5 Matches With… Stan Hansen


Match 1 – Stan Hansen vs. Bob Backlund (2/16/81) – http://dai.ly/k78sTYwvaVunHWm9wuh


No better way to start off my Hansen post than with a match against BOB FUCKING BACKLUND!

Wouldn’t want to mess with Hansen, dude has BAD MAN on the back of his jacket!

Hansen keeps yelling for Backlund to get out here, so Backlund storms the ring and this thing is a wild brawl before the bell even rings! Backlund smashes Stan with the belt a bunch of times before the referee finally takes it away from him!

Backlund is BEATING UP STAN HANSEN. Now there is something I never thought I’d ever type lol.

Wow, its actually STAN who pulls out the first few wrestling moves, gaining the advantage with a snapmare and a suplex. Backlund was seemingly content with trying to punch the shit out of the big Texan!

Hansen with a front headlock, and Backlund powers out! Hansen himself has said that Bob is one of the strongest men he’s been in the ring with, and considering some of the BEASTS he’s been in the ring with, that is really saying something.

ASK HIM! Hansen screaming ASK HIM at the referee while applying an arm lock. Pfft, Jericho does nothing but steal from other wrestlers and isn’t nearly as good as any of them.

After Backlund escapes the arm lock, we get a somewhat traditional “don’t let Bob back in the ring” spot, where Backlund likes to get knocked out of the ring and have his opponent prevent him from getting back in. Hansen DECKS Backlund with a clothesline on the apron, then looks to pull something out of his elbow pad and put it back in his tights! Just what did Stan load the elbow pad with?!?! Whatever it was, its hurt Bob and busted the champion open!!!

The ref gets to a count of 8, so Hansen stops him and tells him he wants Bob back in the ring so he can win the title. Smart move by Stan!

Hansen finally gets Bob back in the ring and beings to focus on the open cut on Bob’s head, until the champ has enough and makes his awesome come back!

Hansen tries to slow down Bob’s momentum by throwing him out of the ring again, but Bob lands on his feet, drags Stan outside with him and utterly destroys THE LARIAT with help from the steel guard rail and ring post!!! Now Hansen is bleeding, and BOB is determined to take advantage!

SLUGFEST~! Both men throwing punches! Things get so out of control the referee calls for the bell, but they continue to beat the hell out of each other!!!

In what should be no surprise to anyone, this match rules. BOB probably has fewer bad matches during his 5 year title run than just about anyone could dream of. Hansen looked great too, and yeah, I can’t wait to see more of him!


Match 2 – Stan Hansen vs. Genichiro Tenryu (3/27/88) – http://dai.ly/k5TcqkDAOk8i3zm9wDU


My favourite Japanese star, TENRYU!!! He looks so young here lol. I wonder if these had any matches during Tenryu’s GRUMPY OLD BASTARD run.

The introductions barely finish and Tenryu tries to jump Hansen, only to be absolutely blasted in the face by Hansen and knocked on his arse!!!

I think I can already tell I’m going to like this, lol :p.

FUCK ME, Tenryu drops Hansen practically on his head with a back suplex! Tenryu seems to be bleeding around his eye too.


:mark: this is a fucking FIGHT. Even when Tenryu is on the mat on his back, he’s dishing out brutal kicks to Stan. And Stan responds with a punch to that bloody eye :mark:.

HANSEN with those knee drops right to the face of Tenryu :mark:.




Tenryu with his foot on the ropes!!!


Hansen breaks up the cover, and proceeds to punch the fuck out of Tenryu’s injured eye!!!

Shades of the Backlund match as both men try to kill each other, then Hansen shoves the referee a bunch of times and tries to choke Tenryu with the ropes causing a DQ!!! This is chaos!!! And its fucking awesome!!!


Match 3 – Stan Hansen v Leon White (/13/86) – http://dai.ly/k6qLUKPS1jrVoGm9wFM


Its VADER before he was VADER. And before Hansen punched his eye out of his face that one time :p.

Anakin Skywa… I mean Leon White is DOMINATING the AWA World Champion early on here! He applies a massive headlock and not even THE LARIAT can escape the grip of the soon to be MAN CALLED VADER.

The commentary for this thing is awful lol. Verne Gagne and… someone else, who keeps starting sentences and then not finishing them. Verne’s line about Leon’s fingers going white as Hansen pulls on them while working over the arm is just… :lmao terrible. “His hands are turning white already. Ha, guess with a name like White maybe they’ll turn white?”

Thankfully despite the awful commentary, Leon’s use of the headlock early on his awesome, and Hansen brutalising the fingers and arm of Leon is epic. Might be better than Arn Anderson at wrenching back and trying to break fingers.

They end up on the outside, and the referee gets to a count of 8… and then starts again from 1 because this match isn’t supposed to end in a countout, I guess :p.

Leon makes a nice comeback, but a missed running splash allows Hansen to hit probably the weakest Lariat I’ve seen him hit, and the champ retains his title. Meh finish, but everything else was great.


Match 4 – Stan Hansen v Carlos Colon (10/12/86) – http://dai.ly/k1ZEA4P9Bs8nCGm9wxL


Not sure what’s being said, but CARLITO keeps getting mentioned on commentary lol. Anyway… Hansen attacks Carlos before the start of the match, kills the referee, then continues to brutalise Carlos by choking him with his rope!

A table on the outside, which I think was where they put Carlos’ belt, gets smashed to pieces as Hansen uses it as a weapon. Apparently all this stuff is fine, as once Hansen gets Carlos back into the ring, a new referee shows up and the match officially starts :lmao.

Starting to think Carlos is Carlito since the commentator keeps mentioning him lol :p.

CARLOS with a head as hard as a Samoan’s apparently, with Hansen nearly knocking himself out while delivering a heatbutt!

After the beating Hansen has given to Carlos, Carlos’ comeback is full of stuff shots, bites, and even a low blow! In fact, I think the biting is what busted open Stan!

The referee gets taken out as Carlos continues to beat the piss out of Stan. Someone shows up on the outside, hands Stan something to load up the elbow pad, and BAM. LARIATOOOOO~! Hansen picks up the win!!!

Fun brawl! Hansen is the new champion!


Match 5 – Stan Hansen v Lex Luger (10/27/90) – http://dai.ly/k5R9MGRGVVhjKym9wJt

Can Hansen win another title during this 5 Matches With? The WCW US title is on the line, and Luger could be in trouble!

The bell rings and its Luger who flies at Stan with rights to the face! Hansen storms off for a moment, then comes back into the ring and returns the favour, gaining him control of the match.

A bump over the ropes to the floor puts a stop to Hansen’s mauling of Lex, and now the LEX EXPRESS can try to run over THE LARIAT.

Match is going back and forth a bunch, as they BATTER each other.

The referee gets taken out, and Luger counters a lariat with… his own lariat!!! Dan Spivey shows up to try and help out, but it backfires. However, the referee still isn’t up, and BAM. Lariatoooo!!! Stan Hansen is the NEW United States Champion!!!

Another fun brawl!

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