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No Way Out 2007


JBL goes on an insane USA tirade when Cole tries to introduce the Spanish announcers lol.


Wonderful, Cole has a sore throat. His voice is annoying enough without this.


Chris Benoit & The Hardy Boys Vs MNM & MVP

Plenty of talent in this match! MVP is here too. Should have replaced him with Melina. Would be better.

Speaking of Melina… DAMN. Smoking hot!

:lmao JBL goes insane when Benoit gets tagged in, and hypes up how great he is and claims the entire match is gonna change. Aaaand then MVP gains control over Benoit after about 5 seconds :lmao.

DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEX~! Benoit just German Suplexed BOTH MNM at the same time! Oh btw this is all happening right at the end of the match :p. Literally nothing to talk about until that point :lmao.

Match isn’t bad. Not in the slightest… it’s just… a basic tag match. Heels control, hot tag, finishing stretch. Nothing out of the ordinary, no big bumps, no shocking moments. Just a solid tag that could easily have been on Smackdown rather than the PPV.

:lmao oh yeah, and Nitro somehow manages to take a BACK BUMP from an attempted BULLDOG by Matt :lmao.

Rating: **1/2


Hornswoggle thinks little people are scary :lmao. Finlay… throws him in a dumpster. And then he gets attacked by the mini boogeyman.


Scotty 2 Hotty Vs Daivari Vs Gregory Helms Vs Funaki Vs Shannon Moore Vs Jimmy Wang Yang Vs Jamie Noble Vs Chavo Guerrero – Cruiserweight Championship Open Match

Basically a gauntlet match.

:lmao so they put Daivari over at the start of the match, as he actually BEAT the CW Champ, Helms, on SD the week before. Aaaand then about 2 minutes later Scotty 2 Hotty beats him with the WORM :lmao.

Speaking of Helms, he’s out next. CODE BREAKER~!

Man, the CW division was pretty dire at this point wasn’t it? :p

Funaki gets pinned in about 10 seconds. They might as well have not booked him on the show lol.

Code Breaker to Moore. Wow this match so far is a whole bunch of NOTHING.

The crowd are into this match just as much as me. They are silent, btw. In case you couldn’t figure it out

Huh, Wang Yang just eliminated Helms. And… the match isn’t even over yet?

JAMIE NOBLE~! Are these two the last guys in the match? Which means one of these two are gonna be the NEW CW champ? Well at least they used up all the trash early on in the match 8*D.

Bought a new lamp today. It’s pretty cool. With an LED bulb, which supposedly lasts 20 years. As someone who went through a pack of bulbs a month with my previous… 5 or 6 lamps lol… it’ll be interesting to see if the LED bulb can live up to expectations :p.

Urgh, Chavo is in this match too. Guessing he wins? Yeah, he wins. Urgh.

What a boring, total NOTHING match that took the belt off Helms, who held it for over a year, in the most underwhelming way ever.

Rating: 1/2*


Finlay & Hornswoggle Vs The Boogeyman & The Little Boogeyman

I’m actually skipping a FINLAY match.

Rating: NO


King Booker Vs Kane

It just gets worse.

Rating: NO


Paul London & Bryan Kendrick Vs Deuce & Domino – WWE Tag Team Championship Match

So this is another of the many “new tag team shows up and immediately gets a title shot and wins” scenario that WWE seems to love for whatever reason. God forbid they ever try and build a team up first.

Cole’s voice is getting worse and worse. Urgh. Why put a guy on commentary who can’t talk very well? HIS ONLY JOB IS TO TALK AND HE CAN BARELY DO IT.

Fuck me, did I honestly think JBL was awesome on commentary during his first run in 06/07? I remember being so excited when he came back, then quickly got sick of him saying the same old shit. He was literally NO DIFFERENT back during this time too. He’s as annoying here as he is on any current show. Cole too. It’s just awful and them rambling about useless shit is taking me out of this match (which might not be a bad think since it’s D&D in there, but still…).

Huh, London and Kendrick retain. Honestly thought this was when D&D won the belts lol. Guess that showed me :p.

If I had skipped this, I wouldn’t have missed anything.

Rating: 1/2*


Bobby Lashley Vs Mr Kennedy – ECW Championship Match

Urgh. I guess I’ll give it a watch, what with it being a brand title match and all. Kennedy cuts a cringe worthy promo before the match, then Lashley shows up, mumbles, and I *think* punches Kennedy… but it might have been a push. Either way it looked awful and shitty :lmao.

Boy is this dull. Should have been the tagline for the show. “WWE No Way Out 2007: Boy is this dull!”

Kennedy attacked Lashley from behind on his way to the ring, and they do some shitty fighting on the outside, then inside the ring they… do some shitty wrestling. Lashley just kinda runs at Kennedy with his arms and clubs him down, and Kennedy works the leg of Lashley in the most boring way possible.

Devin The Dude is in the crowd!!! No idea who he is, but someone has a sign pointing to him. And looking at the crowd is far more exciting than what the two guys in the ring are doing.

So…. how about that local sports team huh? NOTHING IS HAPPENING IN THIS MATCH FOR ME TO TALK ABOUT.

:lmao the finish is Lashley getting DQ’d for hitting Kennedy with the chair that Kennedy brought into the ring :lmao. A dull as shit match with a terrible finish :lmao.

Rating: DUD


The divas show up for… something, and Ashley does a Sable with covered tits, except they are playboy bunnies instead of handprints.


The Undertaker & Batista Vs Shawn Michaels & John Cena

Fuck YES, finally a match worth seeing on this show!!! :mark:

Man, this really was a HUGE fucking tag. Sure, it doesn’t THOSE names like Hogan, Austin and Rock, but sweet jebus, we do have UNDERTAKER who is one of the biggest icons and legends in the history of the business, HBK who is always put right up near the top when it comes to WWE, Cena who is still the top guy right now and has been for TEN YEARS, and Batista who was Cena’s #2 at the time and is starting to gain some real momentum in Hollywood atm. And to top it all off, these guys are all part of the 2 WM main events for the WHC and WWE title!

Back in 07 I was soooo looking forward to this match for one reason, and honestly it’s still the main reason I love watching it back; UNDERTAKER VS SHAWN MICHAELS. The RR a month before was their first physical encounter in NINE YEARS. And we still had to wait another 2 to get them one on one :(. But we got that 2 years in a row at WM and both are fucking tremendous :mark:.

Match starts off with Batista Vs Cena, which is actually pretty big in its own right and would be a main event for a WM a couple of years later too. In fact it happened in 2010, right? And on the same show was the second Taker/HBK WM match too! Random trivia that means fuck all and nobody cares about but I’m telling you anyway SO THERE!!! :)

:mark: UNDERTAKER AND HBK IN THE SAME RING TOGETHER :mark:. Crowd have been shit all night, guess they were saving themselves for this match. Don’t blame em. Everything else was shit, and this has UNDERTAKER VS SHAWN MICHAELS in it :mark:.

:mark: UNDERTAKER AND CENA :mark:. Disappointing that was never got this at WM. Sure, technically it still COULD happen, but it SHOULD have happened a couple of years ago. Ah well, thankfully they have at least had a couple of great singles matches together in 03 and 04 :).





Good GOD, Undertaker powers Shawn up for a body press, then just STARES at Cena like “hey, dick head, I’m gonna murder your partner and there is nothing you can do”. And then he just launches HBK over the ropes to the floor :mark:. They were doing this shit in 1998. It’s now 2007 and they are STILL more than capable of doing it, and doing it perhaps even better than back then :mark:.

Batista and the Dead Man do a good job of working over HBK, and I’m just nonstop :mark: over Taker and Shawn being in the same match lol.

Hot tag comes and things get even BETTER with all hell breaking loose. I like how Cena does his 5 moves of doom shit, but splits it between Undertaker and Batista. Probably because Undertaker was all “it’s shit and I hate how it’s set up” :p. And he’d be 100% right because it IS shit and the set up is awful. It all requires Cena’s opponents to do THE EXACT SAME SHIT to Cena every time, rather than CENA doing everything. And it makes his opponents look retarded.



Also nice to see that things settle down again a little so we can have another, albeit short, FIP segment, only this time Batista is the one in peril.

LOL, HBK tells Undertaker to SUCK IT as he sets up Sweet Chin Music on Batista… only for Batista to counter and tag ‘Taker in :lmao. THE DEAD MAN GONNA KILL EM ALL~!

HOLY SHIT SPINEBUSTER TO UNDERTAKER :eek:. Batista just sent a message to his WM opponent! Undertaker is left alone, hurt, with HBK AND John Cena!

Sweet Chin Music right into an F-U, and THE UNDERTAKER takes the fall in the match! Well DAMN! I actually forgot that happened :lmao.

Ahhhh, this still rules the planet. The four top guys on the planet at the time in the ring together. WM opponents forced to team up and work together. All hell breaking loose. And what a way to help build to WM too! HBK/Cena were tag champs at the time, and HBK made it clear that he wanted Cena 100% and would “protect” him, so honestly those two working together better AND coming out on top makes sense. Meanwhile Batista and Undertaker are two MONSTERS who just wanna destroy everyone and be WHC. Undertaker sent a message to Batista after the RR when he chose him as his WM opponent and chokeslammed the shit out of him, and now Batista is sending a message right back to Undertaker that he isn’t afraid of the Dead Man. And to top it all off, in ring wise it’s a tremendous tag match and the crowd are HOT for it, unlike the rest of the PPV.

Rating: ****1/4


Overall CAL SCALE – 5

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