BCW Interactive General Manager: Episode 001 – Getting Started

Here is a list of the roster to choose from. Remember, wrestlers in this colour qualify as Cruiserweights which is a Smackdown exclusive title, and wrestlers in this colour qualify for the women’s championship division, a title exclusive to Raw.


  1. Batista
  2. Big Show
  3. Booker T
  4. Carlito
  5. Charlie Hass
  6. Chavo Guerrero
  7. Chris Benoit
  8. Chris Jericho
  9. Chris Masters
  10. Christian
  11. Christy Hemme
  12. Danny Basham
  13. Doug Basham
  14. Eddie Guerrero
  15. Edge
  16. Eugene
  17. Heidenreich
  18. The Hurricane
  19. JBL
  20. John Cena
  21. Joy Giovanni
  22. Kane
  23. Khosrow Daivari
  24. Kurt Angle
  25. Lita
  26. Mark Jindrak
  27. Michelle McCool
  28. Muhammad Hassan
  29. Orlando Jordan
  30. Paul London
  31. Randy Orton
  32. Rene Dupree
  33. Rey Mysterio
  34. Ric Flair
  35. Rob Van Dam
  36. Rob Conway
  37. Scotty 2 Hotty
  38. Shawn Michaels
  39. Shelton Benjamin
  40. Snitsky
  41. Spike Dudley
  42. Stacy Keibler
  43. Steven Richards
  44. Sylvain Grenier
  45. Tajiri
  46. Torrie Wilson
  47. Triple H
  48. Trish Stratus
  49. Undertaker
  50. William Regal


Please remember that the order of superstars on your list is very important. The person at the top of your list should be the person you want me to draft first (if possible). UPDATED RULES: Now, each wrestler has a number, so instead of writing out a list of NAMES, you can just list the NUMBERS in the order you want them! Ways to send me your list (including which brand you wish me to run) include:


The comments section below (either on www.wrestlingview.co.uk, www.bigcalsworld.co.uk, or below the video on Youtube)

Email – bigcal@wrestlingview.co.uk or bigcal@bigcalsworld.co.uk – with the subject title”BCW GM”.

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