5 Matches With… Nigel McGuinness




Match 1 – Nigel McGuinness vs. CM Punk (12.18.04) – http://dai.ly/k3UJSpENT2XwFAmLQ2r

Nigel looks so young and… green in 2004 lol :p. Just from him being introduced :lmao. Wonder how good he was in 04. Punk in 04 looks like Punk any time before he cut his hair :p.

Wow, there are literally only about 20 people watching the match from what I can tell :lmao.

Oh boy the commentary is amazingly bad :lmao.

Nigel with some nice wrist lock counters, then he resorts to a HEADBUTT which royally pisses off Punk.

FUCK ME. Punk with some dropkicks to Nigel’s head that look BRUTAL. Like, concussion giving brutal.

Nigel keeps taking those damn dropkicks to the head lol, poor guy. He’ll mock Punk, and then get a dropkick to the head :p.

For such a small crowd, they make some good noise and are really into the match, and both guys do a good job of playing off them at points too.

Sweeeeet submission by Nigel, don’t think I’ve seen that version of an STF before. Punk counters into the Anaconda Vice while Nigel screams like a fucking maniac in pain :mark:.

LONDON’S BURNING~! At least, I think that’s what it was called. Been a while since I saw a Nigel match tbh lol.

Punk wins with a roll up, which is a meh ending, but hey, this match was fun as hell. They both worked great, did well in front of such a small crowd, and never once went to extremes with moves and finishers and kickouts. Ahhh, when Indies didn’t suck :).


Match 2 – Nigel McGuinness vs. Kevin Steen (7.25.08) – http://dai.ly/k5rPOEH8GR6Ga8mLQQU

FUCKING IN THE BUSHES. Awesome theme song for Nigel.

Apparently the fans want to fuck Nigel :side:.

Nice to see a guy in ROH in 2008 actually getting heat. They really don’t like it when he mocks Bryan with “I’ve got till 5”.

Love the way Nigel wrenches on the arms during his arm lock. And while he’s doing it to Steen he grabs his nose and pulls on that too :lmao. Good job it wasn’t HHH!

:lmao Steen starts grabbing at Nigel’s hair to escape a submission hold, and Nigel gets pissed off and just starts mashing his face :lmao. Glorious.

JAWBREAKER LARIAT attempt, and Steen just walks out of the way at it. He knew it was coming and wasn’t gonna get caught!

Fans are chanting “mr wrestling” at Steen :lmao. Silly ROH fans :).

Steen climbs onto the barricade (with the aid of a bald guy), but Nigel grabs him and hits a slam… BACK FIRST INTO THE RING APRON. Holy shit. Fuck that powerbomb Steen does, THAT looked 10x worse!

“DOES THAT HURT, PAL?” :lmao Nigel rocks.

Plenty of fun back work by Nigel, who knows how to WORK a hold. He even uses the ring hammer to smack Steen in the back at one point :lmao.

Steen makes a comeback with some nice counters and moves, including a POP UP POWERBOMB, which causes Nigel to scream “OH SHIT” :lmao.

TOWER OF LONDON. He didn’t hit it, but that’s the move from the Punk match I couldn’t remember the name of. London’s Burning? The fuck was I thinking? :p

TOWER OF LONDON. This time he did hit it :). ON THE FUCKING FLOOR :mark:.


He tried to follow it up in the ring with a Swanton but Nigel gets the knees up!

SHARPSHOOTER~! Apparently Steen has already made Nigel tap to this in some other match, and being in Canada it would be the perfect was for Steen to win the title. Except Nigel gets a rope break. Ha!

Nigel goes for another Jawbreaker, but Steen counters with a lariat of his own, and then nails the PACKAGE PILEDRIVER!!! 1… 2… NEW CHAMPION… NO!




Well, if the Jawbreaker doesn’t work, better try the… rope crotch lariat? Yeah, amma call it that.


That does it for Steen, and Nigel retains his ROH title in Canada in one fantastic fucking match!!!


Match 3 – Nigel McGuinness vs. Claudio Castagnoli (7.26.08) – http://dai.ly/k5AJNWS5h9L6WUmLPZ7

Did you know? Before Claudio came to WWE as Cesaro… I really didn’t care for the guy! Maybe now I’m a fan of him, I can get into his older stuff. Going against NIGEL should help too!

Hey, the fuck is this? No FUCKING IN THE BUSHES? Booooo!!!

BICYCLE KICK~! The bell rings and Claudio blasts Nigel in the face with the kick! LARIAT FROM NIGEL but Claudio just fires up and lands a HUGE powerbomb for a very, very close 2 count!!! Nigel didn’t expect this to turn into a bomb fest from the beginning, and as a result Claudio is in firm control in this ROH World title match!

Any time Nigel counters something from Claudio, the very European wrestler just shrugs it off and goes back on the all out assault on the Englishman!

Note to all Nigel opponents: Don’t try to jump off the barricade. It murdered Steen in the previous match I just saw, and it fucked over Claudio here too.


Another shot at Bryan with the “I’ve got till 5” :mark:. Shame I’ve already seen all their matches together otherwise I could have done a 5 matches with on just them together lol.

Kinda getting sad now, actually :(. The more I watch of Nigel, the more I realise just how incredible he could have been in WWE :(.


Claudio goes ALL OUT, hitting Nigel with fucking EVERYTHING he has, but Nigel just will not stay down. The Ricola(?) Bomb near fall is spectacular too. If I didn’t already know who wins I’d have thought it was over there.

JAW FUCKING BREAKER LARIAT~! The first of the match, and its all Nigel needed!

Really fun match, plenty of good stuff, though did get a little spammy with the big moves at the end, though that is something you need to expect from a big ROH match.


Match 4 – Nigel McGuinness vs. El Generico (8.15.08) – http://dai.ly/k5guoF4zSJEGYRmLQqf

Time for some SAMI GENERICO! As Jim Cornette would say, its a Canadian Red Headed Muslim pretending to be a Mexican Luchadore. Crazy :lmao. Seen almost nothing of El Generico, but the moment Sami showed up in NXT I became a huge fan. He’s one of the few guys on the current roster I like, but sadly not enough to go out of my way to watch unless its a match I’m really interested in.

Nigel still taking shots at Bryan. Love that he’s continuing to build HYPE to their eventual match.

Classic arm work from Nigel to start this one off. We didn’t get any of that really in the previous match due to Claudio coming out on fire from the get go.

They end up on the outside, and Nigel goes for a Lariat, only for Generico to duck and… FUCK ME, Nigel very nearly levels a fan lol.

Great little spot with Nigel on the mat, thinking Generico is gonna kick him so he covers up, but Generico instead jumps over him and lands a dropkick to the back of his head! Flashbacks to the Punk match lol.

Generico goes shoulder first into the ring post and now Nigel can get back to his arm work and fuck up the fake Luchadore!

HOW DOES NIGEL DO THOSE ARM SUBMISSIONS WITHOUT LEGIT INJURING HIS OPPONENTS? Seriously, RVD is probably the only guy bendy enough to not get hurt.

Who was the best wrestler in the world in 2008? Based on what I’ve already seen from Nigel, and what I’m seeing now, he HAS to be in the conversation at the very least, right?

TOWER OF LONDON FROM THE ROPES ONTO THE APRON!!! Surly that has to be the end… NO! Generico kicks out!

Sweet counters with Yakuza kicks from Generico!!! He countered the ROPE CROTCH LARIAT and the headstand in the corner with it, and then a Jawbreaker Lariat!!!

Nigel puts and end to Generico’s comeback but still can’t put him away. LONDON DUNGEON applied, and Steen comes out to encourage Generico to keep going!

COAST TO COAST SOMERSAULT~! Holy fucking shit!



Devastating short arm Lariat, but that still isn’t enough either!!! Nigel just has the Jawbreaker left, but can he hit it?

JAWBREAKER LARIAT!!! No cover though, instead Nigel locks in the London Dungeon and makes El Generico TAP OUT!

Another good match, though probs the weakest of the 3 ROH matches I’ve watched so far. Which really speaks volumes to the other matches cos this would top most 5 Matches With posts!


Match 5 – Nigel McGuinness vs. Naomichi Marufuji (12.27.08) – http://dai.ly/k5M8j2ZVAh1WpumLRep


Nice use of the CRAVAT early on from Nigel. Love the little spot where Marufuji tries to break the hold by slamming his arms down on Nigel’s, but Nigel lets go of the hold so Marufuji misses, then he quickll re-applies the hold!

SLICED BREAD #2 ON THE FLOOR~! Yeah, I know it has another, more official name, but I couldn’t quite make out what the commentator said lol :p. DON’T JUDGE ME!

Just another great thing about Nigel in all these 5 matches is that while he does have his signature moves and holds and spots, he also pulls out a bunch of new and different moves for each of his opponents, so no match is ever the same.

Gotta be honest, don’t really care for this match. Kinda boring with not much to it. Marufuji didn’t really add anything to the match, and he seemed to do most of the offence. One Jawbreaker and this is over. Meh. Disappointing end to this 5 matches with.

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