Where The F~#% Has Big Cal Been?

Ok, so it’s fairly obvious I haven’t exactly been around much on bigcal.co.uk. Why? Well mainly because I’ve been focusing on Wrestling View. But that isn’t the whole story. Any time I’ve said to myself “right, time to get some content done for bigcal.co.uk”… something has happened in my life that just buggered the whole thing up. Be it getting a job (I know, right? THE HUMANITY!!!), leaving me with less free time allowing me to only really concentrate on Wrestling View, or having some kind of health problem (issue with my hands a couple of years back, torn rib muscles last year… lol).


However, things are about to change. I’m looking to go self employed within the next few weeks or so… meaning along with some other projects I have lined up, I will essentially be (trying to) making a living doing content for Wrestling View AND bigcal.co.uk! Yep. BOTH sites. Because being self employed means that all 24 hours of the day will belong to ME, so no having to waste my time at the job centre and other “job searching” related crap I was being forced to go to despite the fact they weren’t any help. Instead between the projects I am working on to be my main source of revenue, I’ll also have more time to focus on Wrestling View and bigcal.co.uk without having to worry about the government sending me places every week to waste my time!!!


So what does that mean EXACTLY? Well, it means that starting VERY soon, I’ll actually be producing content for bigcal.co.uk! Right now I am working on some wrestling game content, which ties in with Wrestling View (http://bigcalsworld.co.uk/?p=26 see here for more information), and from there I will be transitioning into non wrestling game content, as well as other subjects like TV and Movies!


As for Your Daily Dose of Dragonballs… yes I REALLY DO want to get that done. I do. It’s a project I genuinely want to get into and finally accomplish, but as I have said in the past, it will take time. Only now I might actually HAVE the time to get started on it properly! So I can say for definitely that I WILL be bringing this series back (complete with a remake of the Pilot!), but it will get done in the background to other projects I have planned for bigcal.co.uk as they can be done much quicker.


The future is looking very positive for bigcal.co.uk! So keep checking out the site for more updates and new content, and don’t forget to check out Wrestling View as well as my Blip TV account, YouTube account, and Twitter account!

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