5 Matches With… Jose Lothario



Match 1 – Jose Lothario & Mil Mascaras vs. Dory & Terry Funk (1/7/87) – http://dai.ly/k7JpHwckebU7hFonciF

Jose Lothario. For many, he’s only really known as being the guy who trained Shawn Michaels, and appeared on WWF TV for around a year to manage HBK on his way to the title. Hell, even for me, I know him like that mostly, so now I can finally get to see him as an in ring talent!

This first match has its good and bad points just with who is involved. TERRY FUNK being in it automatically makes me interested. Dory… sometimes I enjoy him, other times I’m bored to tears by him. And then we have Mil. Good old Mil. Everything I’ve seen from him (which is very little), has been utterly awful. And even a lot of wrestlers have the same opinion of him from working with him lol! Who knows, maybe in a tag situation, and in 1979 when he isn’t 100 years old, against the FUNKS, he might be ok.

Apparently the main audio track for this match is from a microphone focused on the ring, because you can hear every creak any time anyone slightly moves :p. A little annoying, I gotta say, but I’ll get over it. Or rather, I’ll just put the sound down a little :p.

Over 5 minutes in and I just noticed there are 2 referees in the ring lol. And yes, that’s the most interesting thing so far.

10 minutes in now, and Dory tags in and hits a bunch of the worst looking European Uppercuts I have ever seen. At least, I assume that’s what he was doing.

At one point, Dory throws Jose out of the ring to the floor. Terry, being the gentleman he is, goes out and fetches Jose back, even giving him a little pat on the back as if to say “its ok, I’ve got you. Just get back in the ring and we can continue with our match”. A few moments later, Dory sends Jose out of the ring again, but instead of helping, Terry decides to attack! This ends up leading to a pinfall, and the first fall goes to the Funks!

90 second rest period is over, and the match restarts with Terry running around the apron and attacking Jose, while Dory jumps Mil from behind while he’s distracted! Those 10 minutes at the start with nothing but headlocks are being made up for now with some great tag team wrestling by the Funks!

Sadly the Funks don’t get to remain in control for long in this second fall, with Mil making a small comeback and tagging in Jose who works Dory’s leg for about a minute, and then gets a pinfall lol. Ah well. I guess I just have different ideas as to how a 2 out of 3 falls match should work, but come on, who the fuck am I? I sure as hell ain’t no Funk, so what do I know?

Terry and Jose start off this final fall, and Terry decides to dance around and slap Jose, which just makes Jose made and retaliate with some quick jabs to the face. A little help from Dory, and Terry gets to unload some punches of his own on Jose before Jose again fires back with his own shots.

After a little back and forth chaos, Terry rolls up Mil, but the referee stops counting when he realises Terry is holding the tights. Mil reverses, holds Terry’s tights and… gets the win :p.

Overall, this was an enjoyable match, despite the first 10 minutes being utterly pointless. As far as a Jose match… it could have been pretty much anyone else against the Funks, and they were the ones doing all the work and driving the match.


Match 2 – Jose Lothario vs. Gino Hernandez (1/19/87) – http://dai.ly/k3l6q8fK4iQ24oonciG

A Texas Death Cage Match! Or FENCE MATCH as the commentator calls it. It is more of a fence than a cage though, since its only around 6ft tall.

Only ever seen Gino during his WCCW run, and very little of that too. Hopefully Jose gets to showcase more in this match than the previous tag match.

They trade headlocks and punches early on, then Jose starts to target the arm of Gino, as Gino broke Jose’s arm at one point in the past which I’m assuming is the reason for this FENCE MATCH.

The fucking commentator is pissing me off. He seems to cut his… sentences in half. Instead of saying them… all at once. Every single… fucking time. Comes across as him not knowing what the fuck he’s trying to say, and having to pause in between :p.

Jose throws Gino face first into the FENCE, and Gino hated it so much he immediately tries to climb out! :p

TWO, count them, TWO Russian Leg Sweeps from Gino, and Jose loses the first fall!!!

Plenty of PUNCHES TO THE FACE thrown in this second fall, and a couple of faces 2 cages as well! Some knee drops from Jose get him the second fall win!



Gino wins another fall, but Jose makes it up before the count of 10. Huh, could have sworn the commentator said this was 2 out of 3 falls… which didn’t make any sense anyway since its a Texas Death Match :p.

Another quick win for Gino! Can Jose get up this time?!?!

The 10 count aspect kinda loses its urgency when they have a rest period in between each fall :p.

Jose gets sick of being punched in the face, and starts a comeback against young Gino, smashing HIS face into the fence over and over again and gets a fall of his own!

Gino doesn’t stay down, so Jose goes right back to work on him and tries to murder him so bad he gets another fall almost immediately lol.

Hernandez, a bloody mess at this point, just makes it up at a 9 count, though he probably should have stayed down as Jose is trying to break his arm!!!

Gino gives up, and the referee calls for the bell, but Jose wants to keep the hold applied to break that arm! Jose is PISSED!

Again at a 9 count, Gino is back up, but desperate to keep the arm out of Jose’s way! Basically, he’s saying “No way, Jose!” to having his arm broken!!! :)

Jose ends up getting crotched on the ropes, and it spells the end for him in this match!!! Bit of a disappointing finish tbh, but this match was still really good and definitely showed off more of what Jose would do.


Match 3 – Jose Lothario vs. Black Gordman (1/13/84) – http://dai.ly/k6GiyAQYHRZacNonciD


Anyone know who Black Gordman is?

:lmao at Jose’s interview before the match. Interviewer tells him about Reed… and seconds later Jose brings up some wrestler called Reed, who he has to think about his name for a second, as if no mention was ever made 2 fucking seconds before :lmao.

BLACK GORDAN INTERVIEW~! Maybe we can learn who he is. Or not. No English here. Looks like he can cut a good promo though, even if I don’t understand a word of it. The interviewer looks like he doesn’t understand a word, and just thanks him at the end :lmao.

BLACKY GORDAN gets the jump on Jose and throws him out of the ring, and tries to keep him out but it doesn’t work for long. Fun little segment with Jose faking chops, Blacky flinching every time, then running at Jose only for Jose to duck and send Blacky outside!

Gordan actually looks quite good here, almost makes me wanna watch more of HIM :p. Jose takes a nice, albeit short beating, then makes a comeback and wins. Just a fun TV match as Jose returns to Houston (I think?) for the first time in about 2 years. Only about 6 minutes, and well worth a watch!


Match 4 – Jose Lothario vs. Hector Guerrero (6/8/84) – http://dai.ly/k6jygzPAhf6vkFonciE

Hector! Aside from Mondo, probably the Guerrero I’ve seen the least of, but I can’t imagine he’s bad.

There is some BEEF between Hector and Jose, despite the fact Jose has been a friend of the Guerrero family for years. Chavo (the good one) is here to support his brother, but also hasn’t been here for the “feud” and is taking no sides. Yeah, sure ;).

Doesn’t seem like this is a HEATED feud or anything, as they trade moves and even shake hands at one point. Expecting it to get a little more rough the longer we go.

Hector looks so much like Eddie. I miss Eddie :(.

They seem to be kinda playing around with each other, frustrating the other rather than going for some big crazy brawl. Jose picks Hector up, sits him on the turnbuckle and just pats him and walks away. Hector stays sat there for a few moments and looks like he’s thinking “really dude? really?” and its all subtle and great.

PUNCHES ARE BEING THROWN NOW~! Things are definitely heating up, with Hector getting the better of Jose. CHAIR SHOT~! KINDA~!



Ahhh, ok, seems to be a Texas Death Match? Seems an odd choice considering they didn’t really seem to HATE each other until things got heated half way into this thing lol.

Jose is bleeding pretty badly, and despite winning a fall, Hector is still pretty fresh and jumps him at the start of the second fall.

LEFT HAND~! That left hand decks Hector and now Jose is making a comeback!

I think Hector is bleeding, though it might just be blood from Jose. Either way, he’s taken enough of a beating to lose yet another fall.

Oh wow, its definitely his own blood lol. The shot of him on the floor made it look like a crazy amount.

Doesn’t take long for Jose to get yet another fall on Hector. This time he barely makes it up, then tries to mount a comeback only to be decked in the face with another devastating left hand!

Hector manages to send Jose over the ropes, and gets a chance to take the fight to him for a change and even gains a pin! Jose though, despite being busted open earlier in the match, has still taken much less of a beaten than Hector and gets up fairly easily.

ROLL UP~! This time by Hector. Both men look like they’ve been in a WAR, and hell, they HAVE!

DOUBLE KNOCK OUT~! Hector flew off the ropes, hit Jose, but Jose also threw a punch. The referee counts both men out for a 3, so now BOTH MEN need to get up before the count of 10 to continue this match!!!

Both men are dead, and now the winner is simply the first man to get to their feet! The fans are going crazy, and dammit so I am!!! COME ON HECTOR!!!

CHAVO! CHAOV throws something into Jose’s eyes and Hector gets to his feet first!!! I knew Chavo wasn’t going to stay neutral ;).

Excellent match!!! Can’t wait for the tag match coming up next!


Match 5 – Jose Lothario & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Hector & Chavo Guerrero (7/6/84) – http://dai.ly/k2DxDso3GWs9NgonciC

This gonna be good :mark:. Hector is great. Chavo is great. Jose, based on the last match, can definitely be great, and Hacksaw can also be great too in brawl type matches.

The bell rings and no time is wasted making this into a brawl! Jose and Hacksaw dominating the Guerrero brothers!


The Guerrero’s are stooging around for Jose like crazy, then Duggan gets tagged in and they stooge like mad for him too.

:lmao the SPLASH sequence is awesome. Never seen that before!!!

Oh hey, commentary. Only took 7 minutes to kick in :p.

Nice heel work from the Guerrero’s give them the edge of Jose, since Duggan is too big and strong to keep down.

Some chick in the crowd keeps screaming “LOTHARIOOOOO”.

Jose decks Chavo! Chavo is so out of it, he goes over to Duggan for a tag, which is exactly what Duggan does with a right hand!!!

They try to take out Duggan’s leg in order to keep him at bay, but even with double teaming they can’t quite gain full control of Hacksaw. Also, Duggan looks HUGE here. His chest looks MASSIVE. Bigger than usual.

Cross body! The referee is dead!!!

JIM CORNETTE~! He helps out the Guerrero’s, and Jose gets decked with something and pinned!!!

Fun tag, but I guess I was expecting a bigger brawl given the previous match, so I am a little disappointed. Still good stuff though :).

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