5 Matches With… Dustin Rhodes



Match 1 – Dustin Rhodes vs. Terry Funk (PWF 3.11.89) – http://dai.ly/k6ZCZUQiJPktHxlRCk1


Time to sit down and watch some matches from the Grandson of a plumber, Dustin Rhodes! Best known as Goldust, Dustin was one hell of a wrestler long before he took on that gimmick, and I’m hoping to show people exactly that with these 5 matches before he went to the WWF!

What better way to start than a match against perhaps UNARGUABLY the greatest of all time TERRY FUNK!!!

Wow, match takes about 5 matches to get going because Funk is busy being a crazy bastard before Dustin even gets to the ring!

PILEDRIVER~! Funk tried to pin him after that so close to the ropes, that when Dustin kicked out, Terry ends up falling out of the ring :lmao. Amazes me how Terry can play the biggest fool possible with shit like that, but seconds later could make you believe he was the most evil, crazy, sadistic bastard in the world.

Damn, I always thought Dustin resembled his dad in certain ways, but here he literally looks like a thinner version of Dusty. He has a bit of a podge, and his face looks a little fatter than it would in later years, and he looks fucking IDENTICAL to his dad lol.

So far, Dustin has got no offence in beyond an Irish Whip, but he’s a fantastic seller and shows it off nicely here against Funk.

Dustin gets a nice comeback in, throwing some big rights and slamming Terry a bunch of times, which really takes its toll on the legendary FUNKER.

SLEEPER~! Dustin looks to be out, but Humperdink, Funk’s manager, distracts the referee so Funk can wrap his wrist tape around the next for good measure!

Funk is fucking hilarious btw. He’s still selling the beating from Dustin, and at one point just falls over Dustin like an idiot but its the greatest thing ever.

Humperdink gets involved again, and takes a few punches to the face, but it allows Funk to tie Dustin up with a chain, allowing Funk to smash his leg repeatedly with a steel chair until The Nasty Boys and… someone else show up for the save.

Admittedly this wasn’t the BEST start, as the match was way more FUNK than Dustin, but its cool to see how good Dustin was so early in his career. His nickname was THE NATURAL and it might be the most fitting nickname for a young wrestler ever.


Match 2 – Dustin Rhodes vs. Larry Zbyszko (WCWSN 4.13.91) – http://dai.ly/k7IxfNXI5LNPHllRBt2


THE STALL~! Larry Z is a master of taking his time in matches, which some people won’t like, but personally I love him for it.

Larry is getting frustrated by THE NATURAL early on, as every time he hits a move, Dustin fires right back with a move of his own. So, in typical heel fashion, he cheats :).

In just 2 years, Dustin now has more of his own look, rather than being a thinner Dusty lol. His face isn’t as fat, giving him more distinct features, and he doesn’t quite have that podge either :p.

Fucking hell, Dustin misses a dropkick, but damn at the height he got for it anyway lol. Pretty sure he could leap over someone at 6 foot with ease.

I like how when Dustin goes for a suplex and Zybszko blocks it, instead of going back to it again and again and wasting energy in hopes he actually manages it, he instead just punches Larry and hits a takedown for a quick 2 count. Saves energy AND likely surprised the Living Legend, which could have potentially lead to a 3 count.

TERRANCE TAYLOR shows up and grabs Dustin’s leg and holds it down, hoping to allow Larry to steal a pin, but Dustin hits a cradle and holds it for the 3 count even while Taylor is still holding him down!!! Cool unique finish!

I liked this one a bunch, even if it only lasts about 7 minutes :). Much better showcase for Dustin, even if again he mainly worked from the bottom and sold.


Match 3 – Dustin Rhodes vs. Arn Anderson (WCWSN 1.25.92) – http://dai.ly/k6E8xGOAUhdkMNlRBzB


Surprised the ring didn’t implode or something due to the sheer TALENT in this match! Arn is a guy I need to do a 5 Matches With post on very soon.

They spend the first minute or so trading holds, until Dustin BLASTS Arn with a single punch to the face and Arn sells the absolute fuck out of it. Dick Murdoch is well known for getting the most out of a single punch, but Arn has to be up there too. The way he falls on his arse, sells the pain in his jaw and looks on in sheer disbelief that he actually got hit.

Arn fakes a knee injury, which causes Paul Heyman to jump in the ring and beg Dustin to leave the ring and end the match, even offering him money to do so :lmao. Arn of course gets up and attacks from behind, and levels Dustin with a DDT!!! And then does some jumping jacks for good measure :).

Normally the DDT would end the match, but the referee was still busy with Heyman so Arn knew it wouldn’t get the job done with all that time being wasted, and instead decides to focus all his efforts on smashing Dustin’s head in!

Dustin sells the head well, then does his usual great job with his comeback. His punches are glorious. Just as Dustin is kicking things up into a high gear, Larry Z shows up to cause a DQ, and Windham comes for the save! Steve Austin runs in to try and attack from behind, but ends up getting a beatdown and locked in a figure four as Dustin holds off the rest of the Dangerous Alliance with a chair!!!

Yup, another really good, but short, Dustin match :). Arn was awesome too. Duh.


Match 4 – Dustin Rhodes vs. Rick Rude (WWW 5.30.92) – http://dai.ly/k7xbxUojeTrvdSlRBML


Wait.. what did the announcer just say? The final match in the SUPER NINTENDO top 10 challenge tournament? How have I never heard of such a thing before? :lmao

Not sure what to expect from this. Rude was great during his WCW run around this time, leading the Dangerous Alliance and whatnot. And Dustin was incredible too. BUT they did have a 30 minute Iron Man match that I was disappointed with given the people involved, especially after seeing Rude’s 30 minute Iron Man match with Steamboat which was, well, spectacular. Hopefully a shorter, one fall to a finish match is what these two need to really have a great match :).

Match is all Dustin for the first few minutes, and he already looks way better on offence than he did just months earlier against Arn. He’s still pretty much a rookie in the business at this point, so its great to see how much better he keeps getting. He’s working the back of Rude, and even takes some time to mock him by imitating his gyrations lol. A couple of low blows later and Rude is back in control. Never understood why a reverse atomic drop was legal. ITS A KNEE TO THE BALLS lol.

Shades of the upcoming 30 minute Iron Man match with Steamboat that I mentioned earlier, as poor Rude’s back is hurting so much he can’t gyrate properly. Those poor women who came here just to see that!

Dustin might be the best guy at taking an inside out bump from a clothesline.

:lmao at Rude’s “drunk punch” selling. Not as good as Arn, but still damn hilarious.

LOW BLOW. Again. Seemingly in front of the referee but nope. Lol.

Awesome battle out of a Tombstone from Dustin, who lands his own! Huh, this match uses a lot of what we’d see in the Steamboat Iron Man match lol :p.

The set up to the bulldog is awesome. Dustin keeps finding a way to manoeuvre around Rude so he can’t see him, then BAM. Lands it.




Odd that the match had like, 5 spots that should have resulted in a DQ, but in the end Rude picks up the win with a 123 :p.

Rick Rude is officially the SUPER NINTENDO #1! Great match, way better than their Iron Man match.


Match 5 – Dustin Rhodes vs. Cactus Jack (Falls Count Anywhere) (Main Event 9.6.92) – http://dai.ly/k683CRxphAN1s5lRBX1


Time to find out how well Dustin can FIGHT as he faces the lunatic Cactus Jack in a Falls Count Anywhere match!

Dustin attacks Cactus before they even get in the ring, and the fight begins!

Cactus with that sunset flip :lmao. The one where he does a diving flip off the apron, and lands hard on his arse before his opponent even turns over :lmao. Always looks like it hurts Cactus and does nothing to his opponent.

Michael Hayes on commentary with a somewhat creepy call during a sleeper hold. “Cut off the carotid artery, nobody’s breathing and can’t move… you can pin em in your BEDROOM if you want to”. I’ll let everyone else decide if that’s disturbing or not :p.

Cactus trying to beat Dustin to death with a chair, which has a headset and electrical box of some sort still tangled up in it :lmao.

Brutal back suplex on the floor. Cactus losing more brain cells.

DOUBLE PUNCH~! They both deck each other in the face at the same time and just crumple to the floor.

Great finish to the match, with Cactus dodging a clothesline and Dustin launching himself over the ropes and to the concrete floor, allowing Cactus to hit his elbow drop for the pin.

Short and sweet!

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