World’s Strongest Man 2019 – Heat 3

Time for another 2 strongmen to battle their way through the heats and into the finals! Competing today are:

Martins Licis (USA) – 4th at WSM 2018
Tom Stoltman (Great Britain) – 2018 Scotland’s Strongest Man
Mikhail Shivlyakov (Russia) – 5th WSM Appearance
Eddie Williams (Australia) – 2x Australia’s Strongest Man
Aivars Smaukstelis (Latvia) – 2016 Latvia’s Strongest Man

Event 1 – Monster Truck Pull
12 tonnes of MONSTER TRUCK need to be pulled down the 22m course. Not many have completed the course over the first 2 heats, but I think at least 2 men could do it here. Shivlyakov is first to try this event, and he certainly has the fitness to do this. However, he seems to be plodding along right from the start, then once the uphill section comes into play he comes to a halt. Honestly I’m shocked at that. I was expecting him to finish. Smaukstelis will try his hand at the truck pull next, and he gets off to a great start. 54.74 seconds later, and the truck crosses the line! Very impressive, and puts him in an elite group of men who have managed to finish this truck pull! Licis is up now, and he is one of the favourites not just for the heat but for the finals as well, and he proved it by finishing in 41.33 seconds, the closest time anyone has gotten to THOR’s time in heat 1! Now we have Tom Stoltman, the younger (but much bigger) brother of Luke Stoltman, who has already qualified. Can he join his brother in the finals? He certainly has the size and weight advantage in an event like this. A pretty bad run in terms of technique, which is likely due to his bags not making it to the airport, causing him to borrow a pair of shoes and as a result he was slipping all over and just couldn’t get going the way he wanted to. Last up is Eddie Williams, who apparently holds the world record for pulling a TANK. He does incredibly well, but starts to stagger left and right at the end, costing him a few seconds, but he still manages 1st place, just barely!

Event 2 – Giants Medley
As if pulling 12 tonnes of Monster Truck wasn’t enough, now the strongmen need to do a Farmer’s Walk, Super Yoke and a massive 600KG Giant Yoke all in a row as fast as possible! Shivlyakov went first, and managed to complete the course in a time of 35.61 seconds. A good result for him after a poor showing in the first event. Stoltman and Smaukstelis go head to head now, and hopefully Tom can also make up for the first event. Smaukstelis is ahead on the first 2 implements, but cannot beat the Scotsman with the Giant Yoke. Excellent time from Tom, and Smaukstelis still managed to beat Shivlyakov. It isn’t looking good for the Russian atm. Now for Licis V Williams, and my money is on Licis for the win. He does indeed win, not just against Williams but also the event! Williams struggles, but eventually gets the massive 600KG yoke over the line!

Event 3 – Deadlift for Reps
375KG and 60 seconds. The most reps win! Licis should continue to do well, and Shivlyakov could gain some much needed points as well. Stoltman isn’t the best here, so he’ll just have to do whatever he can to avoid last place. First up was Willaims, and he could only manage 2 reps. Smaukstelis went next and got 5 for the current lead. We join the action with Shivlyakov, and I’d expect maybe 10 from him here. He matches the 5 of Smaukstelis in 20 seconds, then takes a 10 second break before busting out a few more! 8 reps for him, and that should be a great result for him with just 2 men left, one being Stoltman who probably won’t do too well. Speaking of, Stoltman is out next. 3 will be what he is likely to aim for, just to avoid last place, but he makes me look like an idiot by being quite good! 7 reps in 30 seconds, one more to tie with Shivlyakov! He puts everything into one final rep, and gets that all important 8th rep! Excellent stuff! Last is Licis, and I’d be shocked if he didn’t get 9 for the win. And he does! 9 in 30 seconds and stops there. Impressive as hell!

Event 4 – Overhead Press
Time to lift up a big heavy log weighing 155KG as many times as possible within a 75 second time limit! Shivlyakov went first and has achieved 5 lifts. Stoltman will need to get at least the same to ensure he makes it to the head to head battle, as Licis is in all likelihood going to be the one making it to the finals without having to do the final event. We join the action with Smaukstelis and Williams having their turn. I have no idea what to expect from these two. Smaukstelis looks fairly comfortable, while Williams has to settle for just 2. 6 for Smaukstelis puts him ahead of the Russian, and means he will go into the head to head battle. As long as Stoltman can get at least 5 he will join him. I believe Licis will just need a couple of reps to go through, so he can have a well earned rest before the final. Instead he decides to show off a little, similar to Janashia in the previous head. Stoltman gets his 5 reps and he knows he has done enough.

Best check the points to see if I am indeed correct about Stoltman and Smaukstelis being in the head to head and Licis going through!

Yep, I was indeed correct. Yey me!

Event 5 – Atlas Stone Last Man Standing Showdown
Yesterday I wasn’t sure that the British competitor would make it through, but an unfortunately injury sent Robert Oberst home and Adam Bishop into the finals. Today, I have much faith in Tom Stoltman being the favourite here, so hopefully he doesn’t get injured! Both men go well, but it becomes clear that Smaukstelis is tiring faster, and in the end, the big Scotsman will join his brother in the finals! Congrats on them being the first 2 brothers to make the finals too!

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