

COMEBACK TIME!!! Rose gets too aggressive with the leg work, and tries to use the ring post to aid him, only to be sent face first into it!!! Now it’s time for Martel to punish Rose, and he goes after the BACK, which sets up Martel’s Boston Crab perfectly!!! Man, Martel just CLUBS the fuck out of Rose’s back about 10 times in a row, locks in the Crab and Rose has no choice but to TAP OUT. All the while Martel still sold that injured leg like a champ.

Third fall time, and now we have both men with injuries, and it might all come down to who can take advantage of the other first!

Its Martel who gets to work on the back first, then even manages to get the wig off!!! Sadly, the Sheepherders show up and help Rose to the back before we can see the baldness, and Martel picks up the win with a countout.

Shame about the finish, but yeah, this was a good match. But again, like the first match, it makes me want to see more of MARTEL than Rose lol. Maybe that’s what makes Rose so great; he makes all of his opponents looks so good people wanna watch more of them.


Match 3 – Buddy Rose vs. Curt Hennig (7/3/82) – http://dai.ly/k4zTJQCGQ7ldFqkyiEk

No DQ match! Lets see what a young Curt is capable of!

Fuck me the commentator for this sounds like the most boring person in the world. He could have played the priest from the christmas special of Father Ted. You know the one. If you don’t then GTFO and go watch Father Ted. All of it.

“Whale on the Beach” chants towards Buddy :lmao. Nothing like FAT SHAMING the heel :lmao. With the way he works though, you’d think he could compete in the current WWE CW division (weight limit is 205lbs)!

Curt absolutely brutalises the leg of Buddy, even tying it up in the ropes when Rose tries to escape out of the ring, which is something I don’t think I’ve seen before! This is No DQ so the referee can’t do shit!

Rose tries to rest on the outside and then get Curt to go after him so he can get back in the ring and take advantage, only his leg is still so fucked he can barely roll back in the ring, causing him to get caught and Hennig smashes the injured leg against the ring post a number of times!!!

Single Leg Boston Crap and Rose cannot hold on. The first fall goes to a young Mr Perfect!

Oh god we have to sit and listen to the commentator try and convince us to come to a live event while we wait for the second fall to begin.

Second fall begins and immediately Rose is caught in another single leg boston crap :lmao. Poor guy can’t catch a break! If he isn’t being FAT SHAMED by the crowd, he’s getting his leg destroyed!

Fuck me. Hennig is able to bend Buddy’s leg in a way that makes Buddy EAT HIS OWN BOOT.

That seems to have lit a fire in Buddy, who now gets a chance to work over Curt’s leg, which has apparently been causing him problems lately. Guess Curt started this match going for Buddy’s leg before Buddy could attack his.


They go back and forth, each working over the knee, before Buddy can get to that chair again and smash Curt a few more times.

Single Leg Boston Crab, this time to Curt!!! Hennig fights, and almost escapes when he starts clubbing Rose’s bad leg, but it isn’t enough and he too has to give up to that very hold.

:lmao the commentator lecturing us on FIRE WORKS while we wait for the third and final fall. Kinda funny considering the day this goes online, it’ll be BONFIRE NIGHT in the UK :).

Rose gets the jump on Curt first, going after the knee again, but out of nowhere Curt fires back and uses the ring post to smash the knee once again, and even grabs the chair to get him some revenge!!!

DOCTOR D~! He shows up and clocks Rose on the outside, just when Rose was starting to use the ringpost to his advantage for a change. Since this is No DQ, the referee can’t do shit, other than count out Rose who is out of it on the floor!

Hennig goes to shake Schultz’s hand, but the Doctor hates everyone and beats down Hennig too because WHY THE FUCK NOT?

This match was fantastic, a clinic in leg work for sure, from both men. Rose’s selling was tremendous too, while a young Curt was a little iffy overall tbh. A great showing from both men.


Match 4 – Buddy Rose vs. David Schultz (8/21/82) – http://dai.ly/k1P1zi89VbfI9skyiOv

Steel cage match!!! Doctor D gonna get him some of Buddy!

Can’t really go wrong with an old school cage match between two guys who look like they can cave skulls in with their fists. Obviously Rose doesn’t wrestle like that, but looks like he could if he wanted. Doctor D certainly does wrestle like that, so his offence is pretty much punches, cage smashes and a Piledriver lol. Rose uses a low blow to gain the advantage then uses the cage too, and as a result both men end up bleeding during the match.

Thanks to some help on the outside, despite the fact the two men on the outside were handcuffed together lol, Rose picks up the win here. Not too much needs to be said in all honestly, beyond the fact its a solid cage bout that is way more fun to watch than current wrestling :).


Match 5 – Buddy Rose vs. Bob Backlund (8/30/82) – http://dai.ly/k3I4R4AlnpywPbkyi8p

BOB :mark:

Buddy getting a shot at the WWF Championship in MSG!

Match starts with Buddy trying to get the better of BOB BACKLUND, and well, BOB ain’t having any of it. He’s reversing all the mat work and countering any holds Buddy tries to apply, and poor old Buddy gets knocked to the outside a number of times in the process. So much fun :).

Rose finally gains control of the match and begins to wear down the champion with headlocks. Not just any headlocks though, but like, good headlocks. You know, where someone WORKS the hold instead of sitting in it. I miss that. I think I say something similar at least once every time I do one of these 5 Matches With posts lol.

How STRONG was BOB in his prime? He’s kinda like the Cena of the time. Not the biggest guy by any means, but holy fuck he’s probably the strongest. Bet he could have slammed Andre way easier and better than what Hogan did at WM 3. A bunch of wrestlers in the 80’s tried their hand at Strongman, but only Ken Patera didn’t embarrass himself. Bet BOB could have given Kazmaier a run for his money.

BOB with the comeback, and now he wants to use a headlock! :lmao great little spot where Buddy rolls over in the headlock to try and pin BOB, and when BOB kicks out and rolls back over into the hold, he threatens Buddy with a punch in the face if he tries it again :lmao. Buddy doesn’t try it again :lmao.

BOB’s headlock is just as great as again, the hold is worked. I’m more into a headlock being worked in a match than I am anything in current WWE.

Love how Buddy tries to escape with an atomic drop, but it doesn’t seem to do anything to the champ. He follows up with a backdrop, but BOB still holds on to the headlock, so Buddy has to pick him up again, and this time drop him balls first onto the top rope in order to break the hold and get some blood flowing back into his head.

We then go into a good old FINISHING STRETCH, which isn’t your “kick out of a billion finishers” like it is today, but an actual good sequence of moves and set up attempts for finishers before BOB can finally lock in the chicken wing and retain his title!!!

Best match of the bunch for sure, and the best showing for Buddy too. BOB came out of the match looking like, well, the WORLD CHAMPION, but Rose came out looking just as good even in defeat.

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