Big Cal’s Top 10 Favourite Films

Time for some non video game content! Yey!!! Like my Top 10 Favourite Games list, this isn’t about the BEST films ever, but simply my FAVOURITE. The ones that while they might have flaws, are super fun and I can watch them any time. So with that out of the way, let’s get on to the list! Oh, and like my games list, this too won’t be in any real order.




It’s no secret that I love a good comedy. A GOOD comedy. They seem to be few and far between these days, which is a shame. However I still have a decent amount of comedies in my collection, and while this might not be the BEST, it’s damn sure one of my favourites! When Scott (Scott Mechlowicz) gets dumped by his girlfriend (in hilarious fashion, btw), he gets drunk. When he’s drunk, his French penpal emails him about coming to visit and making a pass at him. Scott obviously isn’t the greatest French student as he has mistaken his penpal for a guy. In reality? She’s a smoking hot babe (Kristin Kreuk)! Realising his mistake in the morning, he embarks on a journey across Europe to try and find her! They visit a number of countries, and we get plenty of funny moments (who could ever forget the creepy guy on the train scene?!?!). Plus, Michelle Trachtenberg being sexy and hunting down some “Hot European Sex” doesn’t hurt either!


lake placid


Oh hey, another comedy! This one is a very different comedy to Euro Trip though, as it features a killer giant crocodile! When Kelly Scott (Bridget Fonda) gets dumped by her boyfriend (huh, I notice a trend in these comedies…), who she also works with, she gets sent to some small town to investigate a tooth found in the body of a dead guy who was attacked by an unknown creature in the lake. She, along with the local Sheriff, a Game and Fish officer, and a crazy crocodile hunter (Oliver Platt), make it their mission to hunt down this creature and put an end to the killings! Each character is hilarious for their very own reasons (Oliver Platt’s character and the Sheriff make for an incredible duo, btw), and even though it IS mainly a comedy, often poking fun of giant shark/sea monster movies, it still can be very series at times and very tense as they build up to the reveal of the killer croc. An all round great film, that stands out more thanks to it’s comedy. Oh, and Betty White has a role too. She’s awesome. As usual.


lock stock


I sat with the DVD’s of both this and Snatch for about 5 minutes, trying to decide which would make my list. I actually watched both last week, so they were fresh in my mind. I love both films for a variety of reasons, but in the end, I decided that I had the most fun watching Lock, Stock over Snatch. Barely. I love the cast of characters and how they are all doing their own thing, but end up connecting in various ways. Eddy, a skilled card player, and his 3 friends put together £100,000 to enter a high stakes poker game run by “Hatchet” Harry, a ruthless individual who cheats his way to victory in the game, but in the process puts Eddy and his friends into debt. By £500,000. To him. They have 1 week to pay him back, or his friend Barry “The Baptist” will chop off their fingers for every day they don’t pay! Meanwhile, Eddy’s next door neighbours are looking to steal a ton of money and drunks from a dealer they know. I won’t go any further than that because I don’t want to spoil everything if you haven’t seen it. All you need to know is that you NEED to see this film! Great interconnecting stories, a great cast, and some very funny dialogue!  And hey, Snatch is right up there with it too. So watch that as well!


rocky 4


I don’t think anyone can doubt the fact that the first Rocky is a CLASSIC. However, when I was a kid, Rocky IV was the first in the series I was introduced to. And I just loved it. The epic 80’s training montages and the awesome fight between Rocky and Drago still remain some of my favourite moments in the entire Rocky series. It might not have the same heart, emotion and overall depth or characters and stories that the first film does, but this one is pure FUN all the way.


terminator 2


Oh what a film. What a film indeed! This wouldn’t just make my top 10 favourite films list, but would also make my top 10 best films list! I first watched it as a kid with my dad and brother (even though we were WAY under-age lol!), and I fell in love with it. An incredible story that even as a kid I was able to appreciate, along with some great characters, incredible action scenes and special effects that still hold up to this day! I love this film so much I own it THREE TIMES. Once on VHS, then again on DVD, and finally, Bluray. It was the first Bluray I ever bought too! Despite it’s length (the Skynet Bluray Edition I own has about 40 minutes extra footage compared to my original VHS version!), it’s still one of those films I could sit and watch at any time. The 2+ hours fly by because you are so caught up in the story. Such a wonderful film… just a shame they didn’t end the series there.


the avengers


The most recently released film on my list! Ever since Iron Man came out in 2008, I fell in love with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fact that we got FIVE films leading up to this one film is incredible. They used those films to introduce us to all the individual characters, so by the time The Avengers came around, they could simply throw these characters into one giant battle without the need to introduce all the characters and really flesh them out! What we got was a 2 hour non stop action extravaganza! Each character got their own moment to shine which was great, and we got some of the typical Joss Whedon humour that I personally love so much. I must have watched this 10 times since it came out. <3 Marvel!!!


the godfather


I mentioned that nobody can deny Rocky is a classic. Well, the very definition of a classic film might just be THE GODFATHER. It truly is a masterpiece. And not only that, it’s a persona favourite film of mine! I wasn’t introduced to The Godfather in general until my friend’s brother got the PC game in 2006. I gave it a go and enjoyed it, so I decided to give the films a watch. And boy had I been missing out! Part II is usually thrown around as being the best of the trilogy, and I used to also have that opinion, however after reading the book, my love for the first one increased. Book to film adaptations can be very, very hit and miss. Too much is usually either changed or missed out (due to time constraints). And yes, while even the near 3 hours of The Godfather ended up cutting parts of the book out… what they kept in was about as perfect as a book to film adaptation could possibly do. A fantastic story, written by Mario Puzo, a fantastic cast including Al Pacino who was a breakout star thanks to this film, Marlone Brando, and Robert Duvall (to name just a few). I’m a massive fan of all things Mafia related, and it’s all thanks to this film!


the last castle


I actually stumbled across this on TV randomly one night. It was around the time I was watching The Sopranos, so when I happened to come across a film with James Gandolfini as the main antagonist, set inside a prison, I made sure to give it a watch out of curiosity. I’m certainly glad I did! Gandolfini plays his role to perfection as an egotistical power-mad army prison warden, and Robert Redford is incredible in his role as a former General, sent to the prison after disobeying direct orders from The President. At first, the General just wants to stay out of the way and do his time. But the more people come up to him and tell him how terrible they get treated, and how EVIL the warden is, the General jumps back into action and plans an attack against the prison guards! A film I don’t see people talking about much, which is a shame because they are missing out on a fantastic film with some wonderful acting!


toy story


Cheating a little here by having all 3 of the Toy Story films, but you know what? SCREW YOU!!! One of the absolute BEST trilogies of films ever, as unlike most trilogies, even the third film is on par with the first two! Toy Story 1 is definitely an all time classic, as the first feature length film done with computer animation. They managed to put everything a real film would typically have into animation; great story, great actors (yeah, the animated characters ACT), funny and serious moments, great characters and some memorable moments. And that’s pretty incredible! It’s rare I go to the cinema to see a film more than once, but I remember seeing Toy Story at least 3 times as a kid. Since then I’ve own the trilogy on DVD and now Bluray to watch over and over again. The second film, while usually not seen to be as good as the first or third, in my opinion is still terrific. They continue on from the first film extremely well, while adding in a great new plot and even some new characters. Toy Story 3 came years later, and the magic was still there, just as strong as ever! Talk about an emotional roller-coaster! Child or adult, these films can be enjoyed just the same.


whole 9 yards


And finally, perhaps my absolute favourite COMEDY film of all time; The Whole Nine Yards! This one seems to have dropped under the radar as far as Bruce Willis films go, and that is down right CRIMINAL. This has a pretty great cast, with Bruce Willis, Amanda Peet, Matthew Perry and Michael Clarke Duncan among others. Bruce Willis plays a former Mafia hitman in witness protection. Perry plays a dentist who HATES his life and his wife, and when he recognises the hitman for who he really is, gets convinced by his wife to turn him in to the Mafia for a reward, and in return… SHE’LL DIVORCE HIM! That pretty much seals the deal as he’ll do anything to get divorced… however after spending some time with the former hitman, he ends up befriending him, and so the film takes a couple of crazy twists and turns before a great climax! This film NEVER fails to make me laugh, and the sequel, The Whole Ten Yards, ain’t too shabby either!


And there you have it! My Top 10 Favourite Films ever!

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